Starting App update rollout, June 11

 Today we are starting deployment of an optional client update with interface improvements and bug fixes. 

This update will only available for Android, iOS and Steam, and it will be phased out slowly in the following manner: 

  •  On iOS, the update will become gradually available to all players over the next 7 days. You should be able to manually update at any time by going to the App's page on the App Store and selecting Update. Look for version 5.714.3
  • On Android, the update will become gradually available to all players over the next 7 days. There is no way to get the update earlier than it becomes available for your account. Look for version 5.714.3 on the Play Store. 
  • On Steam, the update should already be available to all players. You may need to restart your Steam client for the update to apply immediately. 


  •  New Battleship UI for Red and Blue Stars. Allows you to quickly view and select relevant Battleships.
    • If you prefer the old UI, you can disable this new feature individually for each Star type from the Settings page
    • By default the feature may be disabled in regular (non Dark) Red Stars
  • Added visual indicator when a Battleship or Projectile is doing higher than base damage 
    • For battleships, means there a net positive damage effect after nearby Damage Amplifiers and Suspends are calculated
    • For Rocket and Dart projectiles, also takes into consideration solitude and fortify
  • Fixed certain cases that could cause fatal out of sync message

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