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2017.3 release notes

Red Stars & Combat New Cerberus ship: Destroyer (starts appearing at Red Star level 6) Ships that are docked on the return stargate in a Red Star at the moment the supernova happens will automatically jump back (instead of being destroyed) New artifacts for Red Star Levels 7 and 8. New art for L6 artifacts and Red Star 6 planets. Red star planets will display correct level (in red stars, planet level affects the levels of the artifacts the planet contains) Tweaked number of planets in Red Star level 4+, to make more higher level planets available Fixed another case that could cause Cerberus ship movement to be affected by ships docked on asteroids from a nearby sector Modules 7 new modules (3 Trade, 1 Mining, 3 Support) EMP: Reduced duration for level2+. Reduced blueprint requirement to upgrade for level6+. Barrage: Total damage now depends on number of enemies in the same sector (instead of number of enemies within firing range). Reduced damage per additional

Upcoming changes to ship upgrades

On the next update, the Ship Upgrade process will change. This is in response to the d evastating fleet losses issues we've acknowledged before, as well as to provide better balancing and progression.