2017.6 Release Notes

White Stars have arrived! Coordinate with your Corporation members to outsmart the competing Corporation and gain Relics. See this post for more details on White Stars.

Other changes:

Space stations

  • New station: White Star Scanner (after building, the player can participate in their Corporation's White Star searches)
  • Shipyard levels 5 and 6 increase fleet capacity by 2 (applies to existing upgrades)
  • Short Range Scanners can be moved within the same sector
  • Diplomacy station can be moved even when actively linked to another player

Module Rebalancing

  • Cargo Bay Extention: Increased capacity and hydrogen use for level 4+
  • Shipment Beam: Number of shipments teleported increased on all levels. Hydrogen cost increased in lower levels.
  • EMP: Cooldown increased to 4.8 minutes. Now affects Alpha rocket.
  • Barrier: Now affects enemy rockets. Increased cooldown to 6 minutes. Enemy ships cannot teleport inside the Barrier's effect area.
  • Enrich: A given sector can only be Enriched once a day.
  • Delta Shield: Now gives speed bonus to the ship when the shields are active. Increased activation cost at level 3+
  • Time Warp: Effect radius is now constant on all levels. Reduced time scale factor on level 2+
  • Teleport: Cooldown increased to 12 minutes. White Stars get reduced range from Teleport.
  • Stealth: Cooldown reduced to 10 minutes.
  • Laser: Range increased to 120 AU.
  • Mirror Shield: Reflected damage increased on all levels.
  • Mining Unity: Duration and cooldown reduced on all levels.
  • Impulse: Cooldown increased to 6 minutes
  • Remote Mining: Miner stays in place until the entire sector is clear or until it fills its capacity. Now all asteroids in the sector will be mined at the same rate.
  • Mass Battery: Additional targets come at later upgrade levels (5 and 8). Increased DPS for levels 3, 4, 6 and 7. Cerberus Interceptor battery level increased to 5.
  • Added "White Star" mode when viewing details for modules (enabled after building a White Star scanner)


  • On Red Stars, Cerberus Interceptor will prioritize ships from the player that triggered it.
  • Increased number of Artifacts on all Red Star planets. Each planet will spawn a minimum of 2+n artifacts, up from 1+n, where n is the number of participating players.
  • Simplified Install Module screen
  • Added 4 new achievements (related to White Stars)
  • Corporation member list will now show the correct level after the player gains a new level
  • Module buttons and effects will refresh appropriately when replacing the module with a new one, without need to re-select the ship
  • Time remaining for Red Star Supernova, displayed on top of the Red Star scanner, should now be accurate even when the device's clock is not set properly
  • Camera will properly center on the newly selected object when using the next/previous button on the selection panel
  • Fixed issue where Shipment Autopilot picked up shipments would not immediately disappear from the Shipments dialog if it was open at the time of pickup
  • Fixed issue where a Warp Lane hub could be affected by Time Warp, leading to an issue where one end of the warp lane could stay disabled
  • Rockets can no longer be fired at the star
  • Fixed issue where Rockets would linger at the star if their target was destroyed before they reached it (already affected systems should be fixed when logging in after the update)
  • Should now be possible to see all modules installed on a lvl5 Battleship on its info page
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to promote someone else to First Officer without a confirmation dialog
  • (iOS) User interface elements at the top and bottom of the screen will adjust to properly cover unsafe areas on iPhone X
  • (Android) Improved the behavior of the Back button throughout the game
  • Added support for Portuguese (Brazil) and Korean languages


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  2. You guys are absolutely amazing at listening to your player base. Love the update

  3. When will the update be available in Google play store?

  4. Emp cooldown increase is realy poor..

  5. Now all weapons have the same range? So there is no tactical advance against Cerberus Colossus anymore ;-(

    1. yeah...that plus the EMP cooldown increase, collosus' just became way harder to take down

    2. Upgrsde your weapons, dude. It's so useful. Before the update my three Battleships only needed one dose of EMP to take down a Colossus, the rest was pure DPS race.

    3. 3 battleships - Sanctuary (just in case) and Remote Repair, Omega Shield level 3. 2 Level 3 lasers and a level 2 multi-beam. just rotate one out and force them to re-target a new ship. make sure you waypoint back to make sure your target doesn't follow you

    4. Yup :(

      And tactical play against the colossus was one of my favourite elements of the game, as it happens. Real shame.

  6. Cannot update the application on iPhone. The button in the AppStore says OPEN, not UPDATE. Yet the application keeps asking to download the update. Update history on the application page talks about the latest version, yet it seems that is not yet available in AppStore

    1. AppStore sometime take longer than PlayStore to update in the store.

    2. Force close both Hades' Star and the App Store. (Double tap home button, slide pane for the apps up to close them.)

      If that doesn't work, restart your phone.

      I'm an iOS user and I installed/opened it successfully.

  7. Ignoring the White Star related changes until after I play one; pleased with the adjustments to Short Range Scanners and Diplomacy Stations, very happy to see the change to Interceptor behavior.

    I didn't get the reasoning behind either the Laser or the Mass Battery change at first, until it was pointed out that those impact Cereberus ships.

    On a totally unrelated note, a suggestion about Diplomacy Stations: It's easy to get into a spot where you're consistently running out of fuel before you run out of cargo to move, and moving a trade partner's cargo is strictly a disadvantage under those circumstances. A possible incentive would be to have my Trade Stations occasionaly generate a significantly more valuable cargo destined for one of my trade partner's planets. Maybe average one per day across three Trade Stations, with a value ~10 times higher than normal for the station split evenly between both players on delivery. I got some very positive responses when I floated the idea on my Corporation's chat.

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  9. I am disappointed with some of the changes. Particularly the ones that make it almost impossible to solo higher stars no matter how good your micro skills. Essentially, cooldowns are pushed so long that you can't do continuous battle against something like a Colossus without dying.

    Particularly with only 25 people in a Corps. When your Corps had people from around the world there is no guarantee you will always have a partner or two when you need to play.

    1. With the changes to range and support modules they essentially took anyone with a competent strategy and told them to start from scratch again or just make it a DPS fight

    2. I guess my question is did red stars essentially get sacrificed for white stars?

  10. Could anyone explain to me what does "Each planet will spawn a minimum of 2+n artifacts, up from 1+n" means?


    1. It means previously for 1 player there was a minimum of 2 artifacts on a star. With two players it was 3. For 3 it was 4. Now that minimum increases by one at every level. 1 player, 3 artifacts. 2 players, 4 artifacts etc. There can always be more but that is the minimum.

    2. Cheers, thats very helpful :)

  11. I like where this is going.

    I can't comment on the late game items, as balancing them is up to the makers understanding and vision. I only would like for all of them to have practical uses, pros, and cons. Like Lasers could be longer range with less damage early on, bullets could be moderate range with steady damage, and "minirockets" (something i know isn't in the game) could be short range with lots of burst damage that loses its passive ammunition after a short time.

    In the same way, whether the makers choose to make it so balanced that there is no clear distinction between right and wrong choices vs the idea of clear weaknesses and strengths without being overly balanced, I am not concerned.

    One thing I truly want to add is that the remote mining could use one possible tweak.

    Say you have a field with the following asteroids:

    In the new system then all three asteroids would be mined the exact same speed.

    But this leaves some ateroids suddenly the only one present, causing the mining speed to fill the miner to go from as high as 5 minutes to as low as 1 hour...

    So may I propose that the rate at which each asteroid is mined take into consideration their total amount? That way the entire sector is consumed at once rather than often being left with 1 lonely asteroid causing the harvesting rate to drop so drastically?

    If this continues to be an unchanged factor then it may just be a natural weakness with the remote mining module, leading there to be a mix of miners with remote mining and those without.

    That is at least my thought.

  12. A suggestion, can there be an opt-in and opt-out for white stars. Just because I built one doesn't mean I want to participate. That way my corp can do a 5 person white star with people that actually want to be in. Other than that still loving this game!

    1. Opt-out setting is high priority, for now you can just leave the Corporation temporarily just before the search begins and return right after.

  13. Las naves mineras con Santuario vuelven sin hidrógeno cuando explota la estrella roja.¿Se va a solucionar?

  14. I would definitely like to see ships' current shield and hull damage levels at the lower ship info panel. Very useful in dogfights when there're lost of other players' ships alltogether against say Colossus. To know when to disengage yours without zooming in to the limit.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Your rebalancing of enrich is a huge NERF. First you Stealth changed the max asteroid size from 5k to 1.5k. Now you NERF the enrich sector to once a day. This is ridiculous and unwarranted. You have now completely made enrich module useless.

    1. yeah i am quite dissapointed by the Enrich Nerf myself... why even have a 12 hour CD then if i can only use it in a sector once ever 24 hours? They dont even slowly generate Hydrogen... they just.. sit there... and DO NOTHING until you go get them... and now they are capped at junk 1500

  17. Wasn't there a Time Machine where we can set up future orders? I prefer to be able to program it in a way that allows to grab some product on planet, then deliver, then grab from that planet and deliver to next one and do this many times in a row

  18. This feature is white star only

  19. What's updating now?

  20. Frankly I would like the ability to recycle old short range scanners. Up to my fourth one and the other three are just taking up space that could be used for a warp lane hub.

  21. red star sacrificated to white star...
    i don't know why do change button to white star if you change red star too..
    so much strategy trashed for me

    and a little thing hades star devs

    until threat me of shut down my progress for say somethig to an idiot,
    find out why i do that,please!
    interceptor threat are too dangerous in public stars
    if you launch a battleship and follow you... interceptor shoot to 4 ship,so i can kill all transport and miner without problems

  22. Just finishing our first WS a resounding success! Liked the game at first 'cause it's laid back.(except for the occasional jack ass in public RS's that likes to drag an Interceptor through your transports). Didn't think I was going to like the White Star.It was an exciting,nail biting time. Loved every minute. I found myself and my teammates on all the time.It paid off with the total annihilation of the opposition.Didn't feel any effects on my normal game play due to y'all coughing up the additional ship slot.

  23. So thanks for effort really enjoyed the WS game play. You fellas keep on keeping on. And the whiners and nay sayers,don't let 'em get you down (they are probably mentally defective anyhow). Thanks again for an awesome game.

  24. You wrote, that you made changes to increase the number of artifacts in RR. But the truth ist, you decreased it dramaticaly. I made several RR in the last days where we were 5 players ... yes, the number of artifacts per planet is 1+n, but in the past we had 7 or 8 artis.. Thats minus 1-2 artis. AND more important: you also decreased the number of planets were you can find artis from the level of the rr (RR4 for example). These changes are doubling (or even more) the effort to get the same results than before. So i have to say that your "increase" is somehow like "fakenews". In fact you DECREASED the number of artis. i´m really upset about this and short before leaving the game. :(

  25. I'm curious as to how the White Star Matchmaking is done. The reason why I ask this is because when me and my Corporation went and searched for our first White Star Mission, we got paired up with a Corporation that was far higher leveled then us. The average player level we had in our Corporation was about Level 30-50. However, the corporation we got paired with had players that were Level 100+. You can go ahead and ask Matthew77b about it as he was part of the corporation we were up against. While I can understand if such things happen when a new feature has just been recently added into a game. However, I would really appreciate it if this problem is fixed. Thank You.

    On a much lighter note, the White Star is quite the nice addition to this game. The concept of Pvp was quite nice to have in Hades' Star. Not to mention that the Graphics for the White Star is really nice and looks amazing. However, I would like there to be more to the Cerberus Forces than what they are right now. The Cerberus Forces feel like there could be more done to them. Like say for example, there could be a new mission added where there are some Cerberus Bases and quite a large fleet of Cerberus Forces guarding an outpost or planet that contains some Cerberus Tech chip that could be used to research to unlock unique Modules or possibly allow the player to build a new ship that are similar to or have traits from Cerberus ships. Say for example, a Small Fighter can be built at lower price than a Battleship that has low Hull Strength, but high DPS similar to that of Cerberus Sentinels, but as a balancing aspect the ships modules can not be changed or switched around. It's just something that I wish could be added to the game. Anyways, I'd just like to end this comment with a thank you for listening to your game community. So Thank you.

  26. Please provide a solution for the following problem asap.

    We re a small international corporation and want to join White Star with 5 people. There are like 8 people that are eligible to join a white star. Sometimes people don't have time or are simply not interested in a white star. The problem is that we are bound to take the top 5 players. If one of them is not available we have a huge problem. This problem puts a strain on our corporation and probably on many others as well. This is why we need an option to simply select the players who are interested.

    Kind regards


    Blue Shield Corporation

  27. What are the rules for pairing up corporations for white star missions? Some seem to be grossly mismatched.

  28. Waited to play through a couple of WS's to comment. Excellent addition to an excellent game. The latest update included numerous user interfaces and tweaks to overall game balance, something rarely seem these days. WELL DONE!

    Merchandise? I'd gladly pay for a Hades Star t-shirt. Just sayin'.

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    Потеряна привязка аккаунта гугл к аккаунту в Хадес стар. Помогите восстановить.

  30. Please help!
    Lost binding a Google account to the account in the Hades of old. Help to restore.

  31. "Remote repair" does not work correctly! at level 2 repairs 70 points per 1 sec, 35 seconds are active. It turns out 70x35 = 2450.
    And actually repairs for one activation about 1250 points.

  32. Would it be possible to change White Star rewards from being immediately dumped into your storage. Perhaps delivered by a packet in mail that you could open when ready or a shipment you can pick up at a planet like the daily Crystal package you can buy? The compensation with crystals for anything you cannot store is nice, but I'd rather have my hydro and credits.


  33. Please fix the White Star rocket exploit (ships fire a rocket, pop back to their home system, wait out the cooldown, pop back to White Star, fire rockets again, rinse and repeat for a constant stream of rockets.

    1. The same fix is needed for Genesis. Miners pop in and out ever two hours creating massive amounts of hydro to create large numbers of relics from very close level 5 planets.

  34. White Stars matching system is awfull, we are fighting agaist a corp. that has two times our strenght.
    This way, maybe one month, there'll be a couple of corp. only in WSs.

  35. Why doesn't EMP stop people from using modules or activating shields that have yet to be activated? Isn't that how a true EMP would work?
    I get that maybe you made it this way for gameplay purposes, but In white stars it's a pain.When I EMP someone and they can just teleport away to a close planet and use destiny, or they can EMP me back, or activate their omega shields they hadn't put on yet. It just doesn't make sense in the context of how an emp should work.


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