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2017.7 release notes

Modules New Trade module: Entrust (teleports a transport ship cargo to another transport ship) New Trade module: Offload (while active, all the transport's shipments will be delivered at a lower rate when the ship arrives at a Trade Station) New Mining module: Genesis (creates new asteroids in the current sector) New and existing Transport ships level 3 and higher will get an extra Trade module slot Destiny: Activating ship is now disabled right after the teleport (8 hours in White Star, 10 seconds elsewhere). Blast radius now constant on all levels. Damage reduced on level2+ Unity: Damage increase per additional player reduced on all levels Barrage: Increased base damage and damage per additional enemy on all levels. Max damage is now capped at the equivalent of having 5 additional enemy ships in the sector. It is now possible to uninstall non-weapon modules from any ship, to help with Hydrogen usage