2018.3 release notes

This is a major release with many new features and bug fixes.

Objectives is a new system that gives short term goals and rewards. Access it from the player info page on the top left button.

The Time Modulator is a new space station available very early in the game that speeds up time over the entire yellow star system, for limited amounts of time each day. Use it strategically to speed up planet upgrades, artifact research, ship travel and shipment deliveries.

Other changes:


  • New RS8 Module: BOND
  • RUSH now works when traveling to a destination via warp lanes
  • RECALL: Cooldown reduced to 1 minute, Hydrogen cost increased to 500
  • REMOTE MINING: Fixed an issue that could cause the module to work at reduced efficiency when the player was offline
  • DESTINY: Can now only be activated when there are enemy ships in the current sector
  • VENGEANCE: Range reduced in White Stars for level 3 and up
  • Renamed Tetrahedron module level numbers to match the respective Red Star level and the levels of the other modules 

User Interface

  • Traveling in a yellow star automatically uses the optimal warp lanes (if available)
  • Description for undiscovered modules is now always available in the TECHNOLOGY dialog
  • Artifacts/Relics that haven't finished loading will show faded on the transport ship
  • Visual improvements on multiple dialogs, including scroll bars and better vertical scaling on high aspect ratio devices like iPhone X and Samsung S8
  • New replay interface allows viewing info and ship modules. White Star replays will stay paused while the fast forward button is not pressed. 
  • Shipments dialog allows sorting by destination name (keep tapping on the column header to switch between Distance and Destination sorting mode)


  • Battleships will heal on any colonized planet, moon or space station in the yellow star. Repair rate greatly increased.
  • XP curve re-adjusted, maximum player level is now 250. Some high level players will gain a level or two from the readjustment. 
  • Reduced number of maximum participants in RS2 (now 2 players max) and RS3 (now 4 players max) 
  • Maximum future orders in White Star increased to 8

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed visual glitch when ships were travelling via warp lanes
  • Game will reload less frequently when returning from background state
  • Improved suggestions shown in Recommended Corporations page


  1. I'm excited for this one, appreciate the conversations on the offfical discord.

  2. Loving it. Very happy about the battleship update.

  3. I wonder if bonding a ship charging teleport would do anything. Doubtful.

  4. Looks to be like a decent amount of positive change :)

  5. Does this mean I don't need to leave planet, then go-to the same planet with shipment comp and select my destination to get my bonus?

  6. I am worried that Shipment Drone will not have all the buffs the transporter has. Meaning: no boost, no engine boost and no cargo upgrades!

    1. Yes, it won't stack with other trade modules anymore. However, it has a bonus that is proportional to the number of shipments delivered to it's next destination, which increases with upgrades.

    2. This is amazing! Exceot for 250 being the max lvl :/ a lvl 666 would be cool

  7. The warp lane price scale is really bad. I deeply regret my choice to colonize some planets because now they represent work. It would be really awesome if either the warp lane cost curve was more flat, or if there was some sort of “adjacent sector link” that would enable autopilot (or the new drone) to go between adjacent sectors without a warp lane. These wouldn’t help you move around the system, but they would make running shipments less of a “shoot me in the face” experience and re-incentivize expansion.

    Alternatively, if autopilot was smart enough to move shipments marked for unconnected planets to the closest linked planet. As it is, I have to scour every linked planet and clean it of unlinked destination cargo. So after several weeks of grinding planet upgrades (another bad payoff scale) to get my 5th warp lane, I’m faced with the sad choice of colonizing a new planet (exciting! But more work) or just linking a lousy desert planet. Sigh.

    1. I agree. Exploring the home sector and expanding is one of the most exciting things about this game for me but I am purposely keeping my sector small and upgrading planets really high because of the increased work load colonizing new planets creates. One possible solution would be to allow warp Lane hubs to connect to more than one other huh simultaneously wewi an increasing hydro cost for each additional connection.

    2. Good idea. Lanes go at the corners of sectors and connect 3 sectors? Might be a bit too far, but this game is supposed to be fun, not a chore.

    3. There are stretegies to minimize shipping effort. Efficient placement of warp lanes, dropping off shipments on unconnected planets to connected planets etc...

      Bottomline, this is a strategy game. If it is a chore, that's your problem.

    4. The problem is not that there are ways to optimize. The problem is that the game incentives not exploring and expanding. If the optimun strategy is to not expand that seems to run against the basic premise of the game.

    5. Also, from reading this and the discord, there seems to be a lot of people who do feel like shipments take too long. The new update has helped a lot with that but remember if too many people feel that it is a "chore" they will simply quit the game and this is a game that gets a lot better with a high player population and will get a lot worse if people feel they need to do a chore to progress.

  8. My question ist now, what are the differences between the autopilot and the shipment Drohne?

  9. Ideas for your game (read it)

    Hello ! In a first time, if my english is horrible, it's because I'm french.

    Hades'stars is a great game, developp a game with a new gameplay is a dangerous risk, and I love that, I love this game !

    But......it is repeatable, so much......

    For you, I have a ideas( ! it is your game, this is just my ideas ! )

    I'm a fan of fantasy universe : medieval fantasy, sci-fi, post apo, steam/bio/cyber punk, science fantasy, space opera, dystopia, horror

    I know some sci-fi universe(star wars, dune, mass effect, warhammer 40k, Alien, Predator, valerian, aldebaran, halo, matrix.......etc)

    (My ideas is only if you want to create a space-opera)

    So :

    -assault army, we can train army on the
    planets and travel they with the transport to the planet in the white stars
    to defend the planet, the others players need a more powerful army to take
    planet (and loot), if the army is train more time, it is more powerful, to
    colonize planet we need an army to explore it and take it

    -space structure, technology of
    wall in the white stars for exemple to block access to the ennemy ships, or
    a technology to construct a portal who bring a large fleet of angry

    -add probabillity, and movement in space battle, for make the battle more epic, you can add probability, the weapon have not a fixed damage but a min and max dammage, and the player can order to is weapon to fire of the reactor of the ship(to reduce speed) or the weapon(to reduce damage), or the technology( to destroy them)

    -coop sector(blue star), a new sector like a yellow stars(never super nova) and you can colonise planets in this sector
    and trade with your planet in your original sector, but another player(3-6)
    can colonise planets in this sector and trade with the other planets, this sectors can be create with another player in the galaxy or with the corporation

    -personalities, governors, admirals,
    generals(if you make army) who can have experience with their previously battle/governement but can die

    -political and religious system to personalize his system
    genetical and
    evolution system of your race

    -lore and history to read

    -Hazard event : invaders(alien or cerberus), riot, cataclys, heresy, alien species, and so another choice for the player......

    It is just my ideas, this your game, you have the choice

    Thank you

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hyped for this update a lot!

  12. I lose 2 lv instead of gaining one or two. T.T

  13. Today’s update, 2.25.0 broke my game. It worked fine this morning, but now if you hours later, when I launch the game it says download latest update. When I go to the updates tab of the App Store, it tells me I updated five hours ago. Can’t get into the game. Is it possible to roll back to the previous version? Or can you fix the current version?

    1. Try going to the Updates tab in the App store and refresh the list a few times until the update appears.

  14. Fabulous game guys and a great update!👍👍👍

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. The latest update is awesome. Great Job!!! There is one change that needs to be addressed though. You cannot cancel orders on a ship once it has initiated the optimum route. Was this intended? You should have the option to cancel orders. Thanks. Again great job on the newest update.

  17. Great update! Keep up the excellent work. Very few other games have kept my attention for as long as this one. Please incorporate even more things the players can do together with their corps.

  18. Does the time modulator speed up shipment generation on the planets?

  19. Cool updates. As mentioned with warp lane scalling, it would be great to be able to scrap or disable trade centers to remove the workload.

  20. Loving the new updates! I love this game, I'm currently rank 105 in a great corp.
    What I would love to see in the future is a new corp star that uses relics to unlock sectors and has some of the following features:

    - Corp tokens. A token to be used within the corp star.

    - Corp trading/bank. A 1-1 credit/hydrogen trade, with the ability for players to "donate" either to gain corp tokens i.e 10k of donations = 1 token.

    - Corp centre. A place to spend the corp tokens on customisations or towards extra relics or increasing corp member limit.

    - Artifact exchange/bank. A place to drop artefacts in order to gain corp tokens. For lower level players to gain an advantage in higher level relics being available.

    As well as this I would like to see buffs/rewards for corp loyalty and rank, maybe that only help in private red stars?

    I hope these are helpful and I think they'd make a great addition! Anyone that agrees please let Andreas know by +1 or by adding to it.

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me. Adds another layer to the corp playstyle.

      It'd also give a reason for all these white star tokens we've all got hanging around. :)

  21. Gibt es auch mal sinnvolle patches? Ich finde es wird von mal zu mal schlimmer. Es ist doch absolut paradox das ihr auf der einen Seite alles möglich tut, um den Fortschritt im System zu drosseln (hohe Wasserstoffkosten, Timer für Module / Planiupgrades, Forschungsstation, Cooldown auf wiedereintritt WZ usw) und auf der anderen Seite baut ihr nun wieder eine Bescleunigung ein, ne Drohne die dazu alles auf den Kopf stellt wofür man monatelang die Handelsmodule gelevelt hat .... mal ehrlich ihr macht doch nur noch Mist! Jetzt muss man dazu wieder ewig die Waren per Hand hin und her karren, damit es wieder Bonus gibt - Crediteinbuße ohne Ende mit massiv mehr Zeitaufwand... WAS SOLL DAS!
    Wenn euch die Idee ausgehen...
    -> baut endlich ein Artefaktlager! Das sollte dann auch innerhalb des Konzerns nutzbar sein oder zumindest für Botschaftspartner
    -> Forschungsstation sollte man upgradbar machen damit man mehr reinpacken kann
    -> gebt uns den Autopiloten zurück und baut die Drohnen um so das sie - UNABHÄNGIG von HUBs - zwischen den Handelsstationen liefern
    -> wie wärs mal mit einem double credit event an den Wochenenden?
    -> Daily Login Bonus?!! wtf jedes andere Game hat das
    -> Skins für Schiffe wären mal nett - jetzt nix kitschiges aber einfach mal was anderes damit könntet ihr im Shop bisschen $$ verdienen
    -> Namensänderung Ticket in den Shop!
    und bitte bitte - balanced das wz system. Casual Konzerne haben doch nie ne Chance gg Vielspieler denn wer mehr online ist gewinnt IMMER! Wolltet ihr mit eurer "Zeitlupengeschwindigkeit" nicht genau das gegenteil bewirken, das man nicht alle paar Minuten online nachkuckt, ob alles ok ist?! WZ ist der größte Mist - ehrlich.
    Ihr driftet so langsam in meien Augen gg ne Wand.

  22. Der erste deutsche Beitrag in einem englischen blog und dann ist noch alles Müll was du da von dir gibtst. Außer vielleicht das Artegaktelager für den Konzern. Aber so Sachen wie loginreward doppelt credits event ist kiddybullshit . Skins für Schiffe, willst du deins Pink machen? Wenn du beim WZ alle paar min reinschauen musst bist du ein Suchti oder in einem schlechten Konzern. Reicht doch völlig kurz vorm erreichen des nächsten Wegpunktes reinzuschauen also alle 5-7h.

  23. Don't know where to ask, so I will as here. Could anyone tell me how corporations are matched for white star? I read elswhere that it is based on modules development, but cannot find if some kind of average research level is taken into account or max lvl is usded?


  24. Hi guys how about a way to recycle our old scannerschool so our stars look less cluttered perhaps get some credits for them


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