2017.2 release notes

Our new update is now available! Here's what's new:


  • Red Star Replays: After a Red Star ends, you can view a Replay of what happened, optionally in time-accelerated mode. You can also share a Replay with your Corporation.
  • Fixed multiple issues with docking changes introduced in the previous update: 
    • Newly arriving ships to a planet will dock to the right of other existing ships. New docking rows will always be created at the bottom of any existing rows belonging to other players previously docked to the object. This should make it possible to predict how ships will stack.
    • It is no longer possible to push ships into combat by stacking them. Combat now only considers base docking position (i.e. the position the ship would have if no other ships were docked on the same planet). 
  • Changing modules is no longer allowed away from the home star
  • Weapon icon will show up in the list of modules when selecting an owned ship, to make it easy to see what weapon the currently selected ship has without opening the Info page
  • It will now be harder to get the maximum 50 influence on level 5+ Red Stars (base requirement to gain influence stays the same)
  • Battleship limit in Red Stars now considers maximum number of battleships at once, not total incoming jumps. So if you lose a battleship in a red star, or jump one back to your home star, you will still be able to replace it by jumping a new battleship in to the same red star.
  • Fixed an issue that would in some cases cause cerberus ships other than the Interceptor to follow player ships across sector boundaries
  • Ship icons now appear smaller on maximum zoom, making it easier to see details on hectic combats
  • Fixed an issue where Cerberus Stations were not preferring targets with Fortify activated
  • Fixed an issue where the Cerberus Interceptor would only fire on one ship when Fortify was used
  • Countdown timer over the Red Star Scanner will now be correct when using Red Star life extenders
  • Laser and DualLaser: Maximum DPS reduced for level 2+ (also affects the Cerberus Colossus)


  • Private Red Star search. Any member of the Corporation can choose to start a private search. Private searches can only be joined by other Corporation members, via the post made automatically on the Corporation's chat page. The post will also update the status of the Red Star and allow all members to view a Replay after the Red Star has gone Supernova. 
  • Maximum number of members per Corporation increased to 25
  • Corporation creation price increased to 10.000 Credits
  • Corporation Influence now calculated as follows: 
    • Each of the top 10 players contributes 50% of their influence to the Corporation's influence
    • Each of the next 10 players contribute 25% of their influence to the Corporation's influence
    • The rest of the players contribute 10% of their Influence to the Corporation's influance

Mining changes

  • Upgrading the Miner will now enable it to continue mining more than one sector without intervention (one additional sector per upgrade level). This functionality makes the Mining Autopilot module obsolete. The module has been replaced by Hydrogen Upload (see Modules section below).  
  • After delivering their Hydrogen, Miners will stop working if the player's hydrogen storage is full


  • Reduced shipment computer hydrogen cost by about 20%
  • Shipment computer will now prioritize shipments going to closer waypoints, to make planning longer routes more predictable and efficient 
  • Mining Autopilot module replaced by new Hydrogen Upload module. Any blueprints and unlocked levels from the Mining Autopilot should transfer to the new module.
  • Added one new Weapon module


  • New distinctions for players who have reached top 50 or top 10 on the leaderboards, as well as for the players who have reached the top position and have held it for a long time (does not consider past leaderboard positions before this update)
  • Doing shipments on diplomacy partners' systems gives more XP
  • Ships can now be renamed starting at level 2 (down from level 3)
  • Jump dialog has an option to jump all ships currently stationed on the Scanner/Stargate (enabled by default)
  • Removed Diplomacy station ship limit. Players can jump any amount of ships to their diplomacy partner's system.
  • Fixed issue where shipments could not be unloaded on diplomacy partner's planets
  • Asteroids will no longer spawn very close to Warp Lane hubs
  • Incoming Jump Gates in Red Stars will always spawn at the center of the sector, to eliminate rare pathological cases where they spawn too close to asteroids or near enemy ships
  • Added Concept Art on the Info page for Cerberus Bases and Interceptors 
  • Fixed issue where the star system chat indicator was constantly showing up when returning to the home system, even when there were no new messages
  • Fixed lag issue when picking up shipments from planets, especially planets that were holding a lot of shipments


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  3. An idea for the shipment computer would be to have an option of choosing the most expensive or shortest item. I.e. sometimes you want to make an intermediate stop but would make the most money and use the least hydrogen by choosing the most expensive item

  4. You sure costs are reduced? Haven't looked at numbers, but I've been barely been able to play today, just don't have the hydro to even get all my cargo shipped, not counting barely getting my research station supplied

    1. Change your focus on mining tech or upgrade your miners then. Balance is the key in this game!

  5. I'm glad to have begun after this update; I feel as if it balances teamwork with personal efficiency... If I couldn't jump into red stars with corporation members or share my victory replays with them, I likely wouldn't be in a corporation, and I probably would have become frustrated having to jump each ship individually. Kudos to those who have been with this game from the beginning... I look forward to what is to come.


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