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2020.1 release notes

Expected release: January 6-10 White Stars Each Corporation can unlock the Corporation Flagship after it collects its first Relic in a White Star. The Flagship can be taken to one White Star at a time, and can be upgraded with Credit contributions by all members. Later upgrade levels add modules to the Flagship, some of them not available for use on regular ships. The Flagship can be controlled by any Corporation officer. Time Machine improvements Scheduled Commands are sorted by time remaining to execute (earliest one on top) Commands that fail to execute while the time machine is playing will highlight as red Can now tap on different parts of the command interface to select the associated ship, and to move the time to just before that command executes Maximum number of scheduled commands increased to 12 Yellow Stars Warp Lanes can be automatically relinked to their last connection (use the new option in the Star dialog in your home star) Red Stars Transports o