Thursday, October 15, 2020

BATTLESHIP APOLLO - Maintenance information


Current server status:

There is currently no planned maintenance.

General information on maintenance: 

We regularly maintain the game's servers to improve performance, fix issues, increase capacity for more players, and add new features.

Here's what to expect during such a maintenance period:
  • 5 minutes before maintenance starts, you will start seeing an in-game message and countdown timer.
  • The countdown timer is meant to ensure all ongoing matches can finish by the times the servers are shut down. You cannot initiate new combat during maintenance.
There is no pre-set maintenance schedule, they are done as needed. Historically we've done about 1-2 maintenances per month.

When a maintenance is underway, we will always post more info on the top of this post, including estimated downtime. A link to this post will be available from within the game during the maintenance window (click the maintenance message, then More Info to see the cause of the maintenance and expected downtime).

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