Tuesday, May 15, 2018

About Maintenance

General information on maintenance: 

We regularly maintain the game's servers to improve performance, fix issues and increase capacity for more players.

Here's what to expect during such a maintenance period:
  • 16 minutes before maintenance starts, you will start seeing an in-game message and countdown timer.
  • The countdown timer is meant to help you avoid situations where you could lose ships while the servers are offline. Make sure you retreat your ships from combat before the timer expires. 
  • During the countdown period, you cannot start new Red Stars. You should also be careful with existing Red Stars - if using a lot of Red Star extenders, it's possible the maintenance could start with some of your ships still in the Red Star. 
  • The actual maintenance will usually only bring the game offline for less than 5 minutes. An exception is when doing maintenance during an app update - those maintenances will usually take 10 minutes to an hour.
There is no pre-set maintenance schedule, they are done as needed. Historically we've done about one maintenance per week.

When a maintenance is underway, we will always post more info on the top of this post, including estimated downtime. A link to this post will be available from within the game during the maintenance window.


  1. Hi Hades Star team,

    Is there any planned major updates in the upcoming months for the fans to expect? E.g. new game play, corp pvp (contesting star systems), etc?

    Or in the long run there will only be higher RS and cerebus units? So this game is basically final? No more expectations for the fans to anticipate?

    1. See this post for all we know so far :)


    2. I'd hope there would be more than just higher RS and new cerb ships, otherwise the game would flatline.

      Hi Andreas, for an app to go from a fun time killer (until bored) to a self sustaining entity, you need a world for the players to invest themselves in. That means story aspects for the RPGers, auctions for the MBA gamers, arenas or 'Gray Space' where pvp is possible with rewards to draw out our gladiators.

      You've got the 'gentrifyers' satisfied with the ability to cultivate the star system free of griefing and pvp, but expand it. Add flavor options that let a player truly make the system their own, and you've got people hooked for years at least. :)

    3. I'm a gentrifier. I don't need to rename everything, and I'm not sure what my options would be, but yes, I'd love to personalize my little yellow star system. :)

  2. Hello Hades star team yesterday as soob as the message server shutdown came i lost conection and lost all my miners and transporter .....

  3. Looking forward to the 2018.2 update! Thanks!

  4. I’m curious what the shipment generation bugs are/were

  5. Thank you very much (and about time!) on the 23 hour Cooldown. Also, much appreciation for paying attention to how the updates affect the players and being quick to fix those issues. Cheers!

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