2017.6 Release Notes

White Stars have arrived! Coordinate with your Corporation members to outsmart the competing Corporation and gain Relics. See this post for more details on White Stars.

Other changes:

Space stations

  • New station: White Star Scanner (after building, the player can participate in their Corporation's White Star searches)
  • Shipyard levels 5 and 6 increase fleet capacity by 2 (applies to existing upgrades)
  • Short Range Scanners can be moved within the same sector
  • Diplomacy station can be moved even when actively linked to another player

Module Rebalancing

  • Cargo Bay Extention: Increased capacity and hydrogen use for level 4+
  • Shipment Beam: Number of shipments teleported increased on all levels. Hydrogen cost increased in lower levels.
  • EMP: Cooldown increased to 4.8 minutes. Now affects Alpha rocket.
  • Barrier: Now affects enemy rockets. Increased cooldown to 6 minutes. Enemy ships cannot teleport inside the Barrier's effect area.
  • Enrich: A given sector can only be Enriched once a day.
  • Delta Shield: Now gives speed bonus to the ship when the shields are active. Increased activation cost at level 3+
  • Time Warp: Effect radius is now constant on all levels. Reduced time scale factor on level 2+
  • Teleport: Cooldown increased to 12 minutes. White Stars get reduced range from Teleport.
  • Stealth: Cooldown reduced to 10 minutes.
  • Laser: Range increased to 120 AU.
  • Mirror Shield: Reflected damage increased on all levels.
  • Mining Unity: Duration and cooldown reduced on all levels.
  • Impulse: Cooldown increased to 6 minutes
  • Remote Mining: Miner stays in place until the entire sector is clear or until it fills its capacity. Now all asteroids in the sector will be mined at the same rate.
  • Mass Battery: Additional targets come at later upgrade levels (5 and 8). Increased DPS for levels 3, 4, 6 and 7. Cerberus Interceptor battery level increased to 5.
  • Added "White Star" mode when viewing details for modules (enabled after building a White Star scanner)


  • On Red Stars, Cerberus Interceptor will prioritize ships from the player that triggered it.
  • Increased number of Artifacts on all Red Star planets. Each planet will spawn a minimum of 2+n artifacts, up from 1+n, where n is the number of participating players.
  • Simplified Install Module screen
  • Added 4 new achievements (related to White Stars)
  • Corporation member list will now show the correct level after the player gains a new level
  • Module buttons and effects will refresh appropriately when replacing the module with a new one, without need to re-select the ship
  • Time remaining for Red Star Supernova, displayed on top of the Red Star scanner, should now be accurate even when the device's clock is not set properly
  • Camera will properly center on the newly selected object when using the next/previous button on the selection panel
  • Fixed issue where Shipment Autopilot picked up shipments would not immediately disappear from the Shipments dialog if it was open at the time of pickup
  • Fixed issue where a Warp Lane hub could be affected by Time Warp, leading to an issue where one end of the warp lane could stay disabled
  • Rockets can no longer be fired at the star
  • Fixed issue where Rockets would linger at the star if their target was destroyed before they reached it (already affected systems should be fixed when logging in after the update)
  • Should now be possible to see all modules installed on a lvl5 Battleship on its info page
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to promote someone else to First Officer without a confirmation dialog
  • (iOS) User interface elements at the top and bottom of the screen will adjust to properly cover unsafe areas on iPhone X
  • (Android) Improved the behavior of the Back button throughout the game
  • Added support for Portuguese (Brazil) and Korean languages

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