2017.5 Release Notes


  • New Trade module: Rush (increases the Transport speed proportionally to the number of shipments carried that are destined to the next waypoint)
  • New Mining module: Enrich (increases Hydrogen stored in current sector by fixed percentage)
  • New Support module: Alpha Rocket (launches a projectile that does damage to all enemy ships on impact, but can be destroyed by enemy fire before impact)


  • Corporation Search screen allows filtering Corporations by name, Region, total influence, and number of members
  • Corporations can set Minimum Influence requirement. Players below that influence level cannot join (or request to join)
  • First Officer can now step down by promoting another Officer to their role
  • Senior members and Officers will now see an Invite option when viewing the profile of another player that is not in any Corporation


  • "Report player" option will show up on public Red Stars
  • Added language filter on Galaxy chat and public Red Stars
  • Added Mute option for Galaxy chat and public Red Stars (also affects alerts)
  • Fixed scrolling issues when browsing past chat messages while a new message arrives
  • Most emojis will now show up when sent from Android devices

Other improvements

  • On the Shipments screen, the most recently loaded shipment will show on the top of the Transport's carried items list
  • The Progress Report screen will show any planets that have finished upgrading while the player was offline
  • Short Range Scanner placement can be cancelled while the scanner is under construction 
  • New animations for salvaging Artifacts
  • Shipyard will show progress bar while a ship design is under upgrade
  • "Depart now" button does not show Hydrogen cost, to remove confusion about when the cost to move is paid. "Cancel move" button shows the amount of Hydrogen that will be refunded if the move is cancelled.
  • New Shipment Beam effect
  • New visuals for Level 7 artifacts and the level 7 Red Star planet
  • Performance improvements (framerate should be higher on most devices)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Remote Repair would keep working for the entire period the player was logged out. It will now only work until the activation period is over.
  • Fixed an issue where Salvage was not applied when a ship in the sector was destroyed and had Sanctuary equipped (affects the Cerberus Colossus)
  • When multiple adjacent Short Range Scanners are available to uncover a sector, the cheapest one will be used (previously, a random one was used) 
  • Fixed issue where ships would stack on top of each other if the station they were docked onto was moved 
  • Fixed an issue where the Fast Forward button was not speeding up the action after a Replay was started over
  • Shipment Beam will now deliver the picked up shipment immediately, if the ship is docked at the shipment's destination


  1. Great update! Thanks!

  2. I love your game, keep uptdating like that! :')

  3. Great game, I'm really hoping for more good and better updates. :)

  4. Good Job Team Hades Star Keep it up like that youre on a realy good Way to become the Game which one i mostly like!

  5. The game is awesome :) the work you put into the game and updates is amazing. Keep up the good work guys

  6. Great update! Lots of good stuff. But I'm still waiting for that online status update. Still can't see who's online in my Corporation which I believe is a must considering this is mainly a coop gane.

  7. My second update and enjoying the game. One thing to note about the time warp: the timer for the effect gets accelerated too apart from shipment pickup and travel times. Not sure if this is intended or overlooked.

    Keep it up!

  8. Nice improvements. But you created a bug in the movement of ships. If I prepare a trip with a ship before the updste there was displayed the correct time period ti the next destination. Now this vital information is completely incorrect. Its niw not possible to plan movements precisly in time. 😮

  9. Great improvements, but you created a vital bug in ship movement. If I prepare a movement of a ship before the update it was diplayed the right movement time in seconds on the pointed way line. Now this information is totaly incorrect (far to short). I'm playing on an android device. Best regards

  10. Hello, since your last update, it makes it impossible to access the build menu of my space ship and on my planets. The page does not open and the game ends up bugging. Everything is blocked.

    The game is installed on a samsung Galaxie Grand GT-19060 Android Version 4.2.2

    Pseudo in game: Kerberos
    Andromeda Corporation.

    Help me !!

  11. After update i can`t open modules and builds!!!

  12. I can't builds ships and upgrade planets, with this update... .

  13. amazing game and Im happy that you're very active in updating this. would love to see more developments. like instead of logos, structures and ships would look like actual structures and ships:) kudos to you guys!

  14. is great the game, I love it but I would like to implement a system of pvp to give a better push to the game, something like having to fight for the modules

  15. Why can I moving anywhere station and can not moving scanner and must buy the new scanner?

  16. I have noticed a bug with shipments, which occasionally causes me to entirely lose a shipment or two:
    - When I dock my transport, and rapidly select multiple shipments to be added to that transport's cargo, some of the shipments appear not to 'validate' as displayed by the presence/absence of the tick next to that specific shipment.

    Unloading a 'non-validated' shipment causes that specific shipment to be destroyed. Please rectify this issue, as I have begun to notice that I am losing up to two shipments EACH time I fill up a transport.

  17. the game with such time intervals is designed for decades?

  18. Bravo votre jeux et génial mais pas assez de chose à faire les sessions de jeux ne dure que 30 minutes deux fois par jour c'est dommage

  19. I found another bug: Miner does not extract hydrogen from all asteroids in the same field simultaneously, even with Remote Mining installed

  20. Please consider making Enrich useful. I like the idea, but unless you set alarms or stare at your screen, your miners will wander off into a zone you're trying to grow and waste days or weeks of building. Perhaps settings on the miners themselves or flagging sectors as off-limits to your minor?


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