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Incoming Early Access update, May 10

 A new update is currently being deployed to the Early Access servers. It will take up to 48 hours for Android, iOS and Steam versions to be deployed. Until the update is available for your platform, you will not be able to connect.  This update brings balancing tweaks to many Weapon and Shield modules for Red Stars. This includes different Shield values for Red Stars, compared to PvP. The goal is for all Weapons and Shields at the same level to feel like they have a use at every Red Star level after they're unlocked. The main difference and the factor that will affect what Weapon and Shield to bring will be each module's risk/reward profile, and the player's own play style. For example, Battery should be a good weapon for all around use, for players who don't want to micromanage weapons or risk getting stuck in situations where their ships don't do any damage. More skilled players who want to do extreme damage under the right circumstances will pick Barrage, fully