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2020.3 Release Notes

  Expected release: December 1-4 New Content New Transport module: RELIC DRONE (unlocks at RS7, can be unlocked by players with lower credit cap) New flagship module: FLOATING SHIELD (unlocks at Flagship level 8 / Corporation level 9) New flagship module:  DART TURRET  (unlocks at Flagship level 10 / Corporation level 11) White Stars Additional high capacity asteroids will spawn in different ranges of the map during the star's lifecycle. The newly spawned asteroids can be seen and safely targeted in advance from the Time Machine. This greatly increases the maximum amount of Relics that can be generated from mining, and adds tactical options during the mid and late stage of the match. Blue Stars Middle sector will now spawn 3 asteroids  Most Blue Stars will have an additional Cerberus enemy inside the middle sector (the type of the enemy depends on the strength of the participant's ships) Matchmaking no longer takes into account participant's Red Star level Alpha Drone can