Launch Rehearsal #2 - October 11-16

Launch Rehearsals are short lived, focused Early Access builds that will only be available for a few days. Each launch rehearsal will be posted on this blog, along with what specific feedback we hope to gather from players. 

Starting today and until October 16, you will be able to access the latest Dark Nebula build using a snapshot of your Hades' Star account taken on October 5. See the end of this post for download information per platform. The Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA Early Access build on the Google Play is NOT suitable for accessing this test. 

For this build, we are looking for all feedback related to account transitions and gameplay feedback. Please read the upgrade guide first (, and let us know if anything you experience in the launch rehearsal build is not compatible with the guide.

See our Discord server for more focused feedback questions to ensure a smooth launch next month. Thank you for your help to make Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA a truly unique strategy MMO on every platform it will be released on.

The Launch Rehearsal #1 build is available through the following channels: 

- Android: *MAKE SURE TO DELETE ANY OLD DARK NEBULA APPS ON YOUR DEVICE FIRST*. Install directly from this link (you may need to edit device settings to allow untrusted apks): *link has expired*

- iOS: *MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE OLD EARLY ACCESS APP FIRST*. The updated build should be available on Testflight (version 5.803.0). Testflight signup link:

- Steam: The updated build is in the Dark Nebula Early Access branch (Branch code: 34cg8frej93d) for Windows only. OSX is not available for Launch Rehearsal.

Changes since last build: 

  • Red Stars: Hydrogen cost tweaks, including Transport jump and move costs reduction (especially on higher Red Star levels). After RS9, 4 transports can jump in before the Hydrogen price increases.
  • Cooldowns for Star harvester and Yellow Star Genesis reduced to 23h. Scanned asteroids are now easier to distinguish next to regular asteroids.
  • Many Module's early levels were tweaked to make them weaker and easier/cheaper to uprade
  • Red Star Life Extender: additional lifetime and unlock times reduced for early and mid levels 
  • Shipments: Blueprints for all bonus generating modules have been tweaked so those modules can be upgraded to max by end of RS10. RS11 players should now have all blueprints required to upgrade these modules to level 15 immediately after the Dark Nebula upgrade.
  • Fixed bug with shipment drone bonus calculation at high levels
  • Tweaks to Crystal economy
  • Starter Pack 1 discount for building new ships was increased
  • Increased ALL SHIPS dialog maximum vertical size
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements with account upgrades

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