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Incoming server update

  On November 17, the following server update will be applied:  All new White Stars will generate Cerberus ships according to new rules: - One third of all White Stars will be generated with no Cerberus ships  - The remain two thirds will spawn Cerberus ships in various configurations, including Cerberus never before seen in White Stars. Spawned Cerberus ships will always be equally distanced from either corporation's jump gate. This update will automatically roll out to all players, no app update is required.

Incoming optional client update

 We will be releasing a new app version starting September 6, with the following changes: Fixed bug in White Star Time Machine where certain visual effects would not show up.  Added support for linking Corporations with the upcoming BATTLESHIP APOLLO game (all members of the Corporation will receive crystals after a successful link) You do not need to update to this version to continue playing the game. On mobile platforms, the update will be rolled out gradually over 7 days. You may not see it immediately available on your device, and the devices picked to offer the update each day are random.

Incoming Server update with module balancing

We will be deploying a server only update next week (August 30-September 3). No app update is necessary but there will be a short maintenance while we deploy the update.  The following module changes will be part of update:  Laser Turret: Damage greatly increased on all levels. Hydrogen cost to activate reduced.  Hydrogen Rocket: Damage greatly increased on all levels. Alpha Drone: Damage per second greatly increased. HP reduced on early levels. Dart Launcher: Hydrogen movement cost decreased

2021.1 release notes

Expected release: June 7 - 11 New Module: Laser Turret Unlocked at Red Star Eight After a short setup period the Laser Turret fires on up to three targets. The Laser will charge up independently for each target. Red Star Changes Upon reaching Red Star Five, players will be able to join in-progress Red Stars that have recently started. Blue Star Changes Players who have not completed their ranked matches for the day will have the option to wait in matchmaking indefinitely until a ranked match is found. User Interface Improvements Added “ Jump Only Battleships ” toggle for high level Red Stars. Shipment sorting improvements (sorting saved client side). The ability to re-link Warp Gates is now always available. Re-linking gates that have already been linked will cause the duration to be refreshed. Bug Fixes Restored colored text for various messages in the chat window Turrets deployed from flagships will now be properly upgraded for higher level flagships The status of “Jump All Docked Sh