Optional app update - May 15

We are currently rolling out an optional app update, recommended for everyone playing White Stars.


- Fixed some errors on replays and past time machine. Not all instances of the bug will be fixed with this, more fixes to follow on future updates.
- Fixed wrong display of rewards bar while the White Star is in progress (in the Current Star page and time machine). The rewards bar displayed during the match should now match the one showed after the match is over, on the White Star historic results page.

Update instructions:

- On Android, look for version 2.354.1 on the Play Store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ParallelSpace.Cerberus).

- On iOS, look for version 2.354.1 on the App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hades-star/id1058502954?ls=1&mt=8). It can take a few hours after this message was posted for the update to show up on the App Store.

- On Steam, make sure you have the latest patch. You may need to restart the Steam client for the patch to apply. To ensure you have the correct version, go to Settings->Credits and make sure the last line starts with "v2.354.1"


  1. could put a surrender button in white star no one wants to bump into tops thanks to their filthy match and not a relic can take some corps

    1. Nice idea... yes some corps do play awfully dirty, and game the system.

  2. Fix time machine! Can't place orders 10mins or less because its too close to real time??

  3. Fix the rewords system, sorry but for 5d play you get bull crap. This is my third ws after update no enemy show up. No one wants to play ws anymore.

    1. How can I fill up obj. status there is no enemy can't do damage lol

  4. you are good developers
    we love your game keep up the good work

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Just some general feedback:

    I distain the new miner system. I much preferred mining when I could just check the number of sectors left on a miner, then set and reset a path of needed.

    With the new system I have to check all my miners when I add a new sector to a miner route to make sure there is no overlap.

    If we can't have the old system by cancelling a route, can we at least see all set routes for our miners when creating a new route?

  7. May you add some virtual buttons on mobile devices ? cause it really drives people mad manituplating on a small screen when there are a row of ships and hard to select the desired one


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