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2024.1 Release Notes

BARRIER: Enemy ships landing inside active Barrier area via any module that causes teleportation will receive damage at the moment the teleport is finalized. TELEPORT: Activating inside an area covered by enemy BARRIER is now allowed TELEPORT: Fix bug where Battleship would end up at slightly different location if the target asteroid was destroyed in the meantime IMPULSE SHIELD: Fix bug where speed effect could stay active indefinitely while the ship was in motion Corporation posted Red Star searches can be joined during a 1 minute search period Corporation Red Star event re-enabled with additional support for Dark Red Stars Public/Post To Corporation Red Star search toggle now persists (per device) Added global UTC time display on top of Settings dialog Shipments dialog no longer prefixes "Trade Station" before destination names Fix common cases of visual effects not fading away and interfering in Time Machine Interface fixes for consoles (Fix ping UI navigation, own ship in