As explained in a previous blog post about Hydrogen, the DARK NEBULA update will rework many aspects of the currency economy to address fundamental core problems in the game. While not as far reaching as the Hydrogen changes, the Credit changes will also affect many systems and will be quite visible in daily play.

These are the key problems that mandate a rebalancing (and in some cases, redesign) of Credit sources and consumers in Hades' Star:

  • Income is not properly balanced across all available activities. In the early Hades' Star game, doing Shipments was the *only* way to earn Credits. Things have changed a lot since then, and there was never an effort to properly balance income so that all activities are incentivized properly. New players are given a ultimatum pretty quickly: Do your shipments or leave the game. In Dark Nebula, we will be changing the early game to make it obvious there is more to the game than Shipments.  
  • Progressing through Red Star levels over time is very inconsistent and frustrating. There was never a proper balance of planet upgrade prices vs total Empire credit cap. As a result, most Red Star levels are very slow to reach, and some are inconsistent with how long it took to reach the previous Red Star level. This chaotic, uncontrollable progress is seriously hurting the player experience, causing many more players to quit early. Dark Nebula will focus on making the process of reaching a new Red Star level more predictable and more rewarding. This includes significantly speeding up the progress at least for the first 6-7 red stars. 
  • Module upgrade prices are inconsistent as they try to control two very different things. They try to control regular module progress, and also trying to prevent unlocking modules too early from trading higher level Artifacts. So regular players are being punished with prices that should be much lower i.e. to upgrade an RS7 module to level 2.
  • Consuming Credits is not properly balanced. In an ideal world, players would have interesting choices every day into whether to put their daily income towards planet upgrades, module upgrades, ship upgrades, or whether to risk any Credits in dangerous star types. This does not currently happen in the live version of Hades' Star, because the values were never properly balanced with this in mind over years of gameplay. An example is many players who never get into any form of routine with planet upgrades, because they don't have the Credits to upgrade planets all the time, or when they do have the Credits, all available planets are already upgrading. With Dark Nebula, we will be taking the time to balance the daily experience properly. The effect will be seen not only in things like Credit and Module prices, but also the time it takes for planets and modules to upgrade.

Over the next months in Early Access, we will be moving to address the problems above via targeted and carefully monitored changes. Here's what some of these changes may look like. As always, keep in mind that while the problems above are not changing, the proposed solutions below will be tweaked and may change significantly or be abandoned based on how they work out in actual playtesting.

Daily Credit income in the game will be re-distributed among the major sources (Shipments, Objectives, Blue Stars, Red Stars). The actual redistribution will keep getting tweaked, but in general expect the following: 

  • Proper participation in Blue Stars will become crucial for maximizing daily income. Proper participation does not mean winning, and it also does not mean showing up without trying. If you completely ignore Blue stars, your daily income will be hurt. This is a very intentional design decision, and is supported by other changes such as giving guaranteed daily rewards in Blue Stars, removing the previous feeling of gambling with your daily income. Combined with other upcoming changes such as rebalanced and much more meaningful combat modules, Blue Stars will become far more exciting to play, even for casual players who never expect to win.
  • Shipments will stay vital to maximizing daily income, but perhaps slightly toned down compared to the other sources. The base Credit values stored in shipments will be reduced, especially at higher levels. The potential for generating very high Bonus values on the shipments via Modules will be increased, especially at higher levels. This way, keeping all Transport modules upgraded will become much more important for getting the maximum daily rewards from shipments. 
  • White Stars will no longer offer any Credit income. Credits is not the right incentive for people to participate in White Stars, especially because White Stars is by far the least accessible mode in the game and clearly not for everyone. Removing Credits from White Stars allows us to properly and fairly rebalance Credit income for everyone, whether they play White Stars or not. The new White Star rewards we are designing separately will allow everyone in the Corporation to get some benefit when the Corporation is doing well in White Stars, without at the same time requiring everyone to participate in White Stars.  
  • All planets will now be upgradeable to the same maximum level. The system where most planets are arbitrarily capped to low maximum levels does not really serve any gameplay reason, and is creating bottlenecks that make it more likely for players to have frustrating dead periods where nothing is upgrading. 
  • Installing Modules on ships will no longer cost Credits. Instead, the base value of constructing a ship in the first place will increase, greatly so for higher ship levels. With the changes in ship destruction rules, this will allow players to optionally risk Credits in the new Dark Red Stars for higher rewards, without having to worry and compare about the cost of individual loadouts. Creating loadouts should be 100% focused on functionality, not cost. 


  1. All these changes are in the right direction
    Not having to worry about module installation costs is very good to allow experimentation and to encourage different builds depending on the drs layout
    Just a suggestion give some sort of rewards to ws players it does not need to be something big as it will encourage them to play more

  2. It is clear to me that you have put a great deal of though into these changes and they are very well planned out
    Kudos to you and your whole team
    Just one question
    How will you stop lower level players from unlocking modules that should be available to only higher level players?

  3. We appreciate all the work, however there are so many changes it is effect making this version a different game. Can we keep the old game available as version 1?

  4. Always good to hear from the dev team and even more interesting is to see how much they read our comments and work on trying to implement them in the best possible way

  5. 음.. 귀찮은 행성 업그레이드가 더 늘은거 같기도하고..
    선박 터졌을때 귀찮은 모듈 새롭게 다는것도 괜찮았는데.. 그과정조차도 하데스유저로는 좋았어요
    너무 간소화 시키는방법은 재미를 떨어트릴수 있을것같아요
    ps : 워프레인허브 갯수좀 늘려주세요
    행성전체에 연결로..

  6. Shipments already feel like tedious drudge with barely enough reward.

  7. 'No credits in white stars because Was are not everyone's cup of tea", but "must do blue stars to get credits" even though they're not everyone's cup of tea 🙄🤦‍♀️

    1. White stars are a 3 days constant commitment, blue stars are max 5 minutes. I can understand that BS are a little more accessible

  8. Yeah not convinced by the having to do blue stars to "maximise income" shipments already don't give enough credits for the time that can potentially be put into them...
    why are you removing mods then just creating drones that do the same thing? Either remove the mod or leave it, stop making us jump through hoops that weren't there before as in sacrificing artifacts or relics for repairs or a rocket... On that subject, why isn't there a time warp drone, everything else is getting a drone, just not time warp... Seems like it is a good way to balance this mod without removing it entirely as you could then have the cooldown for this mod locked out from any time warp influence.
    What incentives will there be for ws if there are no credits to come in from them, whilst not a main source of income it does allow for meaningful upgrades at times when credits are a bit tight.
    I like the idea that planets are now all capped to the same level, will actually allow for faster progression at times and also the free mod swaps is a good idea as well, but there just seems to be a bunch of random changes that seem to be aimed at narrowing the field of mods that are viable rather than expanding them in your view.
    Also I put a comment on the previous month's post about module balancing that seems to either disappeared or not posted entirely. Are you stripping it for ideas? Hence why I'm mentioning this now...

    1. comments get vetted before they appear!

    2. There wasn't anything unsanitary in it! 😂😂

    3. I think the thing that I take umbrage in is this update is going to shake the game up so much it's sucking the enjoyment out of it at the moment... I have no idea what to put credits into as so much is changing, planets, mining, eco, ws, mods, rs, bls, it's literally an overhaul, which isn't a bad thing, but at the same time it seems to make any progress or plans made right now are utterly pointless or are made redundant in just a few short weeks.
      For example, I made a bit of progress planet/cap/shipping wise in preparation for the update and these changes just seem to make all of that time and effort a waste...

  9. To be fair, blue star can be played as long as the player wish to, but white star not so much as at least 9 more players are required.

  10. The most I read about Dark Nebula, the most I feel every change is going in the wrong direction. It's now 3 years I'm playing Hades Star almost every day. My only question today is ... will I stop this game right now, or will I continue until I'm no longer able to play the old version. But clearly Dark Nebula is not for me.

    1. How can you say that before the changes are finalized? Wouldn't it be better to at least give it a try?

    2. And what do you think I'm doing. I just tried no later than yesterday. And every time it's getting worst. Not only is new graphism ugly, but now playability of modules is just becoming stupid. I could survive with deletion of time warp (I even didn't develop it, preferring other strategies). But in fact they are removing everything that was popular. Finally I've decided to stop Hades Star right now. I won't invest any more time in a game which has no future. And I'm not alone, we had a lot of discussions in my corporation (level 9), and all the members are now leaving. Some were playing from the very beginning. All of us had very different strategies about modules and economy. But we all agree on one thing : we are all unhappy of the changes. I don't know what public the staff wants to attract, may be they are wishing to go into pay-to-win, as this was one of the last clean games regarding that. I don't know if they are reading this, but this is a strong alarm signal. They are killing a good game.

  11. Hi! This is all very interesting, but when are you going to fix matchmaking? Constantly playing against people with ships and modules i only have about half the credit cap for is a pretty miserable experience. Why does the game lock players into a match it must know is horrendously one sided? Would be better to just fail out.

    1. Matchmaking will always be a function of who is playing at the same time you are searching. You personally may think it's better to fail out, but no match at all is worse than a bad match. What is even better than both (and is what Dark Nebula is doing) is PvP modes that do not unecessarily punish you for losing, give you the right opportunities to outsmart stronger opponents, and stay fun even when you lose against stronger opponents.

    2. Lol good luck with convincing people losing is fun bud

    3. "no match at all is worse than a bad match." Disagree. There is no fun in matchup after matchup where you can see from the start the only way you can win is to hope your opponent is an idiot. The worst thing about these matches is you're locked in and can't start a new one when you inevitably get killed in the first minute by some max level guy doing a bond play you can't counter because, hey, lag is a thing. So you just have to wait for a few minutes thinking about how much "fun" it is.

  12. OK, here's an idea that might work, might not and fair play, but oh well here goes.
    Each planet up add an amount of income say this player has enough planets that that income could be 1mil credits and 200k hydro per day (arbitrary amount, not fixed each planet can add to this amount or reduce this amount if the player is lower level) you then can earn that income per day, HOWEVER you want to, be it running endless blue stars or running red stars and such. Running shipments can give you bonuses on top of that daily income, as in you can earn over that amount with mods/boosts on transports.
    This would give all players a fixed amount that, depending on their actions and choices, affect their daily income in the game. Obviously you can still mine hydro in your home system that can add to this daily income for hydro if you want to run another rs for arts or another blue for the last bit of daily hydro income.
    Obviously there would have to be a system in place for reducing shipment values or the like to stop players earning their cap in stars then running a shipment run to get over that value, but it would mean that each and every option is a viable one whatever route you choose. You want to increase your income for that next mod, you're going to have to do a shipment run to get it faster, need more hydro, run a blue, need arts run a red and you get a reward from. The arts, but not all together. Increase your cap and income, you need to up your planets which would work nicely with the new level caps you want to work in

    1. Ws would supplement this income OUTSIDE of the daily limit to incentivise ws

  13. There is something that bugs me a bit in Hades Star and... It ends to be the same in Dark Nebula: modules classification and their usage. It is absolutely normal that "Remote Mining" can only be installed on a Miner, that "Cargo Bay" can only be installed on a Transport or that "Barrage" can only be installed on a Battleship but... In Hades Star, the support modules seemed to be a classification where everything in there can be installed on every kind of ship. I don't understand why in Hades Star, we can find "Rocket" or "Fortify" or "Alpha Drone" as they obviously are combat modules. At the opposite, I fully understand why "Red Star Life Extender", "Repair" or "Teleport" are support modules: they are not explicitly bound to combat nor mining nor transport. Well... In Dark Nebula, those are bound to a particular type of ship and I think it lacks a bit of coherence.
    So... In my opinion, we should have Transport, Miner, Combat and Support/General modules only. Shields are, in my opinion, Combat modules. Drones? Why not. And we should only have one type of module that does one thing. Two repair modules (one as a Drone and one as a Transport one)? No.

  14. You may want to consider having credit for WS in the event of Nova loss. Some Corps will 'demand' that their players stay out to the end to attack/defend or mine to get the last bonuses, but the player will lose their ships on Nova. Maybe not full cost of what was lost, but say 85% returned of lost value. That way new lower players are not completely turned off if they lose ships, same with hard core Corps vs non hard-core - makes it less painful a loss.

  15. Hi there!
    What bugs me most in DN is to have to face Lone Battleships equipped with Vengeance (whatever level, but mostly 6+), Dart weapon, or whatever deadly modules, in Blue Stars, when I'm only rs 5, and so unable to research this type of module 😱.
    You're trying to make us understand that bls can be a way to earn credits. Okay. I'm not asking for something easy, but this is just an unfair match, and it ain't funny at all 🥴

  16. To be honest, I like this publicly discussing changes, but its still clear that the devs are only trying to fix issues they have created and in this process are risking their entire userbase.

    Dark Nebula could be just a new game with all the fixes they want while leaving hades alone.

    1. Nothing would kill the existing playerbase faster than "Choose between keeping your years of progress in a game that will never get any updates, or start over a brand new game with the same activities but orders of magnitude better in every single aspect".

    2. @Andreas respectfully, that is an unsubstantiated guess. You are simply not objective enough to make that assumption, as evidenced by your personal opinion they DN is "orders of magnitude better".

      I get that your vision is pure, and none of us are in your head and can see your vision as you can. But you can clearly see that many people here and elsewhere think that DN (at least in it's current iteration) is "orders of magnitude worse".

      Don't make the mistake to think you know what everyone else thinks, why everyone is playing HS or what kind of enjoyment everyone else gets from it.

      You're doing data-driven development already. You should apply the same principle to the most important decision in this whole endeavour of yours. Don't just take a wild guess.

    3. (Continued from previous reply Johannes -DeRoode02)

      I appreciate we're looking at a test-version. I also appreciate that people have a natural tendency of balking at change, any change.
      But even factoring in all of that; the positive comments are rather subdued and the negative comments are, apart from the unspecified rants, not looking good at all. Not good in respect to eventual acceptance of the new environment, nor willingness to transfer and spend considerable time (and money) in DN.

      The choice is not just between continuing HS as is or start all-over in DN. The choice for us users, could also be between sticking to HS as is - kept up and running by merely fixing issues - or transferring my Star-system to DN. .... if DN is indeed the kind of game I would like to play - i.e. invest my time into further building my Star-system.
      Without having the numbers I can still see a viable way of managing these two options side-by-side. Viable in an operational and cost-effective way.
      Additional advantages for us and for you: the change isn't as disruptive as it seems to be in the way you're heading for. Users will still be motivated to continue investing time and money in HS today. And you'll certainly get a gradual over-flow from HS to DN over time, and preserve that part of your loyal user-base too.

      Could you please confirm that this is a choice we will have: to continue playing Hades Star, as is?
      Otherwise - not knowing what DN will be like in the final version 'tomorrow' - why would I continue investing my time today?

      Hope this feedback is of value to you. I'm sure you'll find a way to leave me a message if you want to discuss this further.

      Good luck with DN! And, again, a sincere thank you for Hades Star.

  17. For lower level players I believe WS is still scary, as they feel they are certain to lose a ship (and, as you are unable to use 2 ships for 5 days, in a way this is correct; perhaps shipyard can accommodate 2 additional strictly WS slots; as soon as a match is found, a BS and squishie can be built, only to be used in WS, and after WS those credits are reimbursed). However, reassuring them that the rewards for WS vastly outweigh replacing a new ship does help. I agree for higher level players the rewards are no longer the reason to play WS

  18. My comment didn't post. Attempt two.
    Currently WS can be super unbalanced. If either low to mid level side brings in one high tech level player then the side with that player is pretty much guaranteed a win.
    The high tech level player is like a cat playing with mice.
    It removes the enjoyment.
    Possible fixes.
    Have brackets for white stars which mean low, mid and high tech cannot be in the same team. This might mean needing more than two active white stars per alliance.
    Alternatively have the low, mid and high tech level white stars but limit mod availability and mod level based on which white star you're in so a high tech player in a low tech white star has their mod levels dropped and can only equip certain mods based on their tech level.

    Or better yet...
    What might be easier is making the white stars more red star dependant.
    In that white stars have their tech capped by the lowest red star player in the team. So if the lowest player is red star 5 then everyone is restricted to mods of level 5 artifacts or below and the max level of all mods is capped at thevred star level of 5.
    This means everyone in an alliance can play in the same white star but if the lowest player in the team is red star 5 then mods from Artifacts of 5 or less can only be used and max level of any mods is 5 so a higher level player in a white Star 5 has their mod levels dropped to 5 and can only equip level 5 artifact mods or below. This would balance out the teams and possible speed up match making as teams are now being matched on their lowest players red star rather than the whole teams score.
    In game name: AriaSage
    Alliance: Hexacropians

  19. tell me, do players need to switch to dark nebula with a loss of progress or will everyone be transferred later?

  20. Hello Andreas! As an old player of hades star, I feel ashamed to have never comment so far.. As with this privilege i wanted first to congratulate you for this unique successful game. Second I wanted to thank you for not letting this game die. I won't be upset if I lose all progress when DN comes out, even though, I every now and then invested some money for a faster progress,I am grateful for this patch. I admit I felt kinda sad when battleship Apollo was released, thinking HS will go away. There are so many updates you can give to this game,and now we see you are aware of. A game that can be vast and played both casual and professional. I'm wishing you good luck further, and don't ever let any bad comments get to you, in deep analise, comments that asked more of this game, cuz many of us knew there could be more of it.

  21. Hi Andreas/Devs to which I cannot place a name, firstly, ty for Hades Star, I joined just after it went live, have played almost daily since, really enjoyed the way it developed and grew over time with additions of blue stars, croid, etc, always felt the changes were positive and added to the fun. I have played Dark Star, a lot of the initial differences between the two games I could live with and was awaiting full release so that I could see the game from my level perspective with my Hades account. Stopped playing the beta as don't have time to play both versions and still wanted to be an active player in my current Corp. This is where it now becomes a bug bear for me. Looking in on published changes and how differently the game plays along with the apparent way its likely to go down the road I personally feel it is too much of a leap away from 'old school'. This could be two games now, no reasons to upset people who feel similar to myself at all. The slightly veiled threat of "why chose a game that won't be supported" too, for why?
    The decision to not support both platforms would come from you the devs, not us as players, I believe our choices as how we spend our free time doing things we enjoy are exactly that, our choices, opting to let hades die to drive dark neb forwards is not 'our' choice, that would be yours. Just felt this needed saying as I know as an active player I'm not alone in my view, it also appears in comments above. Thanks for your time.

  22. Point #1 - Strongly agree! People should feel rewarded for doing the things they enjoy most! If people feel pressured to do an activity they don't enjoy because the reward is better, that is not healthy!

    Point #2 - Yes, anything that allows players to accelerate towards RS6/7 where they can start participating in WS more is a good thing for the game!

    Point #3 - Long time since I was this level, but can imagine it will help!

    Point #4 - Not sure I understand this one, but if it improves the game, great!

    Point #5 - No, no, no, no!!! In point #1 you say the rewards for participating in each star type should be equal. Now you say participating in BLS will be crucial!? BLS is single player, no teamwork, no social interaction - 1000's of games out there with battle royale gameplay... You are forgetting the roots of what made Hades Star great when it was first created - RS+WS+YS... There was never any BLS, and people loved the game anyway... You put too much emphasis on the battle royale gameplay - you created Battleship Apollo thinking that's what people wanted to play, and it wasn't true! Do not get your head caught up too much with BLS - you are tricking yourself thinking that is the best game-mode, it is not...

    Point #6 - Yes, please tone down shipments. Like you say in point #1, all activities should be more balanced. It's good that you can spend 30 minutes doing shipments two times per day, and get 70% of your total income, but this means people with limited time may not get to participate in other activities... Let players choose the activities they have time to complete and enjoy the most... Maybe someone enjoys WS the most, so let them spend 60 minutes total doing WS activities, and reward them with 70% of their total income.

    Point #7 - No, no, no, no!! While I think it's an interesting idea that WS performance can give all your corporation members a benefit, I think there should still be a personal reward for participating actively in WS. WS is the most unique and interesting thing that Hades Star can offer - no other mobile games offer this experience, it is unique, it is this game's "golden goose". Please do not diminish its importance!!! Participating in WS should be equally rewarding as YS/BLS/RS - please don't diminish that! If a player's most favorite game mode is WS, you should reward them! Please stop trying to force players to participate in BLS, but then make WS less relevant - this is not a good direction to take Hades Star!

    Point #8 - Yes this sounds good.

    Point #9 - Very, very good! Players should be more free to experiment, fool around and test different builds. The less barriers to experimenting and having fun, the better!

  23. Please do not make BLS participation more crucial! Some people just don't enjoy BLS because it's not a game mode they enjoy!

    For example, I do not mind that BLS is imbalanced. I use teleport and bond, and it doesn't matter how high level my opponents are, if I TP+bond them, they are dead, simple.

    But that does not mean I enjoy BLS... I do it because of the rewards. If I had freedom to do whatever I want in the game, it would be WS only. To me this is the most unique and interesting part of Hades Star. No other game offers that experience...

    Please do not spend all your effort and attention trying to make BLS the "best" game mode. I'm sorry, but Battleship Appollo tried to emphasise the battle royale PvP aspect, and I think it was clear that the HS community did not support that.

    Hades Star's roots are in the social gaming aspect, you should focus on WS and RS in my opinion as these are uniquely special to Hades Star...

    Focusing too much on the battle royale PvP aspect is a waste of time, there are 1000's of mobile games that offer that experience, trying to compete with that is futile.

  24. Hey Andreas,

    My name is Johannes, ingame-name DeRoode02.
    (Hate these Anonymous contributions/rants)

    First of all; I've enjoyed playing Hades Star off and on for more than three years. So I would like to thank you for that.

    I appreciate the social part, the competitive part, the short-, mid- and long-term planning involved. In short; Hades Star is a great game, as is. I love the complexity of the game and the fact it pays off in what you build based on time invested and over time developed skills. TIME is the main word here.

    You have developed a customer-base who have invested considerable time and/or money in your game. That is another aspect I like about this game; as a user I'm not forced to pay to be able to advance. I would appreciate to get a confirmation, this will be maintained in Dark Nebula.

    This personal investment makes HS as much your game, as it is ours. And here it becomes tricky, as you are probably well aware as a customer-focussed developer. That is a Strength and a Risk.
    You have created a committed user-base. But you also created high expectations.
    Until now you've more than met these expectations. The zeal of comments, the number of users and the amount of micro-payments you receive are a positive indication of the success of the game; as is.

    I 'read' the posts AND comments based on years of experience in customer-service in big consumer- and business-products and -services companies. That is: I also read between the lines.
    To get customer-feedback is precious, but you sort of biased it by 'setting problems in stone'.
    That is your right as a developer.
    To be able to use the feedback you need to manage and channel it. I understand. It should be to the point, on topic and the context of the feedback must be specified.... and preferably not Anonymous... ;-)
    But the way you proceed here, your positive feedback is biased: as participants in the discussions we're practically condemned to go with the choices you apparently already made from the start of this new fase of HS/DN. And the critics - if constructive, they should be atleast as important to you as the acclamations - are, almost by definition, off topic. In fact: only suggestions, glitches or 'new' problems are taken into account.
    That hardly counts as 'listening' to your customers. Certainly not if the overhaul of your product is so important. Indeed, your users get a taste of what is to come, what solutions you worked out. Solutions that might in the end be implemented .. or not. So , in the end; will Dark Nebula still give the experience that has me rooted to my computer the last three years? For us, new or long-time users, as much a gamble as it is for you as a developer.
    (Continued in next reply)

  25. Hey Papa, way dumbed down! The rewards in DN are no longer worth my time! I understand that ultimately you will end up with more money in your pocket in RL. But I refuse to test your game fore you when you've taken away any worthwhile ig rewards. There's no benefit to testing your game for you anymore. It's not fun anymore. I'll never have enough credits, hydro , or blueprints.and I can't use crystals and reward(it's not fun). Why not pay us to test your game. That would be worth my time. DP;)~

  26. I find it an unwise decision to remove credit rewards from white stars.
    Personally, I dont play blue stars because I just dont like that mode.
    White stars on the other hand are exactly my thing, which means ws, shipments and some occasional red stars are what makes up my credits income. Removing credit rewards from one game mode while leaving it for others is wrong in my opinion as by that you discourage said mode


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