Friday, June 22, 2018

2018.4 release notes


  • Cerberus Destroyer now does Area Damage to all player ships when it is destroyed, and when the planet it is working on is destroyed
  • Increased number of max level planets on RS8+


  • New RS6 module: Blast Shield
  • New RS7 module: Delta Rocket
  • New RS10 module: Omega Rocket
  • Passive Shield: Decreased regeneration delay and total time to regenerate. These times are now constant and no longer increase when the shield is upgraded. Reduced shield strength on level 2 and up.
  • Mirror Shield: Increased shield strength on level 1 through 5
  • Stealth: Cooldown reduced to 5 min (2d 2h in White Stars)
  • Barrage: Maximum number of enemies considered for damage output has been increased (8 in White Star, 16 in Red Star)

Other changes

  • Research Station can be used to salvage all artifacts on docked ships (can be used to salvage when the station is full)
  • The distinction popup will show the total time a player has occupied the #1 spot on the leaderboards, for players who have the Admiral distinction (or better) 
  • Artifact Hunter achievement: Level 5 requirement reduced to 5000
  • Fixed an issue where setting multiple waypoints through warp lanes could cause loss of waypoints
  • Fixed an issue where a player's white star scanner was stuck to the old star if they left the Corporation before the white star ended (rewards will still not be given in that case as rewards require the player to be part of the Corporation when the white star ends)
  • New objectives for Shipment Drone and Crunch modules
  • Fixed an issue where the Use Entrust objective could show up for players who didn't have the Entrust module unlocked
  • New Warp lane hubs can now be placed any number of sectors away from the constructing planet