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2019.1 release notes

Expected deploy date: February 4-6 Module changes New RS9 Weapon module: DART Launcher New RS6 Transport module: Dispatch Leap: Added preparation time (depends on upgrade level). Cooldown increased to 10m/(4d4h in White Stars). Can now be used in Stargate sectors in White Stars. Fixed issue where Leap would fail if the closest teleport object was the star. Vengeance: Damage greatly increased, especially on early levels Teleport: Fixed issue where teleport line was not displayed if the teleport target was destroyed in the meantime. Blue Stars Maximum lifetime increased to 5:20 Destiny will never cause teleport to an asteroid whose dock point is outside the safe area, and attempting to Teleport to such an asteroid will fail.  Miscellaneous When selecting any ship, its current target(s) will be indicated with an X icon Red Stars can no longer be abandoned if a player still has ships in them Blue Star distinction icons on profile circle scaled up Blue Star dis