Visual improvements in DARK NEBULA

The next update to Hades' Star is bringing numerous visual (and audio) improvements, focusing on providing better clarity of mechanics and immediate feedback on what each player is doing in all star types. Here are some key areas of this effort:


We are making hundreds of big and small big tweaks to Hades' Star interface, focusing on usability and clearer display of relevant information. 

We are enriching many windows with detailed 3D objects that help associate interface elements with in game objects. Some examples include the all new Planet list, and the Production page: 

We are also fixing many usability issues, such as old HUD buttons getting mixed up with the game world because of low opacity, and moving the chat toggle button under the object selection bar (a common complaint from mobile users). The improved Ships List will be available for the first time to the majority of players who play on a phone.


Hades' Star planets are already doing a great job of visualizing a distant, mysterious part of space. In addition to the existing planets, we will also be adding premium designs: 

One of many premium planet designs coming to Hades' Star

The increased overall brightness of the Yellow Star is likely the first visual change you will notice when your account is upgraded after the update. This change brings a lot of detail that was previously washed out (i.e. shadows from asteroids that weren't very close to the star). It also makes it easier on the eyes to play the game for prolonged period of times, and helps with the commonly mentioned problem that it's too hard to play Hades' Star on a mobile device when outdoors.


We are keeping the 2D icon look of ships but enhancing it with better defined edges, making them easier to distinguish when clumped together, and giving them more depth and character. Other tweaks allow the game to better display the status of each ship. Transports and Miners will clearly show at a glance what type of cargo they are carrying, and how close to full they are:

New Dark Nebula Ship visuals are shown to the right

All ships will get a clearly defined center point (seen as a distinct black dot in the new ship graphics). This center point is used for all combat targeting, fixing numerous problems with targeting order and module range.


Stations are moving away from icon visuals and into more clear, detailed representation of their functionality. The Star Scanners will now be very easy to distinguish at any zoom level by their color, and many buildings will have special animations to show they are busy (i.e. the Research Station will light up when it's working on Artifacts). 

New Dark Nebula Ship visuals are shown to the right


Many modules will be accompanied by brand new visual effects and (for the first time) sound effects, helping the game better show cause and effect. These changes are synced with all the other changes to gameplay in Red, White and Blue Stars, and have been designed to make each star type more exciting to play every single day.

New effect for the Crunch module


  1. Next step in later evolution....holographics!

  2. Slightly different shading between each ship would be nice to help distinguish 👍

  3. when is dark nebula coming to pc?

    1. It already is. I think you find it on the normal hades star steam page. Just scroll down.

  4. For the first time, im excited for a dark nebula blog post, these are amazing

  5. No improvements for mobile users?

    1. Did you even read the article? It clearly lists changes that will help mobile users more than once.

  6. They will depending on what the game needs for usability and player feedback. Some of these changes will already come with Dark Nebula. A good example is the star and the center sector in Blue Stars have been visually redesigned to appear much more threatening, as a lot of players were missing previous cues and heading straight for the center in the first Blue Star they played.

  7. Fascinating! However, if you compare, side by side screenshots of blue star/white star/red star vs. yellow star, the eye appeal for the yellow star is much better than the other stars. Regardless, thank you for your input. Looking forward to the final product!

  8. This is incredible andreas, just incredible, love your work.

  9. Will these improvements be available on all platforms?

  10. When will this update go live? Will rs5+ be accessible by regular non-rs only ships?

  11. It would be nice.if you.will introduce skins in the future

  12. Greetings!
    English is not my native language. Here are some interesting ideas and comments:
    1) Games with PVP elements are much more interesting, but demanding in terms of balance.
    2) The game has a poorly developed social component. Where is the global chat? It is desirable to add events (events).
    3) It is necessary to add more customization of the native system, you can donate. For example, I would like to change the background of the system.
    4) There is not enough content for a long stay in the game
    5) the game lacks PR from bloggers or in direct

  13. Here are some ideas:
    1. Improved graphics and design: Invest in more advanced graphics and more attractive design. High-quality images and animations can make the gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable.
    2. Expanded content: Expand game content by adding new galaxies, solar systems, planets, ships, technologies, quests, and so on. The more things there are to explore and discover, the more attractive the game will be for players.
    3. Competitive Multiplayer Mode: Introduce a competitive multiplayer mode where players can compete in space combats, resource races or colony development competitions. This can stimulate engagement and competition between players.
    4. Special Events: Regularly organize special events with unique rewards and unique challenges for players. These events can create excitement and long-term interest in the game.
    5. Advanced Customization: Give players more customization options for their ships, settlements, and avatars. Personalization makes players feel more invested in their gaming experience.
    6. Campaign Mode: Add a campaign mode with an immersive story and engaging missions. A well-developed campaign can keep players engaged and give them a sense of accomplishment.
    7. Social Interaction: Reinforce social features that allow players to form corporations, chat, trade, and cooperate to achieve common goals. This promotes the creation of an active community around the game.
    8. Rewards and Achievements: Set up a rewards and achievements system that encourages players to reach certain goals or complete specific tasks. Rewards incentivize players to progress in the game.
    9. Support and Regular Updates: Be sure to provide active support for the game by resolving technical issues promptly and releasing regular updates with new content and improvements.
    10. And above all: Do not develop a "pay to win" game, we would lose a lot of players, who do not hesitate to invest from time to time, but who will not agree to pay to play infinity

  14. I've been unable to login for over an hour now. Is there a problem with the servers?

  15. Is there a way to revert the graphics back on the client? I find those detailed graphics for stations and ships much harder to read on my mobile


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