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Optional app update (2.145.1)

This is an optional app update. You are not required to update to continue playing, but the update is recommended for everyone. This update will roll out gradually over the course of a week, from October 10 to October 17. Look for version 2.145.1 on the App Store and Google Play, and download it when it becomes available for you. Changes:  Bomber Coverage heatmap display is now available on Red Star level 7 and above, and can help formulate high level strategy. Enable from the red star's CURRENT STAR window.   Bomber will show a charge indicator over it, to help predict when the rockets will be fired without having to select the bomber. Landscape mode: Fixed issue with offset module details screen Fixed frequent causes of Fatal Out of Sync errors on Red Star level 7 and above Fixed an issue in the Corporation Search window where the tap area for the Region selection was offset on devices with high aspect ratio Time machine: Modules for ships that are jumping out

October server update

Expected deployment: October 9-12 This is a server side update to the game. No app update is necessary. There will be a short maintenance while the update is being deployed. Changes: