2017.4 release notes


  • Private Red Stars that are not full can be joined by other Corporation members after they started
  • Senior Members and above can Invite other players to the Corporation
  • Corporation chat entries that are related to Red Stars have different appearance and are collapsed by default after the mission has expired
  • Corporations can now set a Region (country) to help visibility. Recommended Corporations can be filtered by Region (note that only Open to All Corporations will show up in the Recommended list)

Other improvements and Bug fixes

  • Increased Credit Storage for level 15+ planets
  • Red Star participants can send an alert to bring specific locations to other player's attention
  • Time Warp no longer affects Red Star timer
  • Fixed issue that was not allowing space stations to be moved within the same sector
  • Fixed an issue where Teleport could move a ship straight on top of a Star
  • Fixed issue where Destroyer beam was showing as active when the Destroyer was disabled (i.e. because of EMP or Supress)
  • Stealthed ships no longer affect Cerberus movement (including Interceptor)
  • Now allowing up to 8 Warp lane hubs on a single sector
  • Added confirmation prompts when rushing Artifact research, and when purchasing an Artifact with Crystals
  • Transports and Miners using Sanctuary will lose all cargo when teleported to safety 
  • Fixed issue where the Battleship count in a Red Star was not updating correctly when a ship exited the Red Star using the Sanctuary module
  • New planet explosion visual effect
  • New visual effects for Recall and Hydrogen Upload modules
  • Addd support for the Russian language


  1. Who recommended the part of losing cargo if you use sanctuary? That's really awful part of the update

    1. Because plp abuse it to send cargo home

    2. I have a very efficient playstyle. The removal of Sanctuary as a means of saving time and Hydrogen is a direct hit against the freedom of players to play the way THEY want to play: I don't like being forced to spend an additional 300H and 90second getting back to the Gate for each Artifact that I collect.

      The Developers missed the mark with this change.

    3. If the Developers truly wanted to prevent people from using Sanctuary Module as a free pass to get home, then they could have made it so that Transporters retain their cargo when Sanctuary triggers; However, that very same Transport becomes unable to re-enter that Redstar.

      I would like to hear an explanation from the Developers about why they changed Sanctuary.

      I can think of at least 5 reasons why the Devs might have made this change, and each one of those things can be achieved without stripping players of their practical options when utilising the Sanctuary Module.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. The devs have created a simple, effective and fun game with considerable playability. That takes brains and understanding not often common in the app design world.

      Therefore if they have made gameplay tweaks it's probably safe to assume they had good reasons for doing so, other than to spoil your gameplay style...

  2. Who recommend or ask that part of sanctuary losing cargo? Doing that forfeits the whole reason of using sanctuary module

    1. Not really, Sanctuary module is to stop you from losing ships and saves you from losing credits replacing them. thats what it was designed for and what it still does, so the purpose is not lost, the purpose you used it for was just a bug exploitation so dont get sour about it and be thankful that you dont have to keep spending credits replacing ships

    2. I view that the Developers included a wide range of Modules for a very specific purpose; giving players options and to let players adapt to challenges - without being corralled into the exact same strategies.

      Do not be so quick to declare that there is only one purpose for Sanctuary. That is ignorant. I use Sanctuary to save Hydrogen - I will not be labelled an "exploiter" simply because you do not use Sanctuary in the same way as me.

  3. Stop abusing exploits.

  4. My iPad won't update. (Via the Australian Store), should I wait it out or try something?

  5. I try to update and it simply says it's a connection error and takes me to the App Store. I can only open the app that's already on my iPad so I can't update. What's up?

  6. The "Salvage" artifact option has always had a confirmation prompt. Whereas, the "Finish Now" option did not.

    For a long time, I suspected that the Developers intentionally designed the game not to ask for confirmation of "Finish Now" options, in order to 'steal' players' hard-earned (or expensively purchased) paid currency.

    This is a welcome change, and in my opinion there is no excuse for this change taking this long to have happened.

  7. If the update is still not showing up for you on iOS, please try the following in order:

    1) Look to see if the "Update" section in the app store shows Hades' Star on the list, if so click Update from there (you may have to refresh that page)

    2) Force quit the app store app, then try downloading again (https://www.imore.com/how-force-quit-apps-on-iphone-ipad)

    3) Restart your phone and retry

    4) Delete the old app (only do this if you have previously signed in to thebgame with GameCenter)

  8. Frankly, there is no excuse for it having taken so long for the "Finish Now" button to ask for a confirmation before taking our costly paid currency.

  9. Very good new Update thanks a lot (for fixing bugusing sanctuary too !!)

    But could u thinking pls on update some other issue too?

    ☆ helping concern members in there homesystem vs cerberus would be so great maybe over a invitation from the owner so that concern members don't can come all the time they want. And only maybe battelships allowed.. so users cannot farm hydro or transport things (to protect for abuse)

    ☆ possibility to re-place the embassy after partnership too please! It is not possible, if I still have a partner :<

    ☆ option to destroying old scanners - they block useful place for other things

    ☆ option to stopping scanning in the RS Scanner before a star open (sometimes I do wrong scanner typ)

    ☆ is it possible to show the arrival time before set up the route? (time from point to point)

    ☆ longer concern messages

    ☆ showing on / off / afk mode on condern members or at least last login time (so the leader can better screen inactive users)

    ☆ daily login bonus!!! with every week reset. Maybe
    d1 = 100 credits + 1 crystal
    d2 = 200c + 2 crystal
    d3 = 400c + 3 crystal
    d5= 800c + 4 crystal
    d6= 1600c + 5 crystal and
    d7 = 3200c + 10 Crystals - after this week reset to zero

    Just a few ideas. Thanks for reading. And thanks u love your game and doing such a good job, very good support. I love that !!

  10. Hi

    I seem to have a bug with one of my transports which shows -1 capacity when empty. It is also loading a ghost copy of another shipment when I fill it hence eating up an inventory slot for nothing.
    Probably not the right place, but who knows ;)

    Planet SIU-1082

    1. Please contact support for this issue (from the game, select the gears button on the bottom right, then Contact Support)

  11. Is there a Help Section? There are things I have questions on, but no one to ask about them...

    1. Hi unknown, best option is the Hades Star subreddit:

  12. Hi HS team, you've got hundreds of thousands of players expanding, developing and fleshing out the framework of an amazing game. Once players get to a certain point, launch an expansion which increase interactivity between yellow stars, gives player the option to start colonizing more systems.

    Open a companion app back on earth where the 'seat of power' for all corporations is and allow players to play there and benefit the corp in the HS system and vice versa. Maybe home based corps research new tech, advancements, perks, etc and launch them to the corp in HS.

    Would need to determine play style and setting. Would love to help develop lore. :)

  13. I think I found some kind of bug...
    Everytime I check somebody red star scanner, it show my red star scanner condition like max level of red star that can be scanned and my current min & max influence...

  14. My game has been bugged for 2 weeks. The shipyard shows I have 3 transport where I only have 2. I cannot build it back due to the limit. No one is replying to my support email for 2 weeks.

  15. If someone doesn't contribute to influence in a public star they should get no influence, actually -50

  16. Will there be any pvp in the game?

  17. Will there be any pvp in the game?


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