Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA changelog

Target update date for the existing Hades' Star app: October 30

This is a raw list of the biggest changes coming in the DARK NEBULA update. If you are looking for bigger picture information and advice for how your day to day gameplay will change, the Dark Nebula upgrade guide may be a better starting point.  


  • There are now 6 distinct module types (Transport, Miner, Weapon, Shield, Combat, Drone). Old Support modules are now Combat and can only be equipped on Battleships.
  • All combat-related modules (weapons, shields, combat types) had their numbers re-tweaked separately per star type.
  • Cargo Bay Extension: All numbers tweaked. Pay close attention to new Artifact sizes in Red Stars to better plan your runs.
  • Shipment computer: Bonuses greatly increased. Upgrade level now also affects Shipment Drone.
  • Mining Boost: Is now an RS2 module, numbers tweaked
  • Laser: Is now an RS2 module
  • Alpha Shield: Now provides temporary immunity, can be fully upgraded like other modules
  • EMP: Duration decreased, no longer affects allies
  • Rush: Primary benefit changed to be reduced Hydrogen usage in certain situations
  • Hydrogen Bay Extension: replaced by new Module (Hydrogen Replicator)
  • Mining Unity: replaced by new Module (Artifact Boost), is now RS3 
  • Mass Battery: Is now RS3 module
  • Delta Shield: Replaced by new Module (Impulse Shield), is now RS3
  • Sanctuary deleted. All ships return safely home when destroyed from Combat (unless they were lost in the new Dark Red Stars). Losing a ship to Supernova destroys it permanently (Blue Star supernovas don't count)
  • Trade Burst: Bonuses increased, upgrade level now also affects Shipment Drone
  • Stealth: Is now a Transport module
  • Unity: Replaced by new Module (Solitude)
  • Genesis: Is now RS4 module. Limited use in Yellow Star. 
  • Remote Mining: Is now RS4 module, activated manually, upgrade levels increase the number of asteroids it is collecting from. Miner always collects when the module is activated, even when it is not stationed on an Asteroid.
  • Battery: Is now RS4 module.
  • Regenerating shield: Is now RS4 module, greatly reduced regeneration times.
  • Fortify: Now increases weapon damage while activated.
  • Shipment Drone: Drone will expire when it uses all onboard Hydrogen. Mechanics changed and bonuses increased, total bonus also depends on upgrade level of Shipment Computer and Trade Burst.
  • Enrich: Is now an RS5 module, can no longer be used in Yellow Star.
  • Dual Laser: Is now an RS5 module
  • Omega Shield: Is now an RS5 module
  • Time Warp: Replaced by new Module (Weapon Amplifier), is now RS5
  • Salvage: Replaced by new Drone Module (Decoy Drone)
  • Red Star Life Extender: Is now Transport module, moved to RS6
  • Crunch: Is now RS6 module
  • Barrage: Is now RS6 module
  • Blast Shield: Mechanics changed, now covers any hostile blast source in range immediately and independently of the numbers of friendly ships in range
  • Destiny: Teleport location is now more predictable
  • Remote Repair: Replaced by Repair Drone, moved to RS6
  • Hydrogen Upload: Can now only be used in White Stars for generating Relics remotely. Moved to RS7.
  • Mirror Shield: Moved to RS7
  • Alpha Rocket: Replaced by Rocket Drone, moved to RS7
  • Dispatch: Moved to RS8, does blast damage on landing
  • Dart Launcher: Moved to RS8
  • Area Shield: Renamed to Ally Shield, no longer covers the activating ship
  • Alpha Drone: Replaced by Chain Ray Drone, is now RS10
  • Mining Drone: Replaced by new Module (Blast Drone)
  • New Modules: Cargo Rocket (RS9), Chain Ray (RS9), Motion Shield (RS10), Rocket Launcher (RS11), Delta Drones (RS11), Pulse (RS12), Drone Squad (RS12)
  • The following modules were deleted: Impulse, Offload, Suppress, Entrust, Shipment Beam, Recall.
  • Maximum upgrade level for all modules increased to 15 (some late game modules start at higher levels when first discovered)
  • Added second Module Research slot (unlocks at around RS5) 

For historic information on module changes & motivations, also see this older post: http://blog.hadesstar.com/2022/10/module-changes-in-dark-nebula.html

Yellow Star & Economy

  • Redesigned Credits economy
  • Redesigned Hydrogen economy
  • Ship movement greatly sped up in Yellow Stars
  • Removed ability to deliver shipments or mine Hydrogen on other player's Yellow Stars
  • Time Modulator replaced by new station (Star Harvester)
  • Research Station now holds 8 Artifacts, shows the exact time research will be over 
  • Crystal economy tweaks (significantly less Crystals required for almost all conversions, especially with Credits, Hydrogen and Artifacts); planet crystal shipments removed and replaced by daily free item system
  • Premium appearances can be purchased for Crystals for Yellow Star system background and individual planets

Red Star changes

  • Pacing and gameplay changes, including new Dark Red Stars
  • Interceptor behavior changed to constant patrolling. Many other aspects of Cerberus ships (HP, damage etc) have been tweaked.
  • Influence renamed to Empire Power, retreated to make the leaderboards more dynamic
  • Hydrogen in Red Stars can no longer be transferred back home, is meant to only be used by Miners within that Star.
  • Added Red Star level 12

Blue Star changes

White Star changes

  • Pacing tweaks to make the matches more asynchronous
  • 5vs5 and 15vs15 slots removed to improve matchmaking and better focus overall design 
  • Corporation XP replaces Corporation Relics. Initially all old Corporation's Relics are translated to XP 1:1, but going forward only the match result matters for XP (not the exact number of relics retrieved)
  • Underdog system allows gross mismatched teams to still have a goal in the White Star, and awarded higher XP if they achieve it
  • Reward system redesign to focus only on Corporation-wide benefits, including time-limited Artifact boost that needs a White Star win to refresh
  • White Star leaderboards changed to reflect number of victorious matches a player has per season
  • For more details, see http://blog.hadesstar.com/2022/09/white-star-changes-in-dark-nebula.html

Other changes

  • Visual improvements
  • Audio improvements
  • Ships List window is now available on mobile portrait modes
  • Added planets list and other features in the Yellow Star window
  • Daily Objective system redone, no longer offers leveled up objectives
  • STARTER PACK 1 benefit increased, new STARTER PACK 2 added with additional permanent bonuses
  • Friends system, including local Friends chat in the Yellow Star chat tab
  • Free Daily Item system
  • Achievement tweaks (some achievements were retired and new ones were added)


  1. Replies
    1. They destroy game! My storage was 7.2 mill cred now is 5.6 mill, so need 100 mill to come to same lvl. Idiots on work

    2. La verdad un apena dark nebula...an quitado santuario...ay as destruido el 70% del juego...soy jugador de hace 5 años nivel alto ...y por ahora atraco las naves a la espera de ver que haré con el juego.. gracias por aver hecho un juego divertido que unía con gente de muchos lugares ..pero dark nebula no hace honor a su nombre..

  2. finally it's here 😖

  3. finally shit's here 💩

  4. Ontario members are good for nothing more than launching drones. :)

  5. Well...it was fun to play...time to leave

  6. Looking forward to it!

  7. Нельзя словами описать насколько это хорошие изменения, но цифры могут

  8. where is unity/solitude?

  9. What happens to the planets and scanner if they are upgrading when the 30th comes? Do they finish upgrading? Do we (the player) keep the progress?

  10. Are shipment assistant and diplo partner achievements being removed? Both of these are causes of alt accounts as they are impossible without one.

  11. Bring back offload and remove the hydrogen consumption in the shipment drones.

  12. Лучше бы урезали радиус уз в игре . я так понял у вас ребята один рисует второй придумывает второе колесо. первоначальная игра очень даже не чего, а то что сейчас вы пытаетесь на века как вы говорите , мое мнение канет в века и забудут вас и ваш проект

  13. Goodbye Hades' Star.

    *pressing F to pay respects*

    Andreas the fun and joy murderer.

    1. Avanza en la vida, aprende que todo cambia.

  14. This is a good opportunity to relaunch a game that was very good but it has its flaws. As a fellow developer I know the frustration of working hard and the fear that the product won't be well received. I wish all the best for dark nebula, can't wait to play it and please know that your work is really appreciated!

    1. Este juego y su mejora será perfecta

  15. Всё приплыли. Сворачиваем лавочку.😬

  16. Why ignore the fact that a lot of people like the game?? It seems insane to me that you would basically trash the game as it is and reconceive it so drastically. My whole corp is gonna quit I think. Well done, joy killers.

  17. We don't want DN! We want keep HS!

  18. Please rely to this question. Thank you.

  19. I am really looking forward to this update. The old problems go away. Lets see how it turns out with the new stuff

  20. If I can't keep the existing game, I'm out of here.

  21. Only time will tell how this turns out.

  22. Wow, the update is huge :o

  23. Expect a heavy microtransactions coming along with the Dark Nebula update. Previous model of HS didn't profit the developers enough. With a totally new game and new mechanics, I bet, we'll be seeing new cows to milk. For sure it aint gonna be me.

  24. Не врубаюсь. Кз и тёмные кз - это разные звёзды? Как попадать на тёмные?

    1. Тёмные звезды это тупо хардкорный режим, можно включить или выключить его начиная с 5 уровня, если я не ошибаюсь. Отличие в том, что в обычной звезде лут обычный и потерять корабли нельзя, а в тесной - корабли теряются и лут дороже

  25. Anyone know ans. to this: Will my Asteroid fields in Yellow star sectors that has max (21K) hydrogen will be removed upon this DN upgrade?

    1. Yes, mine is gone. The hydrogen mechanism has changed a lot.

  26. Does anyone know if the upgrades running during dark nebula lunch/hades star end will be transfered with the game or lost? I mean the modul upgrade or scanning if a new sector in the middle of progress.

  27. Well, Dark Nebula really killed vanilla Hades.
    More then one half old ru-players will go away that "perfect" game

  28. Anyone interested in creating a Pirate HS?

    1. Sign me up mate, I am so angry that I have signed in tonight to see 3 years of my work ruined. Absolutely furious!

  29. isn't it October 30 now? where is the update?

  30. nebula is trying to acquire new younger users by simplifying some aspects of the game and complicating others, as a result in my opinion, there will be fewer new users than old ones leaving, and the new ones will only be short-term players.

  31. What time exactly will be game updated. It is almost noon in Europe

  32. 1. customization of planets does not work
    2. The red star is very heavy at level 6. make more time and less cerberus. no balance

    1. 3. There is very little hydrogen on red stars!
      4. It is almost impossible to get victory points on the red star. It’s not realistic to clean everything.

  33. Sorry. Point 1 is not relevant. works

  34. Меня чуть не стошнило от убогого дизайна, теперь на какую станция не посмотри тебя тошнит, теперь все станции на вид как не доделанный кусок дерьма ученика пятого Б в блендере, всё модельки корабле просто засрали черным цветом и сделали вместо приятных моделек не приятную на вид чуму, а всё что коссаеться остального и так ясно, просто убили хорошую игру игнорируя игроков думая что они знают что делают

  35. Трейлер еще поменяйте со скриншотами, а то не знающие игроки клюнут на приятную на вид игру, а все что их будет ждать это калл

  36. не запускается игра уже двое суток

  37. Why make it so complicated, before it was simple design. Easy to understand, then you change many of relic researches that most were building up. It's like you just don't understand your own community. I don't have enough hydro to even play the game I'm on for roughly 5-10mins then I cant do anything else. Ruined your own came through stupidity.

  38. может и не надо чтоб она запускалась, общая масса игроков плюется и ругается на низкое качество проделанной работы за год подготовки к обновлению

  39. 再见,hades star.

  40. Is the update live? All I am getting is “Connection Error”

    1. You need to download the app update and it should work then

  41. So much hatred and anger. Sad attitudes. Just adapt and try to work with changes.
    Accept the changes or stop playing the game. Its easy like that. Life is at constant change, nothing remains the same, why should hades star.

    1. Можно было нормально обновить игру а не создавать новую убивая старую

    2. Have you heard of the phrase "if it's not broken, don't fix it." ?

    3. Imagine thinking the original game isn't broken. lmao.

  42. Make it too easy ,like the ship won’t damage ever which make it more like a baby game ,player Dan’t have to think anymore . It don’t have any cost for having a fight ,than what’s the meaning of fighting ,you will not deal happy when you wolf not die anymore in a game ,maybe a little excited in the beginning but it will turn boring later on ,the reason I play this game is because I have to pay cost for every step I make I am like being a king of my own .but now I am more like a cribber which I hate most

  43. With H being so rare in yellow star AND our transport costing too much H to operate. It is borderline impossible to progress at a decent speed. There is literally no reason to have more than 2 miners at any stage of the game now. The hard planet cap that depends on RS level is a kick in the balls to the players. That combined with shit H economy makes it close to impossible to play this game long term. Good bye 4 year account

  44. so long and thanks for all the good times, hopefully you will find what you looking for.

  45. We need more hydrogen!

  46. Just a thought, it’d be cool if instead of every planet exporting “diamonds,” “alloys,” and “silicon,” they each exported different things based on what kind of planet it is. Diamonds are diamonds, why trade for what can be produced locally?

    Have water planets export water and food. Have fire and desert planets (which desperately need water and food) be where extraction and smelting operations take place — have them export diamonds, alloys, and silicon. Have terran planets export food and medicine. Have gas planets export fuel. And have every planet export the one commodity that any of them would have on offer — personnel. Transports can move passengers too!

  47. Why did you guys deleted sanctuary module

  48. So what percentage of players have quit now because of this deviation from a fun game to 'the vision'?

    1. история об этом умолчит, разработчикам нет прикола говорить что пошло все не так и прибыля им хрен видать

    2. Not as many as these whiners want us to think.

  49. Visual improvements my ass lmao, new UI for stations sears my retinas and the new ship icons are overdesigned and unnecessary. If it ain’t broke…

    1. Разработчик считает, не нравится не ешь , и ему а точнее им обоим чхать на ваши все замечания протесты. они сами на уме, двое из ларца одинаковы с лица )))

    2. It WAS broke, lmao

  50. Лучшая борьба против них это отзывы об игре на площадках, может тогда они репу начнут чесать ))))

  51. I’ve been playing Hades Star for a long time, long enough to get to RS10, and I’m pretty bummed about the revamp. I’d spent a lot of time and effort building my game to a style of play I liked, and this update has nuked almost everything I put so much energy into. I’d gotten my game to the point where I didn’t have to worry about hydro anymore, and to have that become the main limiting factor in incredibly disheartening. And no more Salvage?? I could go on and on about the changes I hate, but I’ll just say that I’ve tried doing missions on the new update and every time I find myself so annoyed to have everything I valued taken away, I just can’t care about it anymore. It’s a shame to not have a choice about this, and have this long term experience completely upended into something I actively dislike.

    That said, it’s the developer’s game, and they can do what they want. All the time and money I put into Hades Star I’ve certainly gotten back in enjoyment, and I thank them for that. I’m sad the game I loved has been taken away, but I can play other games.

  52. Dislike for two things:
    While on the red stars, 8 times my ships were teleported to my system when they died, the rest were teleported through the gates, but 1 time I did not have enough time and I left the ships without even the thought that after the explosion beyond the nova the ships would die and would not teleport to my system, what's wrong with the logic in this game!? That is, in order to return my ships when there is not enough time, I need to send them to commit suicide!? This doesn’t fit into any morality!
    And secondly, the same thing with regeneration drones, in order to repair ships, the drone must be destroyed! That is, destroy your own repair drone and after that it will only instantly repair the ships! What kind of morality is this!? Well, in that case, let me destroy my ships to get repairs faster!

    The EMP module has been turned into a cheat for disabling enemy ships without disabling any friendly ones. And they added the “weapon amplifier” module and together with such a module it is practically invulnerable!
    They changed the operation of lasers, They became “arcade” The game turned into an arcade.
    In the old game I liked lasers more. The old game was a strategy game.
    This can be said about the entire Arcade game.
    Fast, simple, and boring
    Previously, ships had individuality due to the combination of modules, but now all ships and players have the same modules.

    On the blue star there is a letter "I" of information, you can read what will happen to the ship and whether it will survive
    On the red star there is the letter “I” of information, you can see what will happen to your “influence” but not a word about what will happen to your ships when you leave them on the red star and what will happen if they are destroyed in battle!
    The required Warning sign appears only when the red star is found and you need to send ships to it!! as time goes by! and there is no time to read any texts! we need to coordinate the movement of ships!
    But it is at this moment that the text appears: (and only if you click on the “scanner status” of the red star!!!!!! ONLY IF YOU CLICK! (F2), and you need to go to the star! (F4)
    not needed at first! after which you don’t want to read anymore: “You can send ships through this station and take out artifacts from the red star system.”
    And then the required text! but no time to read! : "Be careful: ships that do not return before the star goes supernova will be lost forever."

    And so I think which ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ developer posted it all exactly like that!?
    You start searching for the red star without having a single bad thought that something will go wrong,

  53. And I have a friend who has this alert, on the red star where I have the description "Destruction of Cerberus ships"
    We have different warning message places about the danger of ships, how does this happen?

  54. Need to rethink losing ships due to supernova. If battery dies, internet drops, get a phone call etc ships are lost for good. When it costs 800k to replace a ship it takes days of mining just to buy one ship to get back into blue stars where you can maybe start earning enough credits to buy the other half dozen you lost. Enough to drive many, if not most to just give up on game completely.

  55. I wanted to publish a big post about disadvantages and proposals. But then I understood that if they worked on this trash update during one and a half years - then nothing will be taken into account.
    It was not bad game which just required regular attention and from time to time innovations. But instead game designers lost interest to it and decided to shock players with Dark Nebula trash... it reminds me the result of diarrhea aka Apollo game whiсh I even cannot find anymore.

    Simple suggestion: ask 10-20-30 motivated experienced players and they will describe to you how the game should look like.

    Looking forward for changes... because motivation to play this Dark Nebula mistake totally gone.

    And the graphic.... its... just no polite words for it.. was it created by drunk old dude designer with glasses having glass thickness 1 cm? It looks like the designer has nothing to do with design.

  56. Welp, my player name turned out to come to fruition. Oh, the irony. Dark Nebula, you have won—checkmate. I give up. It’s sad that such a good game has been dumped into the ash bin of history. Its replacement is awful. Talk about a royal downgrade. Until the original game sans Dark Nebula returns, if ever, I bid you a find adieu, Hades’ Star. Adieu.

  57. Pack it up boys, game’s over

  58. развалим эту рухлядь из новых болтов

  59. In my Corp 3 of the experienced players already stopped playing. About 5 more are only inches away from quitting. So it's not only whining. Even I am really annoyed. Red stars above level 7 are essentially not playable solo. You need to team up with Corp mates, but you have no time to communicate a strategy.
    Notes: dying by a cerb makes your ship jump out but dying in a supernova not? That makes barely sense.
    I spent millions to upgrade certain mods. Recently cargo expansion for 8 mill. Now the same upgrade costs 500k. Can I have my money back please? Where is the refund for the 100+ mill only in the last year?
    I think the telport mod is way to weak. In rs8 I cant jump to Corp mate to help out with tele level 10 if Corp member is on the other side of the map.
    Repair drones should do constant repair instead of nothing until destroyed.
    Final thoughts: Yes, there were things broken in the original game. But there is also a lot wrong with the new version. I really hope you gonna fix at least some things. Right now there is no fun to play rs 8+. From rs9 or 10 it's almost impossible to retrieve a single artifact.

  60. Империя ТаносNovember 2, 2023 at 6:04 AM

    the main problem is the speed of the ships and the battle itself. I simply don’t have time to analyze the situation on the RS6 - I don’t have enough time to understand what’s happening.

    1. основная проблема это то говно что сделали разработчики, не че скоро дойдет до их макух что то пошло не так и они тупо развалили общество игроков которые годами играли в старую игру и получали хоть какое то удовольствие

  61. Делайте откат.у нас в корпорации многие уже удалили игру

  62. Remettez les graphismes d avant s'il vous plaît.. au moins ça

  63. I am sorry to say that I am done like most of my corporation, all the top players including myself are done and half the corp are quitting, We have been working together for years, It seems like they will lose a lot of people from this update which is a shame.
    I have been playing this game for years near the beginning and the old version needed some tweaks so it was less of a grind. The new version is more of a time sink than the old.
    The cross over and what we have lost in time and effort upgrading mods that no longer exist sucks for a few Crystals in return is like a slap in the face.
    I think they really got this wrong and its a shame.
    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  64. I was quite optimistic at the beginning but now the lack of hydro is basically blocking me from trying out the new mechanics and modules. At lvl 550 plus there is so much new that trail and error becomes very punishing for me. Already losing some of my corp members and it is all we can do not to let the corp fall apart completely.

    Give us more hydro so we can enjoy the game. Adjust it later but right now it takes away all enjoyment and sense of achievement

  65. Разработчикам все равно что будет с сообществом, у них одно в ответе не нравится не ешь, ну шо ж наверное это их самый провальный проект , удачи только им в их уничтожении , надеемся что они вкусят все прелести нашего разочарования.

  66. 1st: finally something refreshing.

    So much new tactics to discover. So much module interaction.

    Finally people are forced to play together as it was intended all the time.
    I did rs11 solo for a long time and it was soooooo boring. Nothing happened.

    And now, yep, I'm down to rs9 but that's not bad at all. It's a good way to look at it in detail und to work out new approaches.

    I mean, now you can send each bs into a separate sector to clear it all alone. At certain rs levels this was guaranteed death for it. Now, things are different.

    Also I like to be forced to use the squishies to support my bs and my team mates.

    And ya, one can only do 2, maybe 3 rs a day but that's more than enough to have a bunch of arts for 4 days in a row. So, what's the matter?

    Adapt and learn instead of complaining about changes that were announced ages ago. Enough time to prepare some new mods.

    1. “Adapt and learn instead of complaining.” Sounds like a developer posting anonymously trying to peddle an inferior product like a snake oil salesman.

    2. May sound like but I'm not. Anyways, time's wasted since you won't believe me.

      I enjoy it. Bs soloing sectors like beasts ist just satisfying to watch. Each player can do 3 sectors at once. You just have to put some thought in it.

      All you people complaining are just the people who don't bother to put any thought into it.
      Yes, I'm generalising but all you guys are doing it as well. Just shouting and whining because you're all at home at your safe spot, hidden behind a screen, nothing to fear. Most of you won't act like that in public, because there could some retaliation be waiting for ya.

      Cheers guys.

    3. Wow, this dude’s a real winner, lol!

  67. I know: the Hydro in RS is ment to be used in RS and it definatly helps. But why not let what's left on the miner be brought back to support the remaining gameplay since Hydro is now a major restriction.

  68. Глобальное обновление убила изначальную задумку игру. Вместо того, чтобы внедрять данное обновление, нужно спрашивать у своих игроков, желают ли они видеть это обновление. Лучше верните предыдущую версию, а это обновление перенесите в новую игру. Перелопатили всё и теперь желания играть нет. Нужно улучшать, внося что-то новое, а не переписывать полностью игру и создавать из неё другую игру...

  69. Wow, what a clusterkuck. Turn an awesome game into a turd. Literally every aspect of the game took a nosedive. And they know it,… I get all these “here is are many free crystals”, “here is some free credits”, please play. The game sucks, just roll back the changes and I’ll be back in a jiffy. Seriously, this is the biggest software screwup I’ve seen in my 30 year career in software life

  70. I think all the changes are given thought and well made. I was about to quit Hades star because it was too boring and slow. Dark Nebula arrived just in time and changed everything for me. Thank you ParallelDev!


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