Upcoming White Star changes

We are changing how White Stars work on our next update. Here's the how and why:

20vs20 slot will no longer be available

We are removing the 20vs20 slot, meaning new White Stars after the next update can only be 5vs5, 10vs10 or 15vs15.

It is understandable that this change will disappoint some players. 20vs20 has been designed from the beginning to be the most engaging mode, the mode that sets apart the most organized Corporations and allows them to progress the fastest in the Relics race.

But if White Stars are to be successful long term, it is necessary for this mode to be eliminated. Doing so will remove a lot of conditions that cause the matchmaker to take a lot of time to find a match, and to cause widlly imbalanced matches. Simply put, there's not enough Corporations in the game searching for a 20vs20 match at any given time to allow balanced matches. The result is a downward spiral: players think 20vs20 (or White Stars in general) are broken, causing fewer and fewer of them to participate in the bracket.

2 White Star slots per Corporation

The removal of the 20vs20 bracket allows us to rebalance White Star progression. At the same time the 20vs20 slot is eliminated, we will be adding 2 slots to each Corporation to run White Stars from. This allows several benefits: 

- Competitive Corporations can have much more members collecting Relics from a White Star at the same time (up to 30), allowing faster progression. The separate White Star slot can also offer opportunity for more members to step up to leadership positions (or give dictator leaders more responsibilities). 

- 5vs5 matches become more viable for Corporation progression. Running two 5vs5 on a Corporation will allow significantly more progression speed compared to a Corporation that runs 5vs5 now. A lot of players have told us they prefer 5vs5 to all other White Star modes. 5vs5 is the most popular mode among all Hades' Star players. 

- The additional overall search activity should help with finding more balanced White Star matches, faster

Rewards and Corporation Progression balancing

White Star rewards (Relics and resources) will be tweaked to account for the loss of the 20vs20 bracket, and to reward risk and effort more fairly. What won't change is that maximizing a Corporation's level will still be a multi-year process, made faster for Corporations that participate in more White Stars and by special events that will run throughout each year.

These changes will take effect in Hades' Star 2019.2, which is currently scheduled to be deployed by end of May.


  1. Will this resolve the issue where you get booted from your White star if visiting another corporation when their white star starts/ends?

  2. Would like to be saved from being booted from a WS due to high level RS Corp hopping. Once I am part of A WS my only reason for booting should be active withdrawal or booted by FO

  3. Aver q tal?!¡!¡¿?!

  4. This is why listening to original high rank players in top corps that play night and day makes a bad game. When it was said 5x5 would be eliminated, many people complained while top corp people rejoiced. Please stop stacking your game advice from people who don't play like most of the community. You should think about the other poor advice those people have given due to how they play the game.

  5. It would be a lot more fun to get relics for corp progression in a corp 5 man bluestar, or relics for a +50 RS. Tying corp progression to a game mode requiring night and day play alienates people. We have lives other than the game. With everyone running time warp at high mod levels, it is always running and things happen fast. White star isn't competitive, its broken.

    1. Great ideas here �� especially earning one or more relics for a +50 RS

  6. Interesting update, even for me who ceased play WS, because to me it just isn't rewarding enough. Lots of effort for potentially no gain in credits (just lose a squishy and it's barely a profit anymore...) Not to mention having to give up 2 ships for a week, which is a major hit to my fleet. I'll just stick to RS and BLS for now.

  7. White stars go on for too long and the rewards are not enough to warrant the time and energy.

    I genuinely think you have hit a gem with the Blue Star and should concentrate on enhancing that experience.

  8. There's an idea to improve white stars for those of us who do have pesky things like jobs, a white star option that freezes the game for 8 hours, so hopefully 2 teams in the same timezone can play without having to get up in the middle of the night to check orders.

  9. Can you tell us if there will be enhancements for others than White stars / corporations in this version ?
    Not all off us are in corporations...
    Thanks in advance,

  10. Agree the reward for WS for what is basically a week of intensive effort palls compared to belting out BS runs.
    Either boost WS rewards or nerf BS rewards somewhat. I am really enjoying BS.

  11. Removing one of the modes is a bad approach. If you would raise the reward so it would worth playing it, more corps would play it and higher population would solve the problems. Blue stars for example. Most ppl I know hate it. It's unbalanced, goes against lore or logic (who the F gives me credits for not using sanctuary and why) and players are playing it because the reward is ridiculously high. 5 mins in bls give more reward than 5 days in a ws.

  12. Make a thing to know that my corp members are online, then ill be impressed.

  13. wow, this is how i liked it, devs listening to majority of the player based community not basing on the players that plays day and night. more like a political party voting. majority wins by default.

  14. Please fix the Dispatch Bug

  15. Please don't chance Dispatch - it works perfectly as an equalizer against teams that can camp all game with high level barrier.

  16. Whitestars reveal the true mettle of a corporation, and so should be the only way to earn relics.

  17. Whitestars reveal the true mettle of a corporation, and are the highest expression of skill and unity in this game. They should be the only way to earn relics.

  18. For me, white star is my preferred mode by far, but the rewards are inadequate. Often a win doesn't even pay for the cost of lost ships and swapping modules... Our Corp has never done 20v20, but I can see us doing 2 ws slots.

  19. Please can you explain how credits are calculated in white stars


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