Server update, November 23 2023

 Today's bug fixing update contains the following changes: 

• Fix for random Leap behavior in White Stars (note that the fix applies only to new White Stars. For the next few days, ships that had jumped to the White Star before the server update may still incorrectly be picked as valid leap targets)

• Fix queued Artifacts not unloading back to certain higher level Red Star planets

• Fix issue where some Corporations could not update description or other Corporation settings

• Fixed wrong Motion Shield absorbed damage calculation. Note: The damage absorbed percentage shown in the info dialog for Motion shield will be temporarily incorrect. The actual percentage (as correctly applied by the game), will be 100 minus the displayed percentage. This is a display only issue and will be fixed on the next app update.


  1. There is also the issue, that I can't watch the replay of the last couple hours in WS


  2. My comment on the change: The modular diversity, which I wasn't even allowed to explore, was greatly reduced. I understand that the adjustment is for balance, but some depth has been lost.

    1. Before DN, there was no mod diversity to speak of. RS7+ had one or two viable meta builds. BLS allowed for more experimentation, but everyone took omega + TW. Can't comment on WS. There's definitely more variety in the game now, especially more interesting combinations, because of the sanct change.

  3. if you fix the shipcomputer not working w\ rush situation, ring me up, ehh? i might give manual shipping a go. or tell us its 'by design' so i can move on, ehh.

  4. Some suggestions:
    1. Even relic drones have some structural hitpoints. Why is it, that transports and miners don't have the ability to withstand enemy fire for at least a short time?
    2. It would be awesome if one could use both research slots for increased research speed on one upgrade.
    3. It would also be awesome if you could pause a running upgrade, research something else and resume the first upgrade.

    Bug report: in the last WS I lost a transport which made it to the gate in time. On the way to gate it read always over a minute less, than the remaining whitestar time. Upon arrival, it read 0s remaining for over one minute. The WS went supernova before the teanpsort really docked on the gate. I'd like to get a transportship now and a relic, that was in the cargo.

  5. Does anybody else experience Some lv 4 artifact upgrades to cost 600 pieces instead of 60? Including the cargo bay upgrade, which is.... problematic to say the least

  6. Seems you can't salvage artifacts on cargo ships anymore as of todayish. The option no longer appears on the research station.


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