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Changes to the Corporation Red Star event

The Corporation Red Star event will return in a shorter, more regular form. Each season will last 48 hours, taking place over a single weekend. Seasons will be held roughly once a month. Season 22 will start on Saturday, March 16 00:00 UTC. There will also be tweaks to the amount of top Corporations that receive Crystal rewards, and to the Crystal amounts themselves. The actual numbers may keep getting tweaked each month. For the current values, see the event page in game.

Server update, February 7

 This update fixes an issue where players were unable to send ships to a late joined Dark Red Star. It also fixes issues with the spawning of Rich Asteroids in Dark Red Stars, when the search was joined via a Corporation post.  This is a server-only update, there's no app update to download. Note: If you are in a Dark Red Star and a player joins after the star was created (via Invite, or from the Corporation search entry), you will see an Out of Sync error. You can reload the game and proceed normally. This issue will be fixed on the next app update. Until then, if you need to work around this issue, make sure everyone joins the search before the star is found (from the Corporation search entry).