2017.3 release notes

Red Stars & Combat

  • New Cerberus ship: Destroyer (starts appearing at Red Star level 6)
  • Ships that are docked on the return stargate in a Red Star at the moment the supernova happens will automatically jump back (instead of being destroyed)
  • New artifacts for Red Star Levels 7 and 8. New art for L6 artifacts and Red Star 6 planets.
  • Red star planets will display correct level (in red stars, planet level affects the levels of the artifacts the planet contains)
  • Tweaked number of planets in Red Star level 4+, to make more higher level planets available
  • Fixed another case that could cause Cerberus ship movement to be affected by ships docked on asteroids from a nearby sector


  • 7 new modules (3 Trade, 1 Mining, 3 Support)
  • EMP: Reduced duration for level2+. Reduced blueprint requirement to upgrade for level6+.
  • Barrage: Total damage now depends on number of enemies in the same sector (instead of number of enemies within firing range). Reduced damage per additional enemy, to compensate. Increased upgrade blueprint requirement for level2+. Hydrogen usage increased on all levels.
  • Battery: Increased damage on level2+ (does not affect Sentinel)
  • Laser: Increased maximum damage and time to reach maximum damage for level4+ (also affects Colossus)
  • Mass Battery: Decreased damage per second for level4+
  • Mirror shield: Increased mirror damage on all levels. Decreased shield strength on level2+.
  • Destiny: Increased damage on all levels. Decreased cooldown to 5 minutes. Decreased range for level2+.
  • Hydrogen Upload: Reduced install cost
  • Trade Boost: Increased bonus percent and decreased install price on all levels. 
  • Red Star Life extender: Duration and activation cost decreased on all levels
  • Impulse upgrade now increases duration, whereas impulse force stays fixed for all upgrade levels. This does not affect the behavior of the module, but fixes a serious issue where it was not possible to judge the upgrade benefit (since impulse force is not displayed in the UI).
  • Most modules installed on a friendly ship will now show up in the list over the selection bar (even passive ones)


  • Planets will store shipments unloaded on them, up to 2x their capacity. No further shipments can be unloaded over this overflow capacity. Previously, shipments stored on a planet over capacity would be deleted on the next shipment refresh.
  • Added ability to move Trade Stations
  • Shipment computer no longer limits number of shipments automatically picked from intermediate waypoints. Upgrades to the module just increase the bonus payout. Tweaked bonus payout for all levels.
  • Movement routes now show up dim, except for the selected ship, to help distinguish selected Transport route when many transports are on the move
  • Maximum number of waypoints increased (from 8 to 15)
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a warp lane to be linked to itself


  • New ship upgrade process (see here for details)
  • New Crystal Shipments in app purchase (best value for Crystals, Crystals are delivered over 7 days as additional planet shipments)
  • Planned maintenance will now show countdown timer, to help players avoid risky combat situations just before the servers go down
  • Fixed an issue where miners with mass mining could get stuck if their asteroid field was depleted by another miner
  • If in a Corporation, the chat window will open by default on the Corporation tab (unless there's unread messages in the Star System tab)
  • When a ship is selected, the next/previous selection arrows will now cycle between ships of the same type anywhere on the map
  • Added support for French, German, Italian and Spanish languages

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