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2021.1 release notes

Expected release: June 7 - 11 New Module: Laser Turret Unlocked at Red Star Eight After a short setup period the Laser Turret fires on up to three targets. The Laser will charge up independently for each target. Red Star Changes Upon reaching Red Star Five, players will be able to join in-progress Red Stars that have recently started. Blue Star Changes Players who have not completed their ranked matches for the day will have the option to wait in matchmaking indefinitely until a ranked match is found. User Interface Improvements Added “ Jump Only Battleships ” toggle for high level Red Stars. Shipment sorting improvements (sorting saved client side). The ability to re-link Warp Gates is now always available. Re-linking gates that have already been linked will cause the duration to be refreshed. Bug Fixes Restored colored text for various messages in the chat window Turrets deployed from flagships will now be properly upgraded for higher level flagships The status of “Jump All Docked Sh