Launch Rehearsal #2 - October 11-16

Launch Rehearsals are short lived, focused Early Access builds that will only be available for a few days. Each launch rehearsal will be posted on this blog, along with what specific feedback we hope to gather from players. 

Starting today and until October 16, you will be able to access the latest Dark Nebula build using a snapshot of your Hades' Star account taken on October 5. See the end of this post for download information per platform. The Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA Early Access build on the Google Play is NOT suitable for accessing this test. 

For this build, we are looking for all feedback related to account transitions and gameplay feedback. Please read the upgrade guide first (, and let us know if anything you experience in the launch rehearsal build is not compatible with the guide.

See our Discord server for more focused feedback questions to ensure a smooth launch next month. Thank you for your help to make Hades' Star: DARK NEBULA a truly unique strategy MMO on every platform it will be released on.

The Launch Rehearsal #1 build is available through the following channels: 

- Android: *MAKE SURE TO DELETE ANY OLD DARK NEBULA APPS ON YOUR DEVICE FIRST*. Install directly from this link (you may need to edit device settings to allow untrusted apks): *link has expired*

- iOS: *MAKE SURE TO DELETE THE OLD EARLY ACCESS APP FIRST*. The updated build should be available on Testflight (version 5.803.0). Testflight signup link:

- Steam: The updated build is in the Dark Nebula Early Access branch (Branch code: 34cg8frej93d) for Windows only. OSX is not available for Launch Rehearsal.

Changes since last build: 

  • Red Stars: Hydrogen cost tweaks, including Transport jump and move costs reduction (especially on higher Red Star levels). After RS9, 4 transports can jump in before the Hydrogen price increases.
  • Cooldowns for Star harvester and Yellow Star Genesis reduced to 23h. Scanned asteroids are now easier to distinguish next to regular asteroids.
  • Many Module's early levels were tweaked to make them weaker and easier/cheaper to uprade
  • Red Star Life Extender: additional lifetime and unlock times reduced for early and mid levels 
  • Shipments: Blueprints for all bonus generating modules have been tweaked so those modules can be upgraded to max by end of RS10. RS11 players should now have all blueprints required to upgrade these modules to level 15 immediately after the Dark Nebula upgrade.
  • Fixed bug with shipment drone bonus calculation at high levels
  • Tweaks to Crystal economy
  • Starter Pack 1 discount for building new ships was increased
  • Increased ALL SHIPS dialog maximum vertical size
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements with account upgrades


  1. Can you update the testflight link please? It's taking us to an older version (5.801)

    1. Aaaand literally as I comment, it updates. Derp

  2. Shipment drone still vanishes after one minute instead of 20 mins, so its impossible to test shipments

    1. The shipment drone has a hydrogen storage (same amount as for activation). The drone consumes hydrogen per flight. If there is no hydrogen left, the drone disappears.

    2. Посмотри на дроне водород. Когда кончается водород, дрон исчезает.

    3. Z DRONES are not welcome.

  3. I download the *.APK press install and than installation just disappear without any error message or anything....

    1. Soma problem here. Instaled another APK instalator and that shows 108 error. Don't know what to do with that...

  4. Unfortunately, hades progress does not load into the new version. my nickname is USMCFAST. I write reviews about the problem regularly. but alas, you are deaf.

    1. I have the same problem on a IOS phone. You resolved it?

  5. 24 hour colldowns going to 23 is a nice change and I support it

    1. I also like this change. I also could support a 22 hours cooldown. Sometimes you come home late and next day is a normal day and I wont like to stay up late again and wait for the cooldowns to be finished.

    2. We got what we asked for. Is nothing enough?

  6. After all the time I've put into this game, it is really disappointing to be forced into what is virtually a new game. If the dev cared about his customers, he would leave the original version up and running to give players the choice of what to play.

    1. YES! My thoughts exacly!

    2. +1 here. This is very frustrating

    3. 💯 agree lots of time an effort put into HS. Don’t want a completely new game

    4. +1 here as well. Why can’t we pay a monthly fee to keep the original HS up?
      This is how you close a business. You completely change the clients experience with out their permission and wonder why they are mad.
      I’ve watched numerous online games upgrade over the years. Many games offer the old versions until the player count drops then close it down.

  7. Где взять код ?

  8. The volume of shields was reduced, the cooldown remained the same. The disposal was removed, but the drone can not cope with the restoration of HP. And in general, it became very tough to play.

  9. Итак я скачал ранюю версию и могу сказать сразу о плохом:
    1. не нравиться вид огромных кораблей при стандартном или уменьшенным маштабом.
    2. Я понимаю что это классика в каком-то смысле но хочу ещё один атмосферный трэк в игру.
    3.два нажатия по сектору
    Это увеличение или концентрация на секторе?
    Пока это все .

  10. Does the Starter Pack increase apply to all Starter Pack owners? Or just new purchases going forward?

  11. What's up with the shipment drone? It does after like a minute and doesn't even come close to delivering shipments

  12. One of my corp members lost his fleet and with the new economy, there appears to be no way to rebuild without spending real $.... Is that the intent of this "upgrade"?

  13. Where is the module Offload !!!!! DN looks a lighter arcade mode of the wonderfull HS.... so unfortunate all the game engine has changed. Why not upgrading look and add modules or spec BS (defender, with higher basic armor and lower speed, attack mode with higher speed and lighter armor, etc..., TS FS the same , improve tech level to 20, ...
    Besides that my stock has drastically dropped from 5.5 to 4.4M credits but the cost of planet upgrade is the same !!!
    Added to the fact that we cannot receive a lot of money on a daily base make this "new version" which is basically a new game totally downgraded version of the extremely tactical HS we all loved for years !!!
    So disappointed

    1. I agree, need to return Offload !!!!!

  14. JJB (gremlinchruser0October 13, 2023 at 10:38 PM

    I have played the "new upgraded game" the thing that is most irritating is that the rs is just to little to achieve what you neaded to do, among other I know that the players that started with hades as came out years ago will be mostly upset about the changes

  15. Can't find dn on steam...

  16. The UI is still vastly unsettling, I think it had to be a bit more minimalistic. Upon account transfer, players are also only compensated 1050 crystals for Removed modules!? I see no point in not giving some fair compensation and upgrades upon the update to encourage more gameplay from a players that may feel unsettled by the new changes, instead their accounts credit caps are downgraded and they don't get any good compensation in crystals for the removed modules?!! I hope these features and downgrades are unintended and removed.

  17. Че там наворотили? На 6 кз, хрен что сделаешь, цербера до жопы.
    На голубой звезде тоже куята какая то. Не играбельно.

  18. 강제이주라니

  19. Horrible balance, they were too clever with the speed, they cut the modules, they cut the progress of the players, they made the combat simply terrible, they removed the most important modules, they made damage using a tick method instead of real time, it became unrealistic to play, it would be better if they added several modules to the old version (without cutting anything ) and would double the speed of the processes and it would be great... If you replace the old version with a new one , it will be immediately deleted and I will no longer enter this game, because I enter to have a good time, and not to suffer with a dead balance, cut progress and an overloaded interface and combat system... The only thing that was done well was the list of planets and the increased capacity of the research station... Everything else is terrible... And instead of dark stars, it was possible to make red stars for 8-16 people, so that all the corporation could participate, the idea with modules for miners that enhance artifacts... What were you smoking, may I ask??? In general, it would be better to take several improvements from the new one and simply upgrade the old version (recommendations above), without cutting out anything or editing existing ones

  20. Hi, shipment beam is still on my ships visible. This should not be the case. I tried to do RS runs but i have to run 2 RS lower (which highly reduces my credits income) Bluestar gives me the same credits, but also my shipment value is halved, togerher with the much lower shipment spawn time, it feels like i have lost a lot of money, for the same planets costs... in my opinion, the planets costs should be decreased (about lvl 30 planets, 1mio instead of 2?)
    I like the huge cost reduction for most research, and trade stations!

  21. How to change accounts? I run 2 accts in HS but cannot see how to switch in DN.

    1. Platform? Win/Android/ios?
      For android i had to change some settings in the google play app for DN. (Ask everytime i run the app which google account to use)

    2. Android. HS asks which acct when starting, HS does not, at least for me.

    3. On my device it's a app: "play games". (There: Menu/properties/account settings/ then choose change for DN...)

      But the following link should help you

  22. Shipment relay is great. But to use once for every single planet is annoying, could you create a button/slider "apply to all/selection of planets"? Shipment drone with 2000 h is far too small, ends up too early, dont know if the hydro scales with the module lvl, but if so: try to use the same hydro costs like before (10'000 H in my case).
    Tradestations: why it has to be placed in the middle of a sector? I agree the new rules (distance between Tstations, but why no free placing? And: when i replaced the trade station, it overlapped with another station, which looks weird.

  23. Всем привет! Вот уже несколько часов тестирую обновлённую версию игры HS и заметила несколько неприятных нюансов, касаемых моего перенесённого туда игрового процесса:
    1) в начальной версии, груз-сть моих транспортников была 10 тонн, в новой версии её урезали до 8ми тонн!
    2) добывающие корабли стали собирать максиму 400 ед.водорода, вместо 600(в начальной версии)!
    2.1. в системе союзника мои добывальщики НЕ МОГУТ собирать водород!
    3) В домашней системе ОЧЕНЬ МАЛО водорода!!!
    4) в первоначальной версии игры у меня справа внизу стоял сканер малой дальности и изучался новый сектор! А тут...это всего НЕТ!!! 😳😲😔

  24. I played some RS.
    I like the idea that it is quite necessairy to think properly how much ships i really need, and that i have to use "fighting" and healing ts/miners.
    But: so i have more ships to use and protect (hunter cerbs!), I have to clean smaller planets first, then clean the route, then protect the squishies... fine i like tactical play and i like to play around with new builds, but every failure will punish my progression if it is not super successful, and i really need MORE or at least the same time 15' for that, not less (10') or give the life extender more seconds per artifact.
    I'm really sure, there will not be more teamplay in rs, because i cannot take the arts from planets far away from my cleaned route. Only if i have additionally to clean the way to my mates....
    And: as the total Hydro iand income was reduced heavily, after shipments i it is hard to run a second RS, after i did small mistakes in the first rs...
    So it feels like i have to run perfect RS, to be stressed and get perhaps 4 arts to get eventually a second try on the same day, because 8arts would be nice per day, not?
    So, where is the fun part on this? Getting Arts should not be a heavy challange, as it is the daily job for alot of players of this game.
    Make RS not too hard: give us more healing / hitpoints / time. The dark red stars are still out there and can give every player a challanging RS.
    Ideas: drone could heal when she is alive, not when she is dead. Life extender could give 15s on lvl 1 and then continue with 5s per lvl (even when all 4 players would use 4 artifacts (what is never the case) it would only give 4 min. Whith higher RR ibguess the need for rockets or healing will be bigger, so there it is immpossible to use everything for more time.
    Rs feeling stressfull & frustrating.

  25. My honest feedback is that I am going to quit playing when DN is released :(

  26. Dears,
    I kind like the new version; the current Hades star started to be quite boring and predictable.
    Using alt accounts to farm H2 and helping the mail accont with transport ships.
    The new version looks more challenging and module oriented meaning, yes you need to think about what to bring in each RS.
    The good:
    - Charging gold to change modules was(still) really affecting my gameplay; not keen to experiment at all.
    - The RS now are more fast pacing and engaging.
    A downside for me are those interceptors going around. I think those should match the amount of player present in the RS to balance a bit.

    I would love to see a better way to visual identify ships:
    Maybe give the label name under the ship, or apply some kind paint job to personalize them.

    Overall the game was very stable (steam and lonely player).
    looking forward for the new version live.

    1. Yes! A way to identify a ship quickly by color or something. So you aren’t wasting time examining which ship has which mod.

  27. In the current Hades star, I only need to run the red star once per day. In Dark Nebula, I feel like I'll have to run red star twice per day since it's more difficult, there's less time, and I have less transport capacity.

  28. FOR THE ADMINISTRATION! Played for 7 days! I liked it a lot. BUT I definitely do not intend to play this and I will describe below why!
    1. There is not enough hydrogen! I only have enough for 2-4 visits to the level 9 red star per day! These are 3 battleships, 2 transports and 1 collector. I have no hydrogen left for cargo transportation, activation of warp nodes! I collect hydrogen from all sectors, use a new base and visit the blue star! This is not enough!
    2. The economy, it's killed! I like to sit sorting goods and visit red stars from 4 times a day. The number of artifacts was reduced from 6 to 4,
    and the price is 1200 instead of 3500! There is less production and it is more complicated. And the cost of planets for improvements is now UNREALISTICALLY HIGH for such an income! I received 1.5~ million credits per day. Now 300000-400000 credits. Let me remind you that I can't deliver cargo, since there is only enough hydrogen for artifacts to study for a day!
    Give active players the opportunity to get more resources, why artificially create one rhythm for all players?

  29. Going from a rs9 that supports a team attack. To a rs9 that feels like you’re all alone, isn’t an improvement. I’m sorry guys, but what has always kept me coming back was the people I play with. Without that I can’t play. I never felt so welcomed in a community like I did starting HS. It feels like this is coming to an end. Trades-nope, Co-op rs-nope, ws rewards-nope. Incentive for more participation in ws? Our corp runs back to back ws since I’ve joined, why? It isn’t because the corp gets a boost. Judging by the previous replies this too will fall on deaf ears. DN in its current iteration should have been named wedge, no dig. I’m certain it’ll blow up the community.

  30. Bonjour,
    J'ai testé pendant le week-end DN.
    Et pour moi, le point noir est effectivement une difficulté trop grande pour faire une RS.
    J'ai testé en RS9 : résultat, mes trois BS détruits en 10 s sur un secteur d'une P9, sans comprendre au début que s'est parce que TOUS les modules on un temps d'action fortement diminué.
    Par exemple, l'IEM LVL 10 passe à environ 10 s, donc ne sert plus à rien pour le premier BS car déjà fini quand les BS suivant arrivent après leur téléportation.
    C'est pareil pour la barrière dont le temps trop cours la rends inutile.
    Et je ne parle pas du module sauvetage qui a été **carrément supprimé** pour être remplacé par des équivalent "drones" totalement inefficaces en RS.
    Et je ne parle pas du module d'extension RS dont la durée a été ridiculement réduite à une dizaine de secondes alors qu'au niveau Max que j'avais, c'était 1'30s.
    Bref, je trouve les RS9 trop difficiles à jouer.
    Ce qui gâche grandement toutes les améliorations apportées aux étoile jaunes.
    Je ne suis pas trop impacté par les modification de gestion de l'hydro, car ma façon de jouer avec uniquement mon système d'étoile jaune et de compléter avec les étoiles bleues correspond bien aux nouvelles contraintes.
    En conclusion, étant un joueur qui fait essentiellement des étoiles bleues pour l'hydro et des RS 9 pour le Croid et les artes, il est fort probable que j’arrête de jouer à HS car je sens que les RS vont m'énerver et je ne vois pas l'intérêt de tout reprendre du début afin de mettre au points de nouvelles façon de jouer, notamment avec des drones.

  31. Good morning,
    I tested DN during the weekend.
    And for me, the black point is indeed too great a difficulty to do an RS.
    I tested in RS9: result, my three BS destroyed in 10 s on a sector of a P9, without understanding at the beginning that it is because ALL the modules have a greatly reduced action time.
    For example, the IEM LVL 10 goes to around 10 s, so is no longer useful for the first BS because it is already finished when the following BS arrive after their teleportation.
    It's the same for the barrier whose time is too short making it useless.
    And I'm not talking about the rescue module which was **completely deleted** to be replaced by "drone" equivalents that are totally ineffective in RS.
    And I'm not talking about the RS expansion module whose duration was ridiculously reduced to around ten seconds whereas at the Max level I had, it was 1'30s.
    In short, I find the RS9s too difficult to play.
    Which greatly spoils all the improvements made to the yellow stars.
    I am not too impacted by the hydro management changes, because my way of playing with only my yellow star system and completing with blue stars corresponds well to the new constraints.
    In conclusion, being a player who essentially makes blue stars for hydro and RS 9 for Croid and artes, it is very likely that I will stop playing HS because I feel that RS will annoy me and I don't see the point in starting everything from the beginning in order to develop new ways of playing, particularly with drones.


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