Dark Nebula: New Early Access Build Release Notes and Development Update


Global Module changes

  • Solitude now only considers Battleships in all star types
  • Rocket damages tweaked separately for PvP vs PvE modes
  • Leap: The friendly ship's current destination takes precedence when picking the Leap landing object. Can now be used in Red Stars, where it only consider Drones as move targets. 

White Stars

  • Removed Corporation Artifact Bonus cooldown after joining a new Corporation. All players will get the Red Star Artifact bonus from the Corporation they are currently in when the Red star is joined.
  • Testing moved to lower level modules and ships. Old Early Access ships should be disbanded.
  • Flagship cooldown from death increased to 48h. 
  • Module number tweaks for Genesis, Blast Drone
  • Flagship level capped to 5 for Early Access.

Blue Stars

  • Testing moved to lower level modules and ships. Old Early Access ships should be disbanded.
  • Final standings and replay option show automatically when the match ends
  • Visual improvements and better visual feedback for the center star sector

Yellow Stars

  • Relay dialog now remembers the most recent activation level
  • Fixed Shipment Drone objective not updating properly
  • Removed limitation preventing building placement too close to sector edges

Red stars

  • Red Star 8 and Dark Red Star 8 testing enabled. Increased weapon range for Dark Phoenix.
  • Remote Repair heal amount increased
  • Regular Sentinel DPS slightly reduced
  • Regular and Dark Guardian DPS reduced
  • Regular and Dark Colossus Laser DPS at stage 1 reduced
  • Mining Boost and Crunch tweaks
  • Layout and Cerberus tweaks
  • Teleport cooldown increased to 30s 


  • Starter pack 1 benefit increased for new ship construction. Construction prices increased for high level ships
  • Delete Chat message function (useable by Yellow Star owners and Corporation officers)
  • Added currency animation toggle
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements

Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA is very close to being content complete. Over the next several months we will be focusing on balancing passes over all game modes, Modules, progression rates and the overall economy for all 3 currencies, along with general polish, bug fixes and additional device support. Most of the remaining balancing will be number tweaks, and there will be no major new features or content. We will still be looking for interface improvements and other smaller features based on extensive playtesting. The types of changes on today's build that you can see above are indicative of the changes you can expect in the months ahead, leading up to Dark Nebula release.

You can still help us make Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA the best long term space strategy game on every platform it releases on, and the major update that will enable Hades' Star to live for decades in the future. Keep participating in the playtests via the Early Access app, and posting your experience in any game mode here or on our Discord server.


  1. Quantum star won’t be release? I thought its main contents of DN before

  2. Love the yellow star tweaks, please continue to give more freedom and customization in yellow stars 🙂 Keep up the great work

  3. Awesome. Thank you for your continued efforts on the game and the blog updates :)

  4. currency animation toggle - thank you so much! Have been really wanting this.

  5. Yeah wtf where's the dark nebula!?!?

  6. How do I transfer an account from Hades Star to Dark Nebular?

  7. There should be more game modes

  8. Whens the release date?

  9. The improvements to white stars are interesting and good, but ultimately my main issue with them (and to the devs, according to this blog) is that you have to check in too often and you have to constantly manage the white star.

    I think there should be one final change to white stars: moves are “locked in” 1 hour before they actually happen. That way it refocuses white stars on *tactics* and not on constantly micromanaging last minute tiny changes that might possibly change outcomes of specific battles. It would make it so you have to correctly anticipate the other corp’s moves, instead of now when it’s winning based on who can check in and micromanage more often.

  10. Will everyone need to start over with DN?


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