2017.7 release notes


  • New Trade module: Entrust (teleports a transport ship cargo to another transport ship)
  • New Trade module: Offload (while active, all the transport's shipments will be delivered at a lower rate when the ship arrives at a Trade Station)
  • New Mining module: Genesis (creates new asteroids in the current sector)
  • New and existing Transport ships level 3 and higher will get an extra Trade module slot
  • Destiny: Activating ship is now disabled right after the teleport (8 hours in White Star, 10 seconds elsewhere). Blast radius now constant on all levels. Damage reduced on level2+
  • Unity: Damage increase per additional player reduced on all levels
  • Barrage: Increased base damage and damage per additional enemy on all levels. Max damage is now capped at the equivalent of having 5 additional enemy ships in the sector.
  • It is now possible to uninstall non-weapon modules from any ship, to help with Hydrogen usage

White Stars

  • White star scanner has opt-out toggle to better control who participates in the next White Star search
  • Actual Participants list will show on the White Star scanner while a White Star search is underway
  • Corporation leaderboards can now also be sorted by Relics. All leaderboards now show the 200 top entries.
  • Fixed an issue where relics loaded on a Transport ship docked at the returning gate would not count towards the outcome of the match
  • Cooldown to jump ship back to White Star after returning early is increased to 2 hours
  • Offline report now mentions ships lost in Red or White stars while the player was offline
  • Fixed issues with White Star replays and past time machine (note that old replays are always invalidated after each major update and on some maintenances)

Other improvements

  • Space stations can now be moved very small distances (area around the station being moved is no longer disallowed)
  • Transport Autopilot can now only be activated on a Yellow Star
  • Removed ability to create new shipments using Crystals
  • Inbox dialog: Newer entries now appear on top of the list
  • Added support for the Japanese language


  1. Yeah this is the end of the retarded spam rocket in WS. Thanks a lot !!

  2. enrich module should be removed so useless now

    1. enrich is great of you isse it properly. otherwise: you dont have to use it if you dont like it.

  3. Still need the possibility to change corp leader if he is offline for the long time.
    Maybe you might consider voting for leader. I mean, if he is active and good ruler, most will vote for him. If he is off or just not good as leader, the majority of members can give their votes for the other one as a leader.

    1. +1. Most of my Corp members have never had any interaction with the leader. I am first officer and they think I should be leader cos the other guy is never around

    2. Easy: "lets go start our own corp."

    3. ... and loose alltogether the relics we've earned do far. And then again, as the new leader gets votes too. Piece of cake for sure.

  4. Can you please consider another way for leaders to recruit, than hunt in galaxy chat? Also it would be great if alliance members could talk in starchat. Thanks.

  5. please add support for Chinese:-)

  6. Can you please add the possibility to remove the last waypoint of a journey? thanks

  7. I don't understand why for red star you click to JOIN, but for white Star you click to NOT JOIN. This means if you have an inactive player, you must have them in the ws!

    Can you please change this to match the red star mechanic?

    1. Yes rr mechanic would be better.

      Somebody open a ws and members should have 24 hours to join.
      Then 12 hours to find an opponent.
      After opening again 12 hours to send ships into ws.
      Then 5 Days fight.

      Multiple ws at the same time for a corporation should be possible, so players, which have more time, could play together in a smaller group.

      Other idea is a public ws, a black box, with the surprise with who you play. Should get some extra reward.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I'll be very curious to learn the duration and cooldown times for Offload, that's going to be a huge shift in shipping strategy if it lasts more than 10 minutes.

  9. Decrease power of Vengeance and Barrier in White Star events, more and more players use only this modules, fights getting be boring.

    Respawn of destroyed ships should be prevented, everybody has a chance to join a ws and after the 12 hours warm up no one should be able to enter again. "Always ON" players start massiv attacks and let their ship be destroyed (kamikaze), after 18 hours coold down they enter again and kill the previous heavy damaged ships with a breathe. Players who where not so many times online (one or two times per day), did not have any chance.

  10. Love the game. But WS should be open to any five Corp. Members. We have had less advanced ships perform admirably giving us the win. Thus it's possible for all to contribute to a WS mission.
    Happy holidays and lots of love.
    Bosk 2020.

  11. It becomes way worse if the battle is closer to opponent's spawn.

  12. We need an easier way for Corp leaders to track inactive players. A suggestion would be to have a "last logged in x hours/days ago".

    Also some thoughts on the travel timer. Currently it shows the time to complete the current waypoint. Could we possibly add an extra timer showing the total travel time of all waypoints.

    Loving the way the game is developing and can wait for the next update.

  13. A ja dalej bede sie upieral przy swoim gdzie jest jezyk Polski????Gra swietna ale powprowadzaliscie tyle ulepszen ze do dnia dzisiejszego polowy nie rozumiem a takich jak ja to jest tu tysiace bo nie chce przesadzic:)

  14. A ja dalej bede sie upieral przy swoim gdzie jest jezyk Polski????Gra swietna ale powprowadzaliscie tyle ulepszen ze do dnia dzisiejszego polowy nie rozumiem a takich jak ja to jest tu tysiace bo nie chce przesadzic:)

  15. I want to suggest something to increase the game. In chat, there may be the possibility of speaking privately with another player.
    The idea would be to put the "/ p + (player nick) and space, then enter the message.

    Just a suggestion. Another would be to be able to send a message through the mailbox if the private message did not work

  16. Can you add in a way to decommission or salvage stations like the scanners, they become useless once the surrounding area is explored and are wasteful.


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