2018.5 release notes

Red Stars

  • New RS9 Orb/Blue Crystal artifacts, and new module (Mining Drone) awarded from RS9
  • Artifacts are now instanced (unique per player) in all Red Stars
  • Max player limit reduced to 4 for all Red Stars
  • More varied Cerberus configurations, especially in RS7+
  • New Cerberus ship: Cerberus Bomber (appears on RS7+, Phoenix now appears in RS8+)
  • (Public Red Star only) EMP activation requires enemy ships or rockets to be in the sector
  • (Public Red Star only) Interceptors will not fire on Transports and Miners owned by players that didn't activate them
  • (Public Red Star only) Cannot use Teleport while a Cerberus ship is under influence of BOND. BOND can only be used on Red Star level 8 or higher.
  • Reduced contribution of picked up Artifacts to the Red Star influence score calculation 
  • Ships with Sanctuary returning from a Red Star because they were destroyed can no longer be replaced in that same Red Star (the battleships that can be sent counter will not increase in that case)
  • For more details and motivation, see this blog post.

White Stars

  • Relics collected in White Stars automatically upgrade the Corporation to a higher level, giving increased members capacity, bonus to passive income and to rewards for researching Artifacts found in private Red Stars.
  • White Star loss and draw rewards reduced or eliminated in certain cases to encourage all Corporations to fight for Relics. 


  • Supress: Range reduced by 10% on level 5+
  • Blast shield now is prioritized over all other shields in the covered area when AOE damage is applied

User Interface

  • Own Yellow star info window shows total resources stored in shipments and asteroids
  • Experimental landscape mode (enable from Settings widnow, only recommended for tablets, option will not show up on iPhones)
  • Corporations window layout changed, now shows White Star wins
  • Corporations and Modules windows scale vertically on tall devices
  • Can now advance the White Star simulation by a single tick by briefly tapping on the fast forward button (in replay or Time Machine)
  • Activating modules shows a warmup visual effect immediately when the button is pressed


  • 6 new module related Objectives 
  • Artifacts purchased from the RESEARCH window with Crystals will yield an additional 20% in rewards when researched
  • Fixed Hydrogen Upload not working with very high Hydrogen amounts
  • "High Quality Rendering" option added to help with framerate and battery usage (when combined with Conserve Battery), especially on older devices
  • Can no longer spend crystals to go over Credits capacity when researching a new Module level
  • Seperate Galaxy chat for players with their device set to Japanese
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese language in game

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