Friday, November 27, 2020

2020.3 Release Notes

 Expected release: December 1-4

New Content

  • New Transport module: RELIC DRONE (unlocks at RS7, can be unlocked by players with lower credit cap)
  • New flagship module: FLOATING SHIELD (unlocks at Flagship level 8 / Corporation level 9)
  • New flagship module: DART TURRET (unlocks at Flagship level 10 / Corporation level 11)

White Stars

  • Additional high capacity asteroids will spawn in different ranges of the map during the star's lifecycle. The newly spawned asteroids can be seen and safely targeted in advance from the Time Machine. This greatly increases the maximum amount of Relics that can be generated from mining, and adds tactical options during the mid and late stage of the match.

Blue Stars

  • Middle sector will now spawn 3 asteroids 
  • Most Blue Stars will have an additional Cerberus enemy inside the middle sector (the type of the enemy depends on the strength of the participant's ships)
  • Matchmaking no longer takes into account participant's Red Star level
  • Alpha Drone can no longer be targeted directly to the star
  • Blue Star leaderboards: Only Ranked matches count toward the leaderboard. Ranked matches are capped to 3 per player per day, and never contain more than 1 Lone Battleship. 

Module changes

  • AREA SHIELD: Now covers all friendly rockets and in darts in range. Also affects Cerberus ships (i.e. Bomber rockets covered by Phoenix shield). Area Shield range now depends on module upgrade level for White Stars.
  • DELTA ROCKET: Can now pass through Barrier. Barrier still blocks all other rocket types.
  • ALPHA DRONE: Drone can no longer be targeted directly to a star
  • DART LAUNCHER: Range reduced to 150 AU (this reverts the increase to range brought by the 2020.2 update). Darts can be covered by Area Shield.
  • SUSPEND: Level 1 suspend no longer fully offsets Time Warp. Levels 1-5 of Suspend progressively increase the amount by which Time Warp is countered. Subsequent levels increase the amount of time slowdown.  
  • HYDROGEN UPLOAD: Can no longer be activated in White Star
  • UNITY: Can no longer be activated in Blue Star

Other changes and bug fixes

  • Info page for Red and Blue star scanners will now show timers for when the next rewards will be available.
  • Ability to swap modules of the same type between ship slots (this helps get a consistent order of module buttons when selecting a ship)
  • Shipment Relay now has the option to stop operating on an active sector.
  • Improved interface in Module details screen, including better overview on what stars the module operates on, and always visible blueprint count (even for modules that are under upgrade)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Remote Bomb and rockets to apply their damage multiple times under certain circumstances
  • All drone types can now be disbanded by the owner player.
  • Ships spawned from Hydra will return to their original sector if the Hydra was bonded to a new sector
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Bond to stop working if the ship that was previously bonded was destroyed
  • Additional surface elements and orbit visuals for planets level 41-50
  • Performance improvements for screens with multiple artifact animations (i.e. shipments screen for a planet storing many artifacts)