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Ongoing Alpha Test - Update #3 Release Notes

Today we are realeasing our 3rd update to the Alpha version. We have made great progress in improving stability and fixing issues, largely because of your reports. Thank you and please keep the feedback coming! Our current plan is to do one more update to the Alpha during February, then end the alpha period 1-2 weeks after that update. After the Alpha ends, the game will be unavailable for a few weeks as we prepare to launch in certain countries. Here is the list of changes in today's update: Ships and Combat All ship speeds increased. Battleship is now faster than both Miner and Transport ships. New Cerberus Ship: Sentinel (low hitpoints but high damage, dangerous in high numbers) New Cerberus Ship: Colossus (very strong, equipped with the Salvage module) Cerberus Sentry renamed to Guardian Cerberus ships no longer have levels Cerberus ships will now quickly and predictably react to ships moving into their sector. Hitpoints and damage has been rescaled (x10 to all

Hades' Star: Understanding the Economy

Greetings explorers! Over the next several weeks we’ll be giving you a better look at some of the features of Hades’ Star. This week we’ve decided to discuss the early stages of the game as well as some of info you’ll need to do to survive and triumph in the cold, unforgiving vacuum of space. If you’re completely new to the world of Hades’ Star, your mission is one of expansion through the colonization of planets, the building and upgrading of your fleets and the defense of your acquired territory from constant Cerberus threats. There is a lot to do, and a whole lot of space to explore and conquer. We’ll start off by discussing the basics of the Hades’ Star economy. There are three types of currency you’ll have to manage and obtain in game, Credits, Hydrogen, and Crystals. Each one is vital to your success and can be obtained in a variety of different ways. CREDITS: Credits are your main currency, used to buy ships and build infrastructure. Quite simply, building a spac