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Dark Nebula Launch Rehearsal weekend #1 - September 1 to 3

 Launch Rehearsals will be short lived, focused Early Access builds that will only be available during a single weekend. Each launch rehearsal will be posted on this blog, along with what specific feedback we hope to gather from players.  Launch Rehearsals operate on a past snapshot of the live Hades' Star game. That means you should be able to access your live Hades' Star game, as it was a few days before the rehearsal weekend. If you see the New Game screen, you can try signing in with the same GameCenter or Google account you use in the live Hades' Star game. From Steam, make sure you are signed in with the same Steam account you use in Hades' Star. The focus of the first launch rehearsal is to hear your initial reaction and thoughts after the update, both immediate, and after playing for a couple of hours trying to do the regular activities you do in the main game . When posting feedback, assume what you see in this build would be exactly what would happen to your l

Early Access Update and Dark Nebula Pioneer Distinction

 Your feedback during Hades' Star: Dark Nebula Early Access has helped improve and shape the game tremendously - thank you! As we are getting closer to the release of the Dark Nebula update, we will be changing the format of Early Access testing to allow you to offer feedback that is more focused and relevant at this late stage. 

Visual improvements in DARK NEBULA

The next update to Hades' Star is bringing numerous visual (and audio) improvements, focusing on providing better clarity of mechanics and immediate feedback on what each player is doing in all star types. Here are some key areas of this effort:

Incoming Early Access update, May 10

 A new update is currently being deployed to the Early Access servers. It will take up to 48 hours for Android, iOS and Steam versions to be deployed. Until the update is available for your platform, you will not be able to connect.  This update brings balancing tweaks to many Weapon and Shield modules for Red Stars. This includes different Shield values for Red Stars, compared to PvP. The goal is for all Weapons and Shields at the same level to feel like they have a use at every Red Star level after they're unlocked. The main difference and the factor that will affect what Weapon and Shield to bring will be each module's risk/reward profile, and the player's own play style. For example, Battery should be a good weapon for all around use, for players who don't want to micromanage weapons or risk getting stuck in situations where their ships don't do any damage. More skilled players who want to do extreme damage under the right circumstances will pick Barrage, fully

Dark Nebula: New Early Access Build Release Notes and Development Update

  Global Module changes Solitude now only considers Battleships in all star types Rocket damages tweaked separately for PvP vs PvE modes Leap: The friendly ship's current destination takes precedence when picking the Leap landing object. Can now be used in Red Stars, where it only consider Drones as move targets. 

Red Star changes in DARK NEBULA

Red Stars are the foundation of Hades' Star. As the first activity star type to be implemented in the game, they entire game revolves around them. They are crucial for establishing a daily routine, providing daily gameplay challenges, for progressing technology that can help in any star type, and for meeting and interacting with other players. The current Hades' Star game has found success because it showed how Red Stars can be a fun, cooperative, cooperative social, consistent daily activity. It has found success despite some fundamental problems with Red Stars, as described below. A big part of the development effort in Dark Nebula is going towards fixing these problems so Red Stars can fulfil their true potential and open up to more diverse types of strategy players. 

Shipment changes in DARK NEBULA

We previously covered overall Credit changes coming to Dark Nebula, including potential changes to shipments.  This post goes into more detail for high level changes around Shipments. 

Blue Star changes in DARK NEBULA

The DARK NEBULA update will bring significant changes to how Blue Stars are played. These changes are designed to address the following problems: