2018.2 release notes

New features

  • New Cerberus ship: Phoenix (appears on Red Star level 7+)
  • New module: Alpha Drone 
  • New Red Star level 9 Artifact and planet
  • Module button improvements
    • Module buttons for Laser, Dual Laser and Barrage show charge indicator
    • Selecting another player's ship in a White Star displays the installed moduled levels
    • Module buttons will also show for some Cerberus ships
  • When selecting any ship or outpost that holds shipments, the shipment destinations will glow and a numeric indicator will show how many shipments go to which destination (must have Shipment Computer unlocked)
  • Income/Expense bars on Player Info page can be clicked to reveal exact numbers
  • "Next Ship" option on player info popup allows quickly locating the player's ships on the current White Star (works on the chat screens and the Corporation info page)

Module tweaks

  • Genesis and Leap will no longer work when the ship is on an entry White Star sector (i.e. a sector with a jumpgate)
  • Friendly targets that cannot fire (i.e. because of EMP, Stealth or Supress) will no longer be valid Leap targets
  • Supress: Duration increased in White Star for all levels
  • Destiny: Increased damage in Red Stars (damage in White Stars remains the same)
  • Vengeance: Slightly increased damage on all levels for all stars
  • Area Shield: Install prices increased for level 2+
  • Teleport: New cleaner visual indication of pending teleport

Economy balancing

  • Red Star Level 4+: Increased the amount of Hydrogen stored on some sectors guarded by Cerberus.
  • Increased Credit storage on level 21+ planets. Credit storage no longer increases when upgrading a planet over level 37.
  • Better grouping of shipments on high level Yellow Stars (should reduce time and Hydrogen requirement to deliver all shipments on systems with 5 or more planets). 
  • Increased salvage rewards for RS8 artifacts.

Bug fixes & other improvements

  • Cancel waypoint button now cancels most recent waypoint (instead of all set waypoints)
  • Fixed an issue where Leap could target a friendly ship after it used Destiny and was out of combat
  • Fixed an issue where the red departing line was not showing correct travel time for ships belonging to other players or Cerberus 
  • Fixed an issue where ship movement in replays was choppy
  • View Replay button no longer shows for out of date replays in the White Star history page (replays are always invalidated by new updates)
  • Fixed a bug where using Offload on a diplomacy partner system would give them the full reward
  • Time Machine: Fixed numerous bugs with visual effects. Visual effects now animate according to the fast forward speed to better indicate the passage of time
  • Fixed an issue where star supernova and other effects could persist when transitioning to another star system
  • Fixed an issue introduced on the last update where pinch to zoom was always zooming on the center of the screen (instead of the center of the pinch gesture)
  • (iOS) Fixed an issue with the quick info menu on 3D touch displaying the wrong installed modules on a ship

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