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2020.3 Release Notes

  Expected release: December 1-4 New Content New Transport module: RELIC DRONE (unlocks at RS7, can be unlocked by players with lower credit cap) New flagship module: FLOATING SHIELD (unlocks at Flagship level 8 / Corporation level 9) New flagship module:  DART TURRET  (unlocks at Flagship level 10 / Corporation level 11) White Stars Additional high capacity asteroids will spawn in different ranges of the map during the star's lifecycle. The newly spawned asteroids can be seen and safely targeted in advance from the Time Machine. This greatly increases the maximum amount of Relics that can be generated from mining, and adds tactical options during the mid and late stage of the match. Blue Stars Middle sector will now spawn 3 asteroids  Most Blue Stars will have an additional Cerberus enemy inside the middle sector (the type of the enemy depends on the strength of the participant's ships) Matchmaking no longer takes into account participant's Red Star level Alpha Drone can

Server update coming by May 29

We will be deploying a server update this week with the following change: Maximum planet level for medium tier yellow star planets increased to 35 (from 30). There will be a short maintenance before the update goes live.

Optional update: 2.564.3

A new version of the game will gradually become available on the App Store and Google Play over the next few days. This new version is recommended for anyone who has display issues after the latest update, especially with iPhone X/XS/XR and Android devices with notches. On Android, please note that enabling landscape mode will reset the display support for notches. If you enter landscape mode from the Settings menu, switch back to portrait mode, then kill and restart the app for the UI to properly support your device's notch. To apply the fix, look for version 2.564.3 as it becomes available in your area over the next few days.

2020.2 release notes

Expected release: May 18-22 Red Stars Rich Asteroid fields: Once per day, every player will have their own asteroid field to mine for additional Credit income. Rich asteroid fields will not spawn after collection until the next day. Higher level Red Stars increase the Credit reward. Red Star level 11now available with new Cerberus enemy and exclusive Artifacts that award blueprints for the new Remote Bomb module. Yellow Stars Maximum upgrade level for most planets increased to 50. Asteroids in the final few sectors will spawn more Hydrogen per day. Module changes Barrage: Added 1 second delay when switching target, making it weaker against hoardes of enemies (i.e. Cerberus ghosts). Dart Launcher: Damage increased on level 2 and higher, range increased on all levels. Cargo bay extension: level 12 price to unlock and capacity both increased. Mining Drone: HP greatly increased on all levels, ieffect radius increased in White Stars, cooldown reduced, can now be u