Upcoming changes to ship upgrades

On the next update, the Ship Upgrade process will change. This is in response to the devastating fleet losses issues we've acknowledged before, as well as to provide better balancing and progression.

Here's what's changing:
  • Ships are no longer upgraded individually. Instead, the ship design itself can be upgraded from the Shipyard. When the design upgrade is complete, all existing ships of that type will be automatically upgraded to the new level. A player no longer has ships of the same type at different levels - they always have i.e. "Level 2 Transports", "Level 3 Miners" etc.
  • Upgrading a ship design costs a lot of Credits, but now that's a one time cost. Building individual ships will cost much less Credits compared to the previous cost of building a level 1 ship and upgrading it to a higher level. Losing an entire fleet in a Red Star will still cost Credits, but significantly less than before, especially if you have level3+ ships.
For existing accounts, after the update is live, the game will find a player's highest level ship and automatically unlock that ship design permanately, skipping the regular Credit or time cost.

We are currently aiming to launch the update sometime next week (July 17-21).

If you have questions or feedback, let us know!


  1. Add an experience system, give us pregenerated ship commanders for out battleships, miners, transports, etc and continued use of those ships give that commander and crew experience to spend in a skill tree for perks. :)

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