2018.5 release notes

Red Stars

  • New RS9 Orb/Blue Crystal artifacts, and new module (Mining Drone) awarded from RS9
  • Artifacts are now instanced (unique per player) in all Red Stars
  • Max player limit reduced to 4 for all Red Stars
  • More varied Cerberus configurations, especially in RS7+
  • New Cerberus ship: Cerberus Bomber (appears on RS7+, Phoenix now appears in RS8+)
  • (Public Red Star only) EMP activation requires enemy ships or rockets to be in the sector
  • (Public Red Star only) Interceptors will not fire on Transports and Miners owned by players that didn't activate them
  • (Public Red Star only) Cannot use Teleport while a Cerberus ship is under influence of BOND. BOND can only be used on Red Star level 8 or higher.
  • Reduced contribution of picked up Artifacts to the Red Star influence score calculation 
  • Ships with Sanctuary returning from a Red Star because they were destroyed can no longer be replaced in that same Red Star (the battleships that can be sent counter will not increase in that case)
  • For more details and motivation, see this blog post.

White Stars

  • Relics collected in White Stars automatically upgrade the Corporation to a higher level, giving increased members capacity, bonus to passive income and to rewards for researching Artifacts found in private Red Stars.
  • White Star loss and draw rewards reduced or eliminated in certain cases to encourage all Corporations to fight for Relics. 


  • Supress: Range reduced by 10% on level 5+
  • Blast shield now is prioritized over all other shields in the covered area when AOE damage is applied

User Interface

  • Own Yellow star info window shows total resources stored in shipments and asteroids
  • Experimental landscape mode (enable from Settings widnow, only recommended for tablets, option will not show up on iPhones)
  • Corporations window layout changed, now shows White Star wins
  • Corporations and Modules windows scale vertically on tall devices
  • Can now advance the White Star simulation by a single tick by briefly tapping on the fast forward button (in replay or Time Machine)
  • Activating modules shows a warmup visual effect immediately when the button is pressed


  • 6 new module related Objectives 
  • Artifacts purchased from the RESEARCH window with Crystals will yield an additional 20% in rewards when researched
  • Fixed Hydrogen Upload not working with very high Hydrogen amounts
  • "High Quality Rendering" option added to help with framerate and battery usage (when combined with Conserve Battery), especially on older devices
  • Can no longer spend crystals to go over Credits capacity when researching a new Module level
  • Seperate Galaxy chat for players with their device set to Japanese
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese language in game


  1. This update looks great!
    However, brief release notes like this provide some clues, but not enough solid details, to keep some part of the community from assuming the worst and posting objections.

  2. Looks good. One question/clarification re: destroyed ships in rs. If a ship is destroyed and i have a spare ship do u get to bring that in?

    1. Not sure. The various wording on that update is still confusing to me.

    2. For more details and motivation, see this blog post.

    3. If maximum allowed ships were on RS then no if it had sanctuary. Look at it like destroyed Sanctuary ships stay on rs until nova.

  3. "Interceptors will not fire on Transports and Miners owned by players that didn't activate them" - it's a pity, that was fun :)
    That required concentration and some tactics..

    1. I agree, I think this is an unwarranted addition. I got done many times by this in early RS4 and it's great practice for later in the game.

  4. I've been saving crystals for months to break my credit cap for a few big mod upgrades so I'm not happy that this has been changed with so little time to spend them. At my level I don't spend on anything else. Taking away the option to break my credit cap also takes away my only reason to purchase more crystals.

    1. No it doesnt lmao. It will make you work harder to upgrade your cap and thus by even mpre crystals to do it..

    2. Guess again, upgrading mods to obscene levels is interesting, grinding to upgrade planets not so much.

    3. Agreed, I will show lot of control when upgrading planets. Much more willing to splurge on high lvl mod. Maybe if the planet upgrade randomly added a bonus to some mod... I would then.

  5. I like the challenge of solo r8 so the changes are exiting but I'd REALLY appreacite it if the surprise move to prevent credit cap breaking could be postponed to give me a chance to buy a few more big mod upgrades rather than being patient and working for them. Using cash to gain an unfair advantage has always been a part of the game, please give us just one more month to catch up with players who have already purchased the big mods.

    1. Lol you scrub. Play the game the way it's meant to be played. Hence the changes

    2. I'm one of the highest level players in HS, go ask a grownup what a scrub is. When players who pay to play lose interest there is no more game. Big players spend to compete with each other, lower level players spend to catch up. Eliminating something worth spending money on is counter-intuitive.

    3. So your saying your the only reason this game stays alive lmao ....wow some people live out on another planet immaturity and ego. Hey you can always leave and watch the collapse of humanity because your not spending your money on this game to get your way..lmao

    4. Players who are willing to spend cash are the reason the game exists. There are a lot of very upset high level players atm. Solo r8 is satisfyingly challenging again so it's not all bad.

    5. There are 2 programers behind this game, you want them to pay server hosting bills out of there family budget? Throw them some cash to get pizza and a movie sometimes.

  6. This change to EMP is a straight nerf to legitimate use in RS. Nearly 50% of my EMP usage in RS is on cerbs in a different sector.

  7. Thumbs up :P, please keep going !!!

  8. @Andreas would it be possible to give us 24hrs warning when the update it going live? I've researched nothing but blue crystals for months and in 2 days I'll have enough to buy the mod upgrade I've been working on. If I'm not going to have time to complete the upgrade I want I'd rather burn off my crystals to buy dual 10 than be stuck with thousands of crystals and nothing I want to spend them on. Thanks

  9. Update looks great, but the rule with EMP has two weak spots: it happened to me once or twice that I emped my own ship to repair my mistake by slowing it down, now it can be impossible. Second one was mentioned above: using emp on cerbers while being in a nearby sector

  10. Why are the astroids in a ws yellow now, the ones that are occupied by the cerbs? And amount indicator?

  11. Any plans to add some additional music to the game. That would be great. Ty.

    By the way, great game. Just started playing. Thanks for keeping it add free. That's huge...

    1. Yeah adding some variety of music would be great.

  12. The update broken the game for me...
    For almost half year i did only RS, no shipments at all and i did RS each time i had few minutes of free time, it gived me fun and a lot of money from salvage, i spend last few months to adapt to doing only RS, now i fell like i wasted all that time...
    Mostly i do RS6, i usually clean 2 up to 3 planets on public (no griefing, mostly helping others) but now?? When i launch RS6 and i see a planet with 2colosus and 4 arts only its a waste of hydro, time and no fun.... Pls repair this

    1. Exactly. I have the same opinion. Now after upgrade there is only waiting for hydro get refreshed, to play an hour or so. Waiting only for shipments to refill is damn booring. Sorry but this upgrade has killed the game for me, for which I paid recently. Bad move.

  13. Discord is full of people complaining the game became unplayable at rs7. Many saying the same for rs6. Some top rank players trying to defend. Looks like this patch just ruined the game for many players. Hope it is fixed before a big player exodus occurs.

  14. Disaster. What were you thinking with the Bomber? An omega rocket every twenty seconds? I saw a player with two planets on each side of his gate pop in and get fried with missiles IMMEDIATELY.

    You can't play as a team if you can't even get the team from the parking lot to the field. What an absolute disaster. Are you trying to get people to rage-quit?

  15. The new update is from my point of view something like "well meant but bad realized". (translated from a german manner of speaking).
    Why do I judge so hard?
    I play Hades since a year and like to learn new things. So in general improving the game and adjusting balance is something I vote for. But with the new update come two things, which made me really thinking of quitting the game:
    1) The new handling of sanctuary: If a BS is destroyed it cannot come back to the redstar. Maybe you thought its a good idea to weaken vengeance, but if you want to weaken vengeance strategy this is the wrong way. So I would appreciate to undo this change!
    2)The bomber: In my first rr7 (I am at 8 btw and able to solo a lvl 7 planet...) after the update I lost within 5 minutes all my BS and that was it. If you intended to make all lower RRs harder you should think about players which need the higher ones to get more influence. It's really annoying to build up planets over months to reach a higher level and then being thrown back 2 levels by such a change. The balance of those bombers is not good for having fun. Even if you say "it's a team game" you should think about what a team game really needs: The possibility to easy interact with other players and coordinate common actions. With the chat interface in the game (played from most persons on a mobile) this is not possible! If I have 30 seconds or less to react I cannot discuss with some other players by typing sentences into a small chat line!! As a former software developer I know something about the challenges of a good interface, but you should accept them. ;-)
    3) Team focus: I personally like to do something in teams because there is more fun. But remember that this is a real world we are living in and it often is difficult to collect a team for a run. So you should think about a more balanced approach concerning this. Maybe team challenges which could be done separately without all people having to be ingame at the same time.

    That's it concerning the update.
    In general you should do something against those pure paygamers (ok, this an economic problem) and people with multiple accounts.

    1. Agreed 100% with this comment. I been playing 1 year now, never joined for PvP or to play with others, I seriously enjoyed this game but you are forcing people to play together? Let us play how we want.
      Now I can barely solo a rs7?? And I waste all hydro because sanctuary bs have only one entry?? Wtf.
      Thus needs to be corrected or I'm done.
      I am a casual player and I still pay because the game is (was) worth it. Ill not be around much longer if this about sanctuary is not fixed.

      You guys were doing good but are screwing up now. Pity

    2. You did read his blog about what his aims with the game are? The rs are meant to be done in a team.

  16. I agree with the updates that stop the griefing. But I think it is a mistake to change buying mod upgrades with crystals. Don't misunderstand me, I enjoy a fair playing field and i rarely spend money on these sorts of games, I just bought the starter pack to give an early boost. But to keep games like this alove needs money, to run servers and various other costs. To possibly cut out some of the games income seems a bit of a bad move.

  17. I really hate this update. Not because of the new challenge in high level rs but because you force us to play in team absolutely. I play in team as well as alone and it won't be possible anymore. Plus, the new interceptor rule is a pity. Why can't we punish those who try to "steal" the hydro or arts in the zone we are working on. Same reflexion about the emp. I really plan to leave this game and that "hurt" after so many hours spent on it...

  18. I really enjoyed the game, but it has become unplayable for the casual player I believe it was intended for. I am at rs7 for a couple of months and I can generally clear a planet. The bombers in combination with the new sanctuary rules just make it impossible. I ran two public rs7. The first one I am the only player, which in the old version just meant influence loss, but at least I can clear 1 planet for some artifacts. The second time I was there with 1 other and we both were out in 3 minutes. No chance to team up, just obliterated by a concentration of bombers and sanctuary. I agree with the anti-griefing changes and the Cerberus randomization. That's fun and makes the game less repetitive, but the sanctuary change has changed the game from challenging and fun into impossible and frustrating. That's not why I played, so I've uninstalled the app.

  19. Mechanized Union/Astrium RebornSeptember 25, 2018 at 12:34 PM

    This update has bordered on breaking the game for me. I am a very casual player who enjoys the simple strategy, but now I have to go into sweaty tryhard mode just to get a few lousy blue crystals. Why make the already difficult challenge of fighting Colossus, Bombers, etc. exponentially harder by preventing us from replacing lost ships in an RS? That forces us casuals and lone wolves into a play scenario we don't care for. Please make more intelligent changes in the future.

  20. Hey dudes!
    Just try some new strategies, this game is great and there is more than just ONE stategy to beat the RS! Even with the new update. I really love the new challenge and the new teamwork aspect. If you have any troubles to beat the new rs7+ find a new strategy and play as a TEAM!

    @Andreas thanks for your great work!

    The only problem with the new update is, that the hydrogen usage is more. For me (one of the few player with only ONE account) it is very hard to play more than 1 RS8 per day. If something goes wrong i slowly run out of hydro. This feels like iam bleading out :(. So please give us a method to farm temporary more hydro e.g. with a farming star,... (you are the dev ;))

    Keep up the great work, thanks!

    1. Even playing as a team is not a guarantee to succeed at 20%. This update sucks. Really. Just bring back my inf to 0, then bye

  21. I like the changes to public red stars.

  22. Very bad bomber, disbalance, this update will kill game

  23. I have played this game for almost a year and I thought the game was great. The updates in the past have made the game harder and more challenging. I think they in general they made the game better. However, this update is terrible. Bomber's are not consistent with other mods or ships. No other player ship or cerb ship has this reduced cool down. The game has always been brutal in terms of losses if you don't have Sanc on your BS. But now the total NERF is just ridiculous. The random cerbs to a sector is great, but the amount of cerb strength to a sector is off the charts and not balanced. There needs to be some type of strength rating calculated for each sector.

    1. The problem with bombers is the very low cooldown and the fact that they can fire at your jump point. I had 1 RS7 where my starting position was surrounded by 4 bombers on adjacent sectors. I had to jump my transports back out because the moment I moved my bs they got targetted. Then after the fight had to bring back my bs to cover my transports jumping,collecting artifacts and jumping out. Wasted so much hydro. Oh and forget about mining in RS with bombers.

    2. True. One small improvement they could do here is to make ships stationed at the gate immune to damage. That way you can still jump all your ships to the rs without the bother of sending each battleship individually to check out the bomber situation.

      But I would exclude the gate sectors from bomber targeting.

  24. Sorry to say that: Bombers are completely broken. Thinking of quitting the game.

  25. This game was and is utterly brilliant. I have been acting Admiral of a progressive corporation (the Black Bulls) during a dozen whitestars, during which we have gained 250 places in the leader boards and spanked a lot of tough competition.
    AND I have never yet run an rs7 and have no idea what these guys are moaning about.

    There is way more to this game than newer tougher conditions for red stars. If you can't hack rs7 yet, then adapt. Invent. Survive. Find someone to cooperate with. You'll manage it.


  26. How are you going to team up with someone across the map? How are you going to team up if no one is doing public red stars? Sorry, but Bombers are a total fail. Omega rockets every 20 seconds, firing into your gate. No time to prepare, no time to coordinate, no one to coordinate with. Fail.

  27. Wasn't a pillar of the devs progression? Well, this patch just destroyed that. RS7 went from a challenge to unplayable. Bombers are one of those ideas that sound good on paper, but then suck when actually used.

    Public RS7 has next to no players because everyone dies without getting arts. So there is usually no other player to team up with. When there are other players, and multiple players work together, they all die from rocket spam.

    There are a lot of good changes in this patch, but a few that ruin the game.

    After 8 months of daily play, I am thinking about quitting. I am not going back to grinding RS6 for arts. that is the opposite of progression.

  28. Totally lost the unpredictment factor in public RS, seems that everything is about grinding now after over a year of playing, I guess it is time to say good bye.
    Thanks for the experience though it was good while it lasted

  29. It's goodbye for me too, after playing for over eight months. I'm so disappointed with you guys. You've killed our corp and everything I've been building for months.

    If I had known, I'd never have given you guys real money. My first and my last MMO.

    You're deleterious to the whole gaming industry. Never spending money in a game again for fear of being backstabbed.

  30. Really don’t like the update. Just a casual player who really only did rs liked the idea of not knowing if others players were friend or foe & having to compete for arts. If it’s not updated to be more like before I’m probably done with the game

  31. My rwo cents: I would not recommend anyone to start this game. I have spent 700 dollars RL cash in 11 months. I don’t like the battleship sanctuary penalty and I can handle most of the other changes but I can’t play any more because it is depressing. I got 14 planets and 8 are upgrading and now I am sad because I can’t play any more. This really sucks and i am getting angry at the devs and I feel like I don’t want to be a part of this.

  32. Maybe, I don't know, I'm low level, yet find things not as hard as people claim.
    I mean, really, I managed to take 4 ships on my YS with nothing but lvl and tier 1 battery, shield and ship and all this in 1 go.
    It's about how you do things, really.
    Casual players? Meh, kinda get your point tho.
    But you know... this game is a "STRATEGY" classified game, and thus need people to, well, you know, come up with mindful brainstormed brilliant ways of overcomming crap thrown at them (that being challanges).
    Pay to Play? Nope. Perhaps to support the devs maybe. But for in-game advantages really? Really? This game is (as far as I'm understanding how it ticks) ridiculose but yet fun in making me come up with ideas and ways to prevail. Grinding is a pain, indeed. It's all about micro-management.
    So many are so dependant on just some mods that other mods are unused and for no good reason out of poor judgement of their utility. Nobody asked people to play nor play. It is up to you. And just because you like something, doesn't mean you're ever going to be good at it, period.
    This game became more "strategy" related based on this update than it was before, because now you must not only copy paste other people way of play (pattern/combo/whatever), but also have to have the IQ of knowing exactly what the -- you're doing with it, how and when, moreover what for really.
    It's not just about the "what" you have can beat the odds, but now's the "how" and the "why", i.e the choices you make define the outcome.
    So cry as much as you like about you're wasted time and whatnot. Truth is, you're nothing when it comes to invest other than money and too much free and mis-used time.

  33. So many typos, my bad sorry, just woke up...

  34. Well, last Anonymous, you've said it : you're low level. So you can have your opinions, but, honestly, you don't know what you're talking about in your one-page sermon.

  35. I think there's ground for a class action lawsuit on the ground of provincial customer protection laws for everyone that did spend money in this game. I'm in touch with a law firm and The Consumer Investigations Unit (CIU) of Alberta. There's clearly a defect of consent. We are currently reviewing the Hades Star TOS and other legal details. We'll keep you posted.

    1. The first dude points fingers bragging about me being low level...

      Another is bragging about "Costumer Protection Laws"...

      Mind telling me, who asked, anyone, to push the "buy this and that" button without consent? I mean really, No firm, no dev, no company or corporation or whatever to whomever they may be, are not liable to other people's action given their free will, also, put it in perspective, any creator (of any content, regardless) is entitled to change its creation, however, whenever, to whatever they like for that is his/her/their right.
      So just because one puts say, $10K into the game and then they change the mechanics of the game, e.g. remove features or add them regardless of aim, they are not to be held liable for your desire of obtaining something that just happened to change, mind my saying, sir.

      Your efort is most likely in vain, should've found a more potent law firm that actually know the shit I just wrote about before ensuring its costumers fairytails.
      Unless, of course, this a nothing but a houx.


    2. Consumer protection? Really? Do you know Ralph Nader or something? Have you been paying attention to the CFPB,or any of the non scandalous news lately?

  36. I saw quite a few level 100+ RS7+ videos and so called tutorials that have all but bull crap in them. I do know what I'm talking about, because I've been there before, and I was always right.
    Now then, besides pointing out how wrong I am, by, whomever, do mind arguing your point of view for I did mine.
    All I see a few genuine players and the rest are copy paste.
    Here's another point: Can anyone dare to say they are good enough in the mastery of the game to play without Sanctuary in the first place? I find it redundant, not a necesity. Also, when you stop just saying unfounded things, and start pointing out facts rather than just comment empty, sure, I'll reconsider what I previously stated.
    However, unless I can be proven wrong (fact check), I'd really apreciate if I'm not being pointed fingers by none-sense, factless, unfounded and unrooted claims of how I'm wrong without being proven so in the first place.
    Tags can't stick if the stitcher doesn't know its stuff.
    P.S. Anonymous (September 28, 2018 at 10:00 AM), I at least said something in my "one-page sermon", you haven't in just a few lines.

  37. "because I've been there before, and I was always right." Man, this guy is so infatuated with himself and toxic.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Dear devs. Could you change both emp and destiny usable also then there is enemy in range? I had situation when I almost couldn't use destiny in time because enemy was in different sector but at the same time in range of destiny. Seems messed up to me...

  40. Low-lvl-commando Anonymous, here's what you don't understand, in brief:

    Games should be fun, challenging, and offer progression. Games shouldn't be frustrating, and halt progress. Currently there are very few players in public red stars because the challenge is too high. And it isn't a trivial challenge. With a neutralized blast radius of 80 or 90, you have about 4 seconds to destroy the rocket before you take damage,and that means a dual laser 7 or above is needed. Single target weapons can work, but you also have multiple targets in the same area, so you effectively lose a whole ship just to crowd control. And if you start taking damage from the rockets, you will lose your ship and you cannot bring it back in, which means that you will often fail a red star run, at a whole day's loss of hydro.

    As no doubt glorious as your skill is whizzing through red star 3s, the difficulty level of both the sanctuary change and the Bomber has removed all incentive to progress to 7s, and from 7s to 8s, and so forth. If you cannot farm red stars, you cannot progress in tech, and the game essentially collapses for 90% of the players.

    It is funny that the developers' wanted to end vengeance spamming, and they added rocket spamming of their own. Thanks, guys!

    1. Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between the lines of what I say and the fact, which you obviously point out that I also have mentioned but in less details, is that of micro-management.

      Indeed, I saw that it is hard to over-come a rocket, 20s cooldown and there's another down your way, worse, more than one for that matter. Yes, I acknowledge the difficulty of such a feat to achieve (that is defend against the rocket and take out the bomber). It ain't easy, no one said it will be easy.

      Now, back to the game.

      People prioritize leveling and teching and whatnot way to early in-game and yes, tiering is the biggest issue players commonly make.

      I see tier 3 players bottlenecked by their own foolishness because they are way to high tier for their STAR level.
      If one can't make enough hydro for more than a run, then they've got a problem.
      It is not a patch problem sir.
      It is not an update problem sir.
      It is how you started playing and progressed through the game, not the game updating that messed up your world, but your way of playing.
      it's not how powerful mods you have, but how you use them.
      I've been there because I litterally have been there and done that. Now being low level doesn't mean I haven't been higher before. I wiped out and started a new. Yes. So quit talking trash to people who clearly state things many otherwise dismiss as being crap for I know exactly wtf I'm taljing about. I also specified that many don't f know how to play in the first place.
      A strategy game is a strategy game whether you like it or not. It ain't a casual game, you're on the wrong train pal.

      Now, why are people rushing to go from one level to the other so bloodily fast they can't keep up with the difficulty?
      I've been there too at the beginning.
      Went in high with tiering and leveling mods and lacking actual organisation AND GUESS WHAT: I FAILRD.
      There is no tutorial on how to play. Just on how things commonly (COMMONLY) work. So don't be surprised if you waste 10 months and you still don't have micro-management. Happens. So trust me I know, what I'm saying...

      Games are supposed to be many things, some lack progression, some may even imply regression, some are fun, other may end up being frustrating. But really, it is only being the above mentioned because the one playing it finds it like this based on how they arw, not because the game's like this.

      Talking about progression, there are far more complex games than this and if your IDEA of progression seems underlined here, think of games like "Last Day on Earth", "Grim Soul", "PUBG" and "PUBGM", "Total War Battles: Kingdom", and so on.

      Grinding is a thing of games. Don't bitch about your inability to keep up with your own mess.

      Can't handle your current state, take a stap back and see why before going ablaze and start throwing punches in the wrong f direction.

      People don't do RS# because most are unfit yo do so. Not because the game's broken. Because they can't do it. The Players and their configuration. Not the game and its mechanics.

      I'm not defending the Devs by no means.
      I just see the flaw in players point of view. There are more options in the game than just 6 streight rounded up mods on all ships you know and Lasers and you pointed out are not good for every scenario. why not go in 5 battle ships with 5 roles for the sake of trying something different? Why? Because the bigger the EGO the bigger the frustration. Why not go in with one and come out with all the arts because, You're the man right? NEWS FLASH. One is not ment to MONOPOLIZE THE FRICKING RS# ALL ALONE FOR YOU'RE NOT GOD AND YOU HAVE A GIVEN TIME.

      Live with it.
      ROME was not built in a DAY.
      You shouldn't be doing RS7 after 1 year. IF YOU, still, haven't gotten what I'm TRYING to say, then probably, I'm talking ALONE.

    2. Yep, you are really a low level (in this game, at least).

    3. What are you talking about, Commando Anonymous? The tactical problem with Bombers is already solved and it sucks. How many battleships do you bring in? 3. How many transports do you bring in? About 5. So that's 8. How long does Barrier 4 last? 45 seconds, or 3/4 minute. We'll, 8x3/4=6 minutes. What's the cool down timer of Barrier? 6 minutes. So if everything comes in with barrier 4, you have perpetual barrier. And there you have it. I've seen the future of red stars, and they are as boring as a milk run.

  41. That previous comment is one of the bests in this thread. Thanks! Couldn't have said it better.

  42. By "best comment in this thread", I'm certainly not talking about the low-level enraged guy that blasts anyone who thinks the update is shit. The update is shit for most people -except- you.

    1. Ever occurred to you that maybe this world is the way it is because of people like you? Really...
      If something isn't the way you want than it shouldn't be good because you dislike it regardless of the nature of the situation, regardless whether is right or wrong.
      The low-level guy doesn't live of engagement, but rather pity for those who refuse to see the truth.
      Also, because of those like you whom consider themselves righteous, does humanity regress.
      Sorry, can't waste my time talking with white haired children who see but their selfish accomplishment.

      My advice, learn to live before attempting to play, and learn to think before you can speak.

      If it were after me tho...

      I'd definitely burn most of you on stake for you seem to be possessed.

      Foolishness is a curse.

      Good luck. I'm off this topic for I'm talking alone.

  43. Bye! Bye and LOL! You're a real nutcase.

  44. Hello to Everyone, Would it be possible to move the WhiteStar button away from the 'LEAVE' button? ... Thank You, in advance.......

  45. The RS sanctuary update is terrible. Players are being punished for trying to protect the ships that they've invested so many credits into. So it's either burn credits to continuously make new ships to go into the star with or just potentially be screwed out of a star entirely if you're trying to save your ships and they die early on. If vengeance is the problem than maybe limit how many times it's usable in a RS but don't punish players for using sanctuary.

  46. I don't like any of your updates ... like usual the players get some goodies in the hope they would stay in game after your rude game balancing. taking things that worked before (here: resending ships with sanctuary) or taking things players worked hard for (like old autopilot) and always replacing them with more expensive things is pretty shit. be creative and give the cerbs mor abalities, but also use your brain because the principal nice bombers degraded the abilities of many players to run an rs 7 with even little success whre before the update no problems was. please think moreabout psychology in further updates ... DDx616

  47. „Ships with Sanctuary returning from a Red Star because they were destroyed can no longer be replaced in that same Red Star (the battleships that can be sent counter will not increase in that case)„

    This update is absolute crap! There is no chance for me anymore to even win 1 planet in an RS6. I tried to send in the (with crystals repaired BS!) once more, even those Ships are not accepted anymore. So with only max 4 players and no chance to send the BS again, its impossible as lower level to win this fight! Makes absolutely no fun like this! Without arts, no coins and H out of research, no improvement in gameplay, so no fun anymore playing it...

    1. Just to say: there are good points in this update... which are also helpful... but some are just not. Like the above...

    2. I can manage doing RS6 by just bringing my ships out when damaged and sending in a new one with full health.
      It takes alot of hydro but can gain a full stack of arts.
      Just sayin'

  48. Hi, im casual RS6 lvl player. I spend some money to support this game coz i loved it until this update.
    Now after few days of "depresing" gameplay i have adopted to new update but still i think the game is broken atm, the reason is new sanctuary rule, if some players used vengance in wrong way why u nerf other mod? If vengance was the problem change it, add some long cooldown to it, or make that it can be used only once in given RS.
    Now when u do stiupid little mistake or lose focus on a game for just 3s u lost RS and a lot of hydro, u lose chance to make progress on game.
    Now to get same amount of arts i need to spend a lot more hydro coz i need to fly across almost all planets instead of 1or2 (never griefed)
    Overall i like changes about random cerberus but new sanctuary is game breaking, the BS and modules are to expensive to fly without sanctuary, but i most cases when u lose 1 BS on RS6 its game over for U coz u lack in firepower to kill Colossus and u need to count on someone help to get anything from that RS.
    Also at this point i dont see reason to go to RS7 when i read whats going on ;o

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Hello. I play the game for over a year. It's great. The latest update has brought a lot of new things to the gameplay. I am glad that you did not take the path of increasing the volume of rs, but chose a way to increase their complexity. I have a few suggestions in order to sort out the gameplay:
    1. The base of the corporation. Add a star system crammed with the most powerful Cerberus ships. Each member of the corporation can build a special gate to access this system. It is packed with the most powerful ships of Cerberus. The goal is to clean the system with common efforts and capture the base from the star. It can be used for the exchange of artifacts and for the accumulation of a bank corporation. For example, you need to donate to this bank and accumulate a billion credits, spend it on + 2% to the speed of studying the modules.
    2. Trade or exchange modules. Will help in the development of new players.
    3. Add single missions (possibly by adding new gates) and more information about the history of the game world.
    4. Get plenty of events. For example, the passage of a galaxy through a stream of highly charged particles, which leads to an increase in the appearance of asteroids with hydrogen in systems. Or vice versa to decline.
    I apologize for the literacy of the language. I am writing through a translator.
    Thank you for attention.

  51. A thread full of rants made me eager so I post here.

    SANCTUARY change do NOT have to be reverted.

    While the change might made you feel red stars are too hard, it was made for a good reason.
    Devs said this: Being able to throw same ship again and again until it's over is OP, whether there's vengeance or not.

    There are some ways red stars can be hard for you.

    1. Insane spawns where the planets are heavily guarded by many bombers on adjacent sectors
    This one is going to be fixed in next server update soon.

    2. Your phone suddenly disconnecting from the server for a minute, killing your ships out of nowhere
    You can't stop this from happening.. it's not reasonable to have such perfect internet.
    If this is the case, the problem is the connection, not sanctuary change.
    It would be better if the game was working mostly on client side, but that would inevitably allow some cheats. I might suggest fix for this problem, there needs to be some compromises though.

    3. You played in the way where you constantly rely on reentrying after sanctuarying out
    Changeing your strategy is not going to cost that much credits.
    You just have to kill everything within one go.
    look for below 4. to learn.

    4. You just didn't figure out how to deal with the new bombers
    You may want to experiment with setups more. It's not very likely that you have tried enough different modules to be sure none of these work.
    Your good-old sanctuary will help with your buck while messing around bunch of exciting mods!
    Getting good at playing is also important. mere positioning goes a long way for clearing red stars with least trouble.

    Have no idea? Ask! that's what galaxy chat exists for! combine with your own thinking for the maximum fun!(I like to write comprehensive list of viable strategies, but it's going to make this already long post 100 times longer)
    Galaxy of your language has nobody in it? as much as I hate to say so, Discord should be used. it's always welcome for me if the game depend on discord less.

    1. ������ that's ok if no money is in the game. As you can improve your game by paying real money, that's not accurate anymore. Andreas or any dev should think about that. I still hate this update... if revenge is the issue, change it, do not change the rules in the middle of the game run. So pityful

    2. Unless devs want to make more money.... bwhahahaha

  52. Well, I, for one, has spent some money in this game. After the update, I vowed not to spend another dime in it. The trust is broken. It won't come back.

    1. Yep. The longer they go without recognizing they made two severe mistakes--an overpowered unit and a catastrophic change to gameplay--the worse things will be.

  53. So...the sanctuary change is fine with me. I never use it and can get by up to rs 7. But to solo or even work in a team, the battleships should be more powerful (higher health etc). And the influence system should be more lenient to the solo player - its hard to gain influence when you join a public red star and no one else is there.

    The interceptor change is disappointing, it made players focus more in red stars.

  54. So much anger. I swear. Ppl did say how to adapt but ya would rather rant and scream because u have to adapt than actually listen when solutions r proposed.

  55. I am a lower level who just gained rs6 at the time of this update What it means for me is that if I lose a single ship, I lose the entire redstar with no recovery option. Sorry, but most of my redstar missions are solo. Would be nice to have an option in public to wait for a full team.


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