Friday, March 9, 2018

2018.2 release notes

Expected deployment date: March 26-31

New features

  • New Cerberus ship: Phoenix (appears on Red Star level 7+)
  • New module: Alpha Drone 
  • New Red Star level 9 Artifact and planet
  • Module button improvements
    • Module buttons for Laser, Dual Laser and Barrage show charge indicator
    • Selecting another player's ship in a White Star displays the installed moduled levels
    • Module buttons will also show for some Cerberus ships
  • When selecting any ship or outpost that holds shipments, the shipment destinations will glow and a numeric indicator will show how many shipments go to which destination (must have Shipment Computer unlocked)
  • Income/Expense bars on Player Info page can be clicked to reveal exact numbers
  • "Next Ship" option on player info popup allows quickly locating the player's ships on the current White Star (works on the chat screens and the Corporation info page)

Module tweaks

  • Genesis and Leap will no longer work when the ship is on an entry White Star sector (i.e. a sector with a jumpgate)
  • Friendly targets that cannot fire (i.e. because of EMP, Stealth or Supress) will no longer be valid Leap targets
  • Supress: Duration increased in White Star for all levels
  • Destiny: Increased damage in Red Stars (damage in White Stars remains the same)
  • Vengeance: Slightly increased damage on all levels for all stars
  • Area Shield: Install prices increased for level 2+
  • Teleport: New cleaner visual indication of pending teleport

Economy balancing

  • Red Star Level 4+: Increased the amount of Hydrogen stored on some sectors guarded by Cerberus.
  • Increased Credit storage on level 21+ planets. Credit storage no longer increases when upgrading a planet over level 37.
  • Better grouping of shipments on high level Yellow Stars (should reduce time and Hydrogen requirement to deliver all shipments on systems with 5 or more planets). 
  • Increased salvage rewards for RS8 artifacts.

Bug fixes & other improvements

  • Cancel waypoint button now cancels most recent waypoint (instead of all set waypoints)
  • Fixed an issue where Leap could target a friendly ship after it used Destiny and was out of combat
  • Fixed an issue where the red departing line was not showing correct travel time for ships belonging to other players or Cerberus 
  • Fixed an issue where ship movement in replays was choppy
  • View Replay button no longer shows for out of date replays in the White Star history page (replays are always invalidated by new updates)
  • Fixed a bug where using Offload on a diplomacy partner system would give them the full reward
  • Time Machine: Fixed numerous bugs with visual effects. Visual effects now animate according to the fast forward speed to better indicate the passage of time
  • Fixed an issue where star supernova and other effects could persist when transitioning to another star system
  • Fixed an issue introduced on the last update where pinch to zoom was always zooming on the center of the screen (instead of the center of the pinch gesture)
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue with the quick info menu on 3D touch displaying the wrong installed modules on a ship


  1. Awesome, tons of quality of life upgrades! Thanks!

  2. Infinite sadness that the new modules keep being for the highest end red stars. Existing player base is in all star levels, not just rs8+. Please do not simply cater to the whales. You will lose your playerbase.

    TL;DR add new, lower level mods so that people can get excited regardless of where they're at.


    1. had to incentivize moving to rs9...people are approaching rs9 at this point.

  3. Wow, nice update! I guess the dev really want us to switch to shipment computer this time, haha

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Can'believe you didn't use it so far!!!!

  4. Getting worse by each new update lol.

    1. Quit then, instead of griping. Most people like the new updates

    2. True, probably one of the best updates since white star introduction.

  5. A nice enhancement to help lower levels could be to give a small coin and H win for every Cerberus killed. A nearly trivial ammount, but would help, and encourage, clearing more of a red star.
    but keeping it small enough to avoid abuse.

  6. I can't cycle through ships in order, did this get fixed?

  7. Still no chat, mail, copr management ..... Still booring and slow paced.. Still disencourage new players with prices (aswell prices in credits for upgrades, like prices in $ for premium currency)...

    1. Still no chat or corp management are you sure you have the right game?

  8. I would have added Rocket in along with Genesis and Leap to the you-can't-use-that-in-your-entry-sector list. Rocket-spam has become the One Winning Strategy. Rockets can be countered with other modules, but not a steady stream of them. Just keep about five of your team's support ships back at the gate with rocket modules. Every four hours you can launch a volley of 10! Battleships go with either EMP, Barrier, or both. Time warps help accelerate the rockets. No other strategies really matter.

    1. That's really low lvl strat
      It's very easy to counter rockets, not even one from the top corps uses that.

    2. I played against top corps, and most of them using the rocket spam. And no, you cant counter rockets if you are close to enemy gate.

    3. The Time Lords doesn't, Legion doesn't, Anla doesn't, Forge doesn't, etc
      1-3 ships launching rockets it's not much of a spam, and with one ship it's enough to counter it.
      And if you are close to enemy gate I don't think you are much losing...

  9. Would it please be possible to give information HOW much each planet level gives for storage? This would be very helpful for planning purposes prior to live update.

    Thank you!

    1. Most of the +30k/upgrade level deltas will be increased to +40k/upgrade level.

  10. Nice to see econ work to make the game more accessible to those who don't want to grind 1hr+ a day on cargo.

    As noted above, the rocket spam is game breaking when a team knows how to use it in tandem with emps. Can't carry enough protection when you're getting hit with multiple rockets every hour. Eventually they get through. It will be a much better experience in whitestar to see rockets like genesis.

    Btw..not everyone is pushing up the redstar tech quickly due to all the complaining about leap and destiny. Please keep focusing on game balance for support modules. In the rs5/6 tech levels everyone who wins just uses emp/barrier and teleport on a delta shield support hunting ship. Gets boring that those are the only viable modules. Timewarp and sanctuary are the only support modules in normal use except for rocket spam at the whitestar gate.

  11. What modules will be fitted in phoneixP