Friday, September 13, 2019

2019.3 release notes

Expected deployment: September 16-20

New content and features

  • Battleship Level 6
  • Transport Level 6
  • Permanent White Star event - win guaranteed crystals and chase extra leaderboard rewards by participating to White Stars every month
  • New RS10 enemy - Cerberus Ghosts
  • New module: Suspend (RS9+)
  • Most modules can now be upgraded up to level 12


  • DESTINY: Can no longer be activated if there are no valid teleport targets on the map. Disable time reduced to 4 seconds outside of White Stars.
  • TIME WARP: Radius reduced (240 au-> 200 au), speed up factor slightly increased on level 10. Duration displayed on the module info window for Time Warp now represents the real time the module is active. This time is now fixed at 2m/24h for all levels.
  • EMP: Blue Star duration reduced for levels 8-10
  • OMEGA SHIELD: Shield strength increased on level 8+
  • LASER: BaseDPS increased on level 4+, MaxDPS increased on level 7+
  • UNITY: Max unity extra damage increased to 200% (up to 3x damage total)
  • SALVAGE: Heal percent reduced on level 8-10 for red and blue stars
  • SUPRESS: Effect redius reduced on level 2+ (Red and White stars)
  • SHIPMENT DRONE: Activation Hydrogen cost reduced on level 10
  • MIRROR SHIELD: Activation cost reduced on level 5+, strength increased on level 8+
  • MASS BATTERY: DPS increased from level 8+
  • VENGEANCE: Activation no longer prevents shield activation. Activation health increased to 2000. Activation duration reduced to 5 seconds on Red Stars only. Damage reduced on L9+ on Blue Stars and White Stars. Damage increased on all levels for Red Stars.
  • ALPHA DRONE: DPS increased to 140 (does not affect drones already launched)
  • Module blueprint requirement reduced for high levels of the following modules: AREA SHIELD, BOND, DART LAUNCHER, HYDROGEN ROCKET, ALPHA ROCKET, ALPHA DRONE

User Interface

  • Artifacts can be queued in Red Stars, up to the transport's capacity
  • Jump button for ships docked on a Blue Star scanner (will open the scan page with that ship selected)
  • "Unlink" button on active warp lane hubs allows early deactivation
  • All teleport modules now show trails behind the ship to help determine where the ship came from
  • Selecting a ship under Supress will now show the supress icon and timer over its weapon module icon
  • (Android) Full screen support for devices with a notch, such as Huawei P30 Pro


  • White Star "Allow Spectators" setting defaults to on for newly discovered stars. Once set to off by either Corporation, existing links to the star (i.e. by sharing star system views) will stop working. 
  • The final sectors in Yellow Star, and most sectors in RS8+, will spawn more Hydrogen
  • Fixed an issue with Blue Star standings that could award 6th place when two player ships died very closely together 
  • Fixed speed display on Cerberus Storm info page
  • (iOS, Android) Music replaced with two new tracks from the Steam version
  • (Steam) Added missing key shortcut option for Hydrogen Rocket


  1. No changes to Dart Launcher? Now I'm a sad pilot.

  2. Some nerfs, some buffs, new things; overall I think is a very good update, keep up the good work Papa

  3. Great game. Been playing it for a year now. Longest phone game ever. Thanks for continuing the updates.

  4. Nerfa os módulos porque os top players não estão mais jogando... pronto falei

  5. RS9 / Top 20 White Star player here. Actually a pretty nice update with conscientious changes to make the game better. A lot of what is mentioned in module changes its hard to see the "magnitude" of the change from this list, but the idea behind it seems clear. My only concern is something like suspend will slow the game down by too much, but we will see. Definitely with this many changes the meta-game will change for sure.

  6. Still hoping for More, Different & Unique (Yellow & Red Star) Objects in Shipments. These can items from "The Elements Table" itself, upto and including New Widgets found either adrift in space or that appears in Planet Load Outs.

    All our 3 Ships really need the availability of More Tech Slots too, especially Support.

  7. Are the bugs in ship cycling, waypoint cancel, and miner sector selection issues getting fixed in this update?

  8. Will the items that failed to work in the last update now work as planned?

  9. I've been playing since just over a month after this game launched. The updates, new modules and revisions have all been carefully thought out and deployed resulting in a game that just keeps getting better.
    As an IT professional I am delighted by this game as a near perfect example of how to do it right. Congratulations to all involved. You've been magnificent. Keep up the great work!

  10. Updates, welp..... I look forward to seeing what y'all came up with to make the game better

  11. Oh yea, I've enjoyed playing this game alot. Good job.

  12. Hey, Please add option to change your name profile (nick name) again for cristals if you all ready use you The last chance to change... plzzz!

  13. A good update. Especially happy for artifact queuing. Should make the red star juggling act between transports-battleships-miners a little easier to handle.

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  15. Not a bad update, but I am truly hoping for a team death match or conquest mode. Only way you can get PVP really going and get much more popular.

  16. Would love to have seen:

    Some change to the mining drone that is truly useless at the moment and the
    ability to link up all warp lanes with the same configuration as they were previously with a single button (tedious when you have several of them)

  17. Repair module dont work correctly

  18. Love this game so far. Been playing a few months and it keeps my attention. That says something. Keep up the good work.

  19. Update to let us toggle the system info on/off. The static details cause screen burn-in on some OLED screens.

  20. The time warp is useless now!!!! Was 4min 20s!!! Now always 2min!!!

    1. well, not quite. the old numbers were affected by the warptime, the 2 minutes is not. Even at level 10 before the REAL time the warp was active was only 2 minutes and 23 seconds. at your level 8 the REAL time active was 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Small nerf, but not nearly as big a deal as you are saying.

  21. Alpha Drone in Blue Stars needs changing so can't be used in the middle zone

  22. Is it possible to make a playlist where I can choose for the original Hades Star interstellar music?

  23. Please allow early deactivation of Shipment Relay.

  24. It seems this update has disabled google functionality in parallel space app on android, will there be a fix for this can only access one account now on my phone, otherwise great game

  25. The Hades Star app icon on Android is now a default Android icon. I'm sure that was not your intention, please change it back in the next release.

  26. Can you please also show enemy attack range with waypoints when flying close by. It shows with original move commands but not with waypoints which makes no sense in my opinion.

  27. Pixel 3 XL notch completely blocks the full number of credits text. Please allow an option to not go fullscreen.

  28. Blue star matchmaking algorithm is completely flawed

  29. It would be nice if there were logs during WS, because you don't always see what really happened.