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2018.1 release notes

Modules New level 8 orb and blue crystal artifacts on RS8, and new planet visual New RS8 module: Area shield (absorbs hull damage to any allied ships in range) Increased hydrogen yield for artifacts found on RS7 and above Destiny: Range reduced by ~10% Teleport: Before the teleportation actually happens, the ship goes into an activating period where the ship stays in place and will still participate in combat (5 sec in RS, 4 hours in WS). All players can see the teleport target during the activation period. Cooldown reduced to 6m (2.5d in White star). Teleport range on White Stars increased on all levels. Barrier only blocks a ship from entering the teleport activation phase for a specific location. Once a ship is in teleport activation, the teleport will succeed even if there's later a barrier at the destination. Laser: Increased min damage on all levels and max damage on lv6+. Reduced ramp up time to 45 seconds on all levels. This also affects Cerberus Colossus. Battery