Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2018.1 release notes


  • New level 8 orb and blue crystal artifacts on RS8, and new planet visual
  • New RS8 module: Area shield (absorbs hull damage to any allied ships in range)
  • Increased hydrogen yield for artifacts found on RS7 and above
  • Destiny: Range reduced by ~10%
  • Teleport: Before the teleportation actually happens, the ship goes into an activating period where the ship stays in place and will still participate in combat (5 sec in RS, 4 hours in WS). All players can see the teleport target during the activation period. Cooldown reduced to 6m (2.5d in White star). Teleport range on White Stars increased on all levels. Barrier only blocks a ship from entering the teleport activation phase for a specific location. Once a ship is in teleport activation, the teleport will succeed even if there's later a barrier at the destination.
  • Laser: Increased min damage on all levels and max damage on lv6+. Reduced ramp up time to 45 seconds on all levels. This also affects Cerberus Colossus.
  • Battery: reduced DPS on level 8 (-5%), level 9 (-10%), level 10 (-15%)
  • Entrust: Fixed a bug where sometimes the transfer would fail even when the destination ship had enough capacity
  • Trade Boost, Trade Burst, Mining Boost: Install cost increased on all levels
  • Fortify & Supress: Reduce cooldown to 6m (2.5d in white star)
  • More clear description for Mining Unity module (functionality did not change)


  • Cerberus Colossus deals more damage up front but has less maximum damage (110-270 DPS)
  • Fixed a rare issue where Interceptor could be triggered without a ship entering its sector
  • New combat visual effects, give better feedback on whether the ship's hull or shield were hit

User interface

  • Officers can now choose who goes to the next White Star before the search starts. This is in addition to the opt out setting - players who have opted out of white stars will not show up on the list and cannot be added to the White Star. White star rewards have been increased for white stars bigger than 5vs5 (20vs20 gets the biggest increase). Only white stars that were created after the update will yield the increased rewards.
  • Added quick visit buttons on the top left of the HUD for any active Red Star and/or White star
  • Chat toggle button is now visible over the selection panel (also fixes issue for some devices where the button was not visible when the chat was open on the time machine)
  • Server shutdown message can be clicked on to provide a link with more information on the ongoing maintenance
  • Leaderboard dialog will cover all available vertical space on tall devices such as iPhone X or Samsung S8. Also improved performance of the dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with rockets turning invisible if the target asteroid had been destroyed
  • iOS: 3D touch support (long press over any game object to quickly open its info dialog)