Server update, December 5 2023

Today's update contains the following tweaks:

• Decrease ramp up times for LASER and DUAL LASER in Blue and White Stars

• Reduce planet upgrade prices for levels 13-15


  1. Can we have sanctuary applying for supernova please, everyone has been asking for this. It makes no logical sense to lose ships in this way and it adds nothing to gameplay to have to get ships out or suicide them, thereby limiting gameplay. Losing a fleet has got to be a major risk of someone quitting the game?

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  3. I just finished upgrading ia and burst 15. I just did my loads and I have two things that push me to write here. first of all on the bonus, doing everything manually gives me 900%. ok, I save hydro but the problem is that it is less profitable than other techniques. it is a problem.

    the second thing that really worries me is that after having calculated... I am able at best to do 4M, 4M250 per day (all included). I am at 20M capacity. in other words, it's going to take me about 3 years just to get the ts7s. It’s crazy!

    I just find myself hoping that you haven't given up on the new star and that in reality the slow economy that you have drawn actually hides a next step making the game motivating again in the long term.

  4. Is it by design that shipments delivered by the relay don't count as shipments delivered? The achievement says number of "shipments delivered," but does not specify the means of delivery. Likewise for the delivery bonus achievement. It does not specify delivery bonuses from modules rather than the relay, which uses the same terminology.

  5. I know this isn't related to this particular blog. I've come across a player that is obviously exploiting the game. They are very low level, they didn't take damage after a certain point in a blue star. I looked at their yellow star and for the level it's pretty far along. I didn't know if there was an official place to report things like this so I tried searching the web. just figured I'd try here.


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