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2020.1 release notes

Expected release: January 6-10 White Stars Each Corporation can unlock the Corporation Flagship after it collects its first Relic in a White Star. The Flagship can be taken to one White Star at a time, and can be upgraded with Credit contributions by all members. Later upgrade levels add modules to the Flagship, some of them not available for use on regular ships. The Flagship can be controlled by any Corporation officer. Time Machine improvements Scheduled Commands are sorted by time remaining to execute (earliest one on top) Commands that fail to execute while the time machine is playing will highlight as red Can now tap on different parts of the command interface to select the associated ship, and to move the time to just before that command executes Maximum number of scheduled commands increased to 12 Yellow Stars Warp Lanes can be automatically relinked to their last connection (use the new option in the Star dialog in your home star) Red Stars Transports o

Hades' Star Roadmap - October 2019

Hades’ Star has been live for more than two years - almost 3 years if you count the pre-launch public beta. During that time we have been constantly improving the game. When we first launched there were no White Stars or Blue Stars, Red Stars had just 4 enemy types, the number of modules to equip ships with was about half, and there were no warp lanes or options to automate shipments. Today I’m sharing thoughts on what the next 3 years *may* look for the Hades’ Star universe. These are not feature promises, and there is also no promise that the game will keep getting updates for 3 years. They are my current thoughts on what the future may look like, should we continue to be lucky enough to have a passionate, sizeable fan base that continues to support the game and keep development sustainable.

2019.3 release notes

Expected deployment: September 16-20

Optional app update - May 15

We are currently rolling out an optional app update, recommended for everyone playing White Stars.

2019.2 release notes

(expected deployment: May 6-10)

Upcoming White Star changes

We are changing how White Stars work on our next update. Here's the how and why:

2019.1 release notes

Expected deploy date: February 4-6 Module changes New RS9 Weapon module: DART Launcher New RS6 Transport module: Dispatch Leap: Added preparation time (depends on upgrade level). Cooldown increased to 10m/(4d4h in White Stars). Can now be used in Stargate sectors in White Stars. Fixed issue where Leap would fail if the closest teleport object was the star. Vengeance: Damage greatly increased, especially on early levels Teleport: Fixed issue where teleport line was not displayed if the teleport target was destroyed in the meantime. Blue Stars Maximum lifetime increased to 5:20 Destiny will never cause teleport to an asteroid whose dock point is outside the safe area, and attempting to Teleport to such an asteroid will fail.  Miscellaneous When selecting any ship, its current target(s) will be indicated with an X icon Red Stars can no longer be abandoned if a player still has ships in them Blue Star distinction icons on profile circle scaled up Blue Star dis