2018.6 Release Notes

Blue Stars are now available! This new star types provides a short 5 minute combat experience against other players and/or AI controlled battleships. The player with the last Battleship standing in the rapidly collapsing Star wins the mission.

To access them, build a Blue Star scanner on the Anomaly that appears in your home star.

Blue Stars have been designed to be the most accessible star type in the game. Beyond the fun 5 minute combat, different players can use them to advance faster in other parts of the game:

  • You can take calculated risks by sending ships without Sanctuary in Blue Stars, and earn up to 90% of the value of a fully equipped ship per day
  • You can earn new daily Hydrogen rewards by participating in Blue Stars
  • The new Shipment Relay station allows you to optionally use Blue Star activity to enable partial or full shipment delivery in your home star
  • The new Blue Star leaderboard seasons offer monthly Crystal rewards, not just to the top players but to all players who participate consistently in Blue Stars
  • New Blue Star objectives encourage a variety of module use in Blue Stars

Other changes in this update:


  • Reduced level 5 Battleship construction cost to 120,000 credits
  • Reduced install cost for higher levels of the following modules: 
    • EMP
    • Remote repair
    • Delta shield
    • Omega shield
    • Battery
    • Unity
    • Fortify
    • Salvage
    • Supress
    • Destiny
    • Passive Shield
    • Mirror shield
    • Vengeance
    • Area Shield
    • Alpha Drone
    • Blast Shield


  • Genesis:  Added sector cooldown (5d in White Star). During the cooldown period no other ship can activate Genesis in the same sector. 
  • Vengeance: Now starts activating automatically when the ship drops to low health. The ship must stay alive during activation for Vengeance to do the area damage. Shields cannot be activated during the activation period.
  • Impulse: Cooldown reduced to 4 minutes/40h (from 6 minutes/60h)
  • Laser: Maximum damage increased on level 2+ in all star types. Time to fully ramp up reduced to 30 seconds on Blue Stars only.
  • EMP: In public Red Star, EMP cannot be activated if there's no enemy ship in range (instead of in the sector)
  • Alpha Drone: Added 5 more levels
  • Crunch can no longer be used on a sector without asteroids
  • Unity, Fortify, Vengeance and Salvage can now only be installed on a Battleship

Tweaks and improvements

  • Reduced hydrogen deposit required to generate relics in White Stars (300 for Level 5 planets, 150 for Level 10 planets)
  • Artifacts with a research bonus now display that bonus on the Shipment screen
  • White Stars: Preparation indicator shows properly when rewinding back in the time machine
  • Shipyard capacity increased by 1 ship on level 3 and higher
  • Tweaked selection to make it less likely to select undesirable objects (i.e. taps on low zoom levels will always pick the ships instead of the asteroids underneath them)
  • Shipment icons on transports will render correctly and not on top of other overlapping ships
  • Supress shows visual indicator on the target ship while it is active
  • Added "Repair Now" option on Info page of eligible ships (since the button on the selection bar can be lost in certain cases, such as when the ship is docked on an active scanner)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some time machine issues where ships could get stuck after being issued move orders, requiring a time reset to fix
  • Fixed an issue where ships with 0 HP would often take longer than normal to be destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where very large White Star replays would not play and get the app stuck
  • Fixed missing news items on Android 9


  1. Lots of very welcome changes. Especially like the shipyard capacity and genesis nerf. Keep up the awesome work. 👌

  2. 5 days on the genesis nerf? Seems very excessive. But it's your game so.

    1. 5 days in white star, 12 mins in yellow stars. Makes sense to me.

  3. Wirklich eine Begrenzung des Spiels. Warum
    Einheit, Festigung, Rache und Bergung können nur noch auf einem Schlachtschiff installiert werden ?

    Die Updates werden immer schlimmer und nehmen einem mehr Möglichkeiten für Strategie. Wenn das so weitergeht spiele ich lieber ein anderes Spiel.

    1. Der Grund, dass Unity, Fortify und Salvage nur auf Schlachtschiffen installiert werden können, liegt darin, dass diese Mods Kampfschiffe oder Schiffe mit erheblichen Trefferpunkten nutzen. Transporte und Bergleute können nicht feuern, und daher ist Einheit nicht hilfreich, sie haben auch eine sehr geringe Menge an Gesundheit, so dass die Stärkung und Rettung nicht von Vorteil sind.

      Nach dem Update wird Vengeance bei einem bestimmten Schiffstreffpunkt aktiviert und es ist wahrscheinlich, dass Berg- und Transporttrefferpunkte bereits unter diesem Wert liegen. Daher ist es sinnvoll, dass Rache nicht auch auf Hilfsschiffen installiert werden kann.

      Die Einschränkungen sind verständlich und verhindern, dass neuere Spieler Credits verschwenden.

      Übersetzt mit Google, hoffe es macht Sinn.

    2. The battleship is the appropriate ship to receive these modules.

    3. But rockets okay... What a logic !

  4. Nice! Keep up your great work! ��

  5. Umm. Didnt ask for Blue Star... Please fix game first before adding more mini games. Like.. Fix the mailbox, PMs...

    1. lol, what's wrong with the Mailbox that you think it needs an immediate fix?

    2. Nobody asked you. Just be thankful for the update and please provide constructive feedback.

    3. The blue star is a stupid Extension. Some Kind Of a pacman Game inside hades combined with an inkonsequent PvP function.
      I unterstand some Of The changes (Genesis, Support modules) nur Why nerfing a Wirkung tätig?
      Why introduce a minigame?
      You should more Check how many players have more then 1 Account and how many scripts are running .
      Ie on the first day more then 1000 points from blue Star? Really possible??
      And so on...

      So this is the second update in a row with bad ideas (let's not talk about bombers here).

  6. Great update. Just needs confirmation button for tele in ws...

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I would lovelov be able to swap modules positions on the load out to get my ships' activation bar setup the way I want it.

    Would be a great QOL improvement.

  10. Vengence is fxxk shit module now.

    1. IMO it is better, you actually do damage to other ships, and you don't even die during the process. Takes more skill tho, so if it is too much hassle for you, try another module e.g. rockets or destiny.

  11. Does the update has any influence on ongoing white stars?

  12. Amazing update! Can't wait for more!
    Great job Hades Star team :)

  13. Good work, happy to see some needed tweeks and Ballance. ( Bummed I never thought to create a kamakazi transport with vengence!)
    Also really happy you are starting to expand the game with new star types.

    My wish list going forward:
    Officer access to member star chat for personal messages
    Load All and Unload All functionality of shipping computer
    A Corporate shared star raidable by other corps.
    More special purchases like the starter pack that can be released by meeting goals.

    1. A corporate shared star..
      Is a good idea but its the same as the yellow stars in the end. Why not an station or planet? That need a lot of resources from other member to lvl up.

    2. The raidable star is probably not gonna happen anytime soon, as the game is not supposed to be so "real-time-ish".

  14. Thank you for cool updates and a lovely game :^)
    Is there a place to report bugs? I was hoping this would be silently fixed, but here goes: when warp lanes have about 2 minutes lifetime remaining, the pathfinder algorithm starts ignoring them. The lanes _are_ still active, since you can still do the moving in the old-fashioned way and manually point the ship to lane endpoints.

    1. I think this is a feature not a bug. So that you don't program in paths that will disappear before you get to them.

      You can still use the Warp Lane you just have to manually click the endpoints.

    2. I'd agree with you if the destination was not reachable by the expiration time. But when it is, since it can be done by hand, then it should be handled by the computer. A lazily implemented algorithm does not qualify as a feature...

  15. HS Team, I really enjoy your game, thank you for making such a fun one! One request - Using Enrich on your home star is quite un-fulfilling because of the miner's auto-mine. Would you PLEASE implement some way of protecting a sector in the home start from auto-mine to make enrich more worth using?

    Thank you,

    1. Great idea, right now the only way to create a hydrofarm is with an ALT or an abandoned account you have diplo with, not exactly Fair.

  16. Where do i read about shipment station?

  17. tried blue and my ship self destructed after 2 minutes because I did not move! Where is the rules published? I lost 120k credits bs no sanctuary.

  18. Where are the rules of game published?

  19. Mr Andreas, we would be happy if there is somehow in the future dev. Will provide Hades's 'stock market' or 'free trade' station somewhere where we (each pkyr) could 'invest' our crystals or trade 'random' artifacts found on planets while exploring the galaxy in rs or ws.

  20. GREAT update, thanks a lot, please keep up the good work! So long and thanks for the Xmas present. - wishlist : Expand yellow star system, allow to scrap / re- position short- range scanners. In un-observed sectors re-spawn Cerberus ships and / or station. ....

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. As always amazing update and thank you for the continuous updates. I love the aspect of a Battle Royale game type (Blue Star) and what it brings to the community. This is a great game mode to force players to at least come back an additional time to claim that juicy Credit balance! I have a couple of ideas to potentially make this game mode stand out even further.

    1) Instead of having the limit per 24 hours, make it either unlimited or cap at a specific amount of wins/credits, but reduce the overall reward by a large amount. Currently I am an RS5 player and my Battleships Credit cost totals to 30k. I get rewarded the full amount per win, about 30k ~ 35k depending on modules installed. Now what if I get rewarded around 2k ~ 4k Credits per win (3rd Place ~ 1st Place) Respectively? This way the game mode wouldn't be a daily once visit but actually force players to keep playing the game over and over again! Now if a cap is introduced instead, lets say (10 wins per day). Then we scale the reward amount to 4k ~ 8k per win and game position (3rd ~ 1st Place) respectively.

    2) Dropping repair kits that restore a base % of Health depending on the current Battleships level. This would make it much more interactive and require a thoughtful process to play.

    3) Cap the Modules installed to a certain level, such as 5, so that lower level players would have a chance against the big boys! I personally won my first 3 tries because of the tactical positioning and different level modules didn't become a factor, but eliminating it would be a better decision so we don't get the P2W reviews...

    As I said before, this game has brought more of what I can be thankful for. The little of time I have to enjoy it really changes the mood of your day, so I thank you again for such a master piece.

    See you on the battlefield!

    [Edited For Grammar]

  23. I'd love to see a grid available for those of us with OCD who need to place stations inline with eachother.

  24. Or there can be a superfortress for corporation on a yellow star where we can exchange credits for hydro or vice versa or buy items which can be only bougth from that store like repair speed ups or something with special currency which can be obtained by completing red stars

  25. Great update but you’ve still missed a suggestion that I have seen a few people ask for.

    Please allow us to turn certain sectors off for automatic mining.

    The amount of times I’ve lost a hydrogen mine that took a month to build up is ridiculous.

  26. More and more stupid. If I want to play battle royale, I play PUBG or Fortnite. Here, again, if you pay, you get more chances

  27. Please explain how I move blue star fragments I've collected (136 currently) to be stored on the shipment relay station (currently showing 2 stored fragments). Earlier this afternoon I had just about as many fragments and the station was showing 0 available. How do I move some of then to the shipment relay?

  28. Большое спасибо за голубую звезду , её появление в игре это как глоток чистого воздуха для многих игроков , если можно добавить ещё одну звезду для добычи минералов и станцию для их преобразования в кристаллы , для этого понадобится специальный корабль добавленный в верфь

  29. I’d love that — I’ve burned credits just to get stuff in a consistent order. I’d suggest auto sort but pepl’d get mad at their modules moving around becuase they swapped teleport with barrier

  30. The shipment relay station should display the number of available shipments in a sector and then ask for confirmation before locking in that sector's activation. It's easy to pick the wrong sector accidentally and then be unable to cancel it.

    1. Yeah. And it kills the Bonus of the shipment drone...

  31. Another update to give advantage to higher players and corps.

    Restricting genesis to one use per sector while lowering deposit amounts for relic generation, is unfair. A corp with high level players will be able to deposit maybe 800 hydro per sector adjacent to gate while lower corps only 200-240 per sector.

    Fair would be putting a max hydro cap per sector of which can be deposited. This way, 3 low level genesis would have the same effect as a high level, forcing high level players to spread miners out more.

  32. Ffs, can you please make it an option to either turn of automatic mining or turn of certain sectors for automatic mining.

    Do the developers even look at this site.

  33. For the love of Space Jesus allow us to disable auto-mining.

  34. I’ve had it. Despite all the updates, good and bad, the devs keep ignoring the most requested. To turn of auto mining. Just lost two sectors that took me a month to build.

    If it’s not included in the next update I’m leaving. Don’t want to play a game where the devs don’t listen.

  35. Blue stars are a nice improvement to an already great game.

    Note that this release suffers from significant network lag, the red network cursor keeps appearing, ships keeps stoping.

  36. Why do the developers keep ignoring the number 1 request, and that is to turn off auto mining.

    Especially when it is such an easy thing for a developer to get rid off.

    Why are developers ignoring something that pisses so many players off.

  37. Thank you for continuing to support the game. I've been playing since Jan 2nd 2018. There have been some changes that I did not like, but most I do.

    I like that Blue Stars can be used occasionally for a potential hydrogen boost, and they are also pretty fun.

    The ability to turn off auto-mining would be great, please consider it! Also, a button to offload all shipments onto a planet would be awesome.

    Even if these changes are not implemented, it's not like they're game breakers for me.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. I agree. Great update, good post.

      All I have to say if that it is not a game changer for you, I assume you haven’t spent a month building up an asteroid farm only to log on to see it disappear because you forgot you sent your miners to mine.
      I may be wrong, but having this happen a few times now , if it is not changed on the next update, then the developers clearly do not read this and I’m leaving.

  38. Пожалуйста добавьте возможно написать человеку . Просто бывают бои в которых человек тебе сильно помог , на голубых звёздах пощадил , и хочется сказать спасибо , но для этого нужны торговые отношения . Очень хотел бы чтоб можно было вести переписку с другим человеком.

  39. Just lost another sector to a lapse in concentration because of that stupid auto mine I don’t even want.

    Thanks developers for nothing.

  40. Developer team meeting:

    What is the number 1 complaint from gamers?
    Auto mining.

    Good, well, let’s make sure we leave that in shall we, I like annoying the customers.

  41. Play the game before dissing on it by looking at the paper stats. The required H for relics has been lowered. On average, our clan makes more relics per match than before the genesis nerf. You have to move your miners a lot more, but it's more fun, turtling in and telegene-spamming a single sector didn't take much skill, tactic or imagination to be honest.
    I'm glad Andreas has done away with it.

  42. Dev, please revamp the ws system. My corp is getting slaughtered repeatedly in 10v10. Opposite team are always at least 2-3 lvl higher weapons/shield upgrade, not to mention the battleship levels themselves.

    This happening once or twice is understandable, 4 ws in a row?

  43. Update was well received only thing i found is corp no longer wants to do ws missions because u make more with blue star now, i average 40k creds and 12k hydro per day 4 ws whereas blue star can easily make more per day

  44. How come cerb colossus has only lvl 1 laser

  45. Red stars are now too difficult to solo..... Public ones are out of the question as others players still trying to interfère {emp you bs, transports, etc...). The initial goal of the devs was top, but current humains does seem to see pvp as fun, poor humanity.... Thé game seems doomed...


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