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Dark Nebula Launch Rehearsal weekend #1 - September 1 to 3

 Launch Rehearsals will be short lived, focused Early Access builds that will only be available during a single weekend. Each launch rehearsal will be posted on this blog, along with what specific feedback we hope to gather from players.  Launch Rehearsals operate on a past snapshot of the live Hades' Star game. That means you should be able to access your live Hades' Star game, as it was a few days before the rehearsal weekend. If you see the New Game screen, you can try signing in with the same GameCenter or Google account you use in the live Hades' Star game. From Steam, make sure you are signed in with the same Steam account you use in Hades' Star. The focus of the first launch rehearsal is to hear your initial reaction and thoughts after the update, both immediate, and after playing for a couple of hours trying to do the regular activities you do in the main game . When posting feedback, assume what you see in this build would be exactly what would happen to your l