Thursday, May 21, 2020

Optional update: 2.564.3

A new version of the game will gradually become available on the App Store and Google Play over the next few days.

This new version is recommended for anyone who has display issues after the latest update, especially with iPhone X/XS/XR and Android devices with notches.

On Android, please note that enabling landscape mode will reset the display support for notches. If you enter landscape mode from the Settings menu, switch back to portrait mode, then kill and restart the app for the UI to properly support your device's notch.

To apply the fix, look for version 2.564.3 as it becomes available in your area over the next few days.


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  2. Incredible and unique game. Genius game mechanics. Thanks!

    RS - Superior!
    BS - Very good!
    WS - Unbelivable good!

    *I'm not sure, but think, that "Modules Store" on YellowStar is a good idea...

  3. Great today I downloaded it on my laptop and it is 100% better and smoother Ican say